[Madman Says Trend]After the merger, ETH will be stronger than the pie in the near future

[Madman Says Trend]After the merger, ETH will be stronger than the pie in the near future

Madman says…

Due to personal reasons, from this Saturday, September 17th, the update will be suspended for a week, and articles will continue to be pushed after the resumption.

Today, the entire network was almost successfully merged by Ethereum, and the madman came to report to everyone what happened. Snapshots of exchange snapshots, forks of hard forks, just like every major fork scene, each interest group stands with its own team, waving light sticks to other interest groups, attracting more allies to join the camp . Ethereum-related lending business, contract option arbitrage business, and DeFi pool business are gradually returning to normal, including lending rates, contract funding rates, and the ratio of Steth and ETH exchange pools. Buterin announced the completion of the Ethereum merger. This is an important moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. Everyone who helps realize the merger should be proud. After the merger, the block production is stable, and the energy consumption of Ethereum will be reduced by 99.95%, making the global electricity consumption. volume decreased by 0.2%. This data will give institutions the power to invest in Ethereum, and it is also one of the logics that many analysts are optimistic about the market outlook of Ethereum.

Several other logics that are optimistic about the long-term trend of Ethereum also surfaced with the completion of the merger. After the merger of Ethereum, the supply of Ethereum was reduced by 200 ETH, which means that Ethereum can quickly turn on the deflation mode when the trading is active, which is conducive to long-term rise. . The current Ethereum pledge amount is 11.3% of the total amount. This data also gives Ethereum more room for imagination in the future. After PoS officially runs, the benchmark interest rate will allow more long-term Ethereum holders to pledge, and other PoS Compared with other chains, the pledge rate of Ethereum is significantly lower. When the pledge rate gradually increases, the circulating market value will decrease, and the buying rate will increase significantly, which is also one of the foundations for medium and long-term strength.

Despite this, there are still some dissenting voices, such as Tether CTO believes that Ethereum cannot be compared with Bitcoin, because Bitcoin has always been a form of money, while Ethereum is hovering between currencies and commodities, and he believes that Ethereum’s The merger did not address transaction fees being expensive, nor would it make Ethereum more decentralized. The madman believes that from a longer-term perspective, Ethereum will slowly solve these problems. From a medium and long-term perspective, the above logic is enough to support the continued strength of Ethereum’s currency price, such as the potential of the pledge rate, deflation, and Energy consumption issues, etc., so we look at it from a development perspective. The future is still bright. At this stage, besides Ethereum, who else can we trust?


The forked coin ETHW will be gradually launched on major mainstream exchanges. Several large mines such as Fish Pool, Poolin and BTC.COM support the mining of ETHW, which will provide a foundation for its survival. In terms of computing power, the computing power that switched to ETC is still the most, followed by Ergo and RVN. The computing power of the entire ETC network has reached 199TH/S, and it has risen from 80TH/S in 24 hours. The increase is still astonishing. RVN has risen from 3.62TH/S a week ago to 14.1TH/S. The increase is equally astonishing. Doubled in a single day. Opportunities for hype still exist in the currencies that can be mined by these graphics cards, because there are still more than 700 TH/S of computing power on ETH that have not yet been switched. If ETHW is less than expected, the potential of these computing power switching is amazing.

Regarding the Fed’s rate hike next week, the current probability of a 100 basis point rate hike is still less than 30%, which means that a 75 basis point rate hike has basically become an established fact, and the market price has re-expected this pricing. The impact of the meeting has come to an end. In the absence of new expectations, the market will continue to fluctuate around $20,000. We need to wait for the rate hike next week before we can have new expectations.

The report shows that emerging markets, led by Vietnam, have driven global crypto adoption rates, and the slump has not wiped out the growth in adoption rates during the upswing. Global cryptocurrency adoption rates are still higher than during the upswing, with emerging markets taking the lead. The market consensus is gradually forming. During this process, the rise is not so rapid, but once the rise is started again in the future, it will attack with a steeper slope.

Panic 28, little change.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The number of Bitcoin addresses with more than 1,000 pieces fell to a low of nearly half a year, and smart money is still retreating, indicating that the market in late September will not have much improvement. It is still volatile in the short term, and it is difficult to continue to sell at this position, but the rise also needs a stimulus, and currently, there is none.

ETH: After the merger, the snapshots of each exchange have basically been completed, and it will be stronger than the pie again in the near future. Hold it for a few days to see if there are any new stories after the upgrade.

COMP: The introduction of institutional-oriented lending services, and the service for institutions to participate in DeFi has finally appeared. This is a relatively big positive. Once institutions can enter smoothly in the future, their capital volume will have a huge impact on a DeFi protocol.

After the upgrade, it seems that everything is business as usual, just like the mobile phone system upgrade, no matter how the mechanism behind it changes, it is difficult to be felt, but the front-end operation gradually becomes smooth and smooth.

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