[Madman Says Trend]After the inflation data comes out tonight, there is a chance to hit 23,000 – yqqlm

[Madman Says Trend]After the inflation data comes out tonight, there is a chance to hit 23,000 – yqqlm

Madman says…

At 8:30 tonight, the United States will announce the CPI data for August. The expected value is 8.1%, and the previous value is 8.5%. If the expected value can be reduced, then the CPI will hit the largest monthly decline since the spring of 2020, and the speed of this decline will be It will bring a better rising environment to the market. Let’s take a look at the specific evening. If it can be lower than expected, it may shake the expectation of raising interest rates by 75 basis points in September. In short, whether it is in line with expectations or lower than expected, the market will Look at it in terms of positives. On the contrary, if it is greater than 8.1%, it will be a big negative. It is the same trick as before. The direction chosen first is often false, and the direction that appears later is true.

Fidelity will launch bitcoin trading for retail customers in November, which is also a new channel for traditional retail investors to join the crypto market. Even if they don’t trust Binance, they don’t trust Coinbase, but they have complete trust in Fidelity. It is the source of the increment. The market in the fourth quarter will not be too bad, we will wait and see.

ARK Investment’s new chief futurist believes that Bitcoin is the most likely to win the currency revolution, and is likely to replace second-tier currencies as a medium exchange. After ETH is transferred to POS, there will be various potential benefits and interesting things, but with the Bitcoin’s competition is more isolated. Overall, the new analyst believes that Bitcoin will be more stable in the future, while Ethereum needs to have some variables. The madman thinks that neither of them is too bad, but they will rise along their different pull-up cycles, and the configuration can still be 55 to 50.

The American Chamber of Digital Commerce has proposed litigating the SEC for approval of a bitcoin ETF, a time-consuming and expensive approach that is clearly one of the most feasible at the moment. The SEC did not approve the Bitcoin ETF, which affected the interests of many groups. Naturally, some people are more anxious to promote this matter than us. Therefore, this matter will succeed sooner or later, and it will be ours sooner or later.


The Central Bank of Uruguay has become the country’s main cryptocurrency regulator, and another country has completed and enacted crypto regulation, realizing a new definition for crypto.

Listed mining companies held 34,657 bitcoins in August, an increase of 857 from the previous month, indicating that miners have shifted from outflow to inflow, which is a good accumulation signal and one of the signs of Bitcoin’s success in bottoming.

Interest in the Google keyword “buy bitcoin” dropped to a two-year low, indicating that market sentiment is very weak. In such a market, it is easier to get out of the sharp rebound and wait for the red envelope market in the fourth quarter.

Coinshares data shows that the total outflow of encrypted asset investment products last week was 63 million US dollars, the fifth week in a row, and the inflow of bitcoin short-selling products was 11 million US dollars, highlighting the negative sentiment, but the overall scale is not large, it is controllable, and it can be seen that the institution Investors’ negative sentiment is still heavy, which is not conducive to a long-term sustained rise.

Binance Lianchuang Yijie said that Binance Encrypted Equity Investment will focus on the WEB3 project in India, because India will be a key market for WEB3. Unexpectedly, the first sister fell in love with this country. Although the Indian government does not support encryption speculation, the encryption talents are indeed very deep. In the future, we cannot ignore the Indian market too much. Maybe as the demographic dividend continues, it will become the largest country in encryption in the future.

Starbucks launched the WEB3 platform Starbucks Odyssey, a loyalty program combined with NFTs to unlock exclusive experiences and rewards through digital assets. This should be the first traditional consumer market to try WEB3’s new gameplay. Let’s see if the long-silent encryption market will find a new hot spot because of a new experiment that combines with tradition, and even more landing, bringing fiery emotions to the market.

Panic 34, relieved a lot.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The trend is still steady. It is expected that after the inflation data comes out tonight, there is a chance to go straight to 23,000, and patience is the main thing.

Ethereum: The completion rate of the Ethereum merger has reached 99.74%. The computing power has fallen for 4 consecutive days, and there is still 874TH/S left. In the end, who will spend the computing power is still a mystery. It will probably have a result on the 15th. The most ruthless bet is still RVN, and there is a chance that the strong will be strong. As for the candy of Ethereum, it is not very valuable at present. After the snapshot is finished, the yield of the candy should be very low, so the buying expectation has dropped, and there is a high probability that it will continue to be weak and linked to Bitcoin until the end of the snapshot. .

XRP: 165 million XRP were withdrawn from the FTX exchange. Currently, the top 20 giant whales have controlled more than 75% of the total, indicating that after several years of weakness, the chips have been highly concentrated, and the future outbreak seems to be only a matter of time. Can be used as a long-term configuration object.

ADA: 95% of the ADA blocks come from version 1.353, which means that the upgraded version of Vasil has basically been determined to be successful, and it still needs the support of the exchange.

Hold coins and other data. If the data rises first before the data is released, you need to consider the possibility of cheating.

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