[Madman Says Trend]Below 20,000 is all-out bullish, there is no need to panic

[Madman Says Trend]Below 20,000 is all-out bullish, there is no need to panic

Madman says…

Goldman Sachs raised its forecast for the Fed’s rate hike in September from 50 to 75 basis points. At the same time, the Wall Street Journal also believes that the Fed’s commitment to fight inflation will lead to a 75 basis point rate hike in September. The current rate hike The 75 basis point odds have risen to 80%. The market has already anticipated this bad news in advance when it continued to pull back a few days ago, and it has been included in asset prices. This is the case in the darkest moments. It is also difficult for the price to continue to fall, and the bottom is often successful. Just like the top of a bull market, positives are flying all over the sky, and the top is when it no longer rises.

Fed Vice Chairman Brainard said a stronger dollar could keep inflation in check. This is probably an inevitable result. The dollar continues to rise against other currencies, which means that the United States is cheaper to buy things from others and more expensive to sell to others, which is equivalent to exporting inflation to other countries. The logic of exporting inflation to hit the global economy. However, from the perspective of investors, lower inflation will obviously be more beneficial to the future market recovery. Therefore, the appreciation of the US dollar is a good thing for the currency circle. Even if you do not invest, USDT will continue to make money against CNY.

The chairman of the SEC stated that both cryptocurrency issuers and exchanges are obliged to register with the SEC. Most crypto assets are securities, and crypto exchanges are considered stock exchanges. Coinbase, FTX and Binance are all under the jurisdiction of the SEC. The jurisdictional battle between the SEC and the CFTC has reached a fever pitch, and no one is willing to give up easily on the big cake of encryption. In the end, it depends on how to define it.

The CEO of Pantera, a well-known investment institution in the currency circle, believes that the next bull market of Bitcoin is coming, and the crypto winter will end soon, and believes that the bottom has been reached in June. I didn’t say the specific logic, but if you dare to judge like this, you must have seen data that others don’t know.


The founder of Bitmex published a new article, using the capital controls during World War II, predicting that Bitcoin will be fully adopted in the event of World War 3, and at the same time believes that Bitcoin has currency qualifications. According to him, if there is a world war in the future, the price of bitcoin will skyrocket. It is not difficult to see from the current Russian-Ukrainian war that Russia’s demand for cryptocurrencies has risen sharply, and the reason is also because foreign exchange is controlled. Therefore, Bitcoin has its inherent value. Don’t doubt the future when the market falls.

According to the report of the encrypted bank Signature Bank, the total amount of the company’s cryptocurrency outflow was as high as 4.27 billion US dollars, and the non-encrypted deposits rose to 2.64 billion US dollars. This bank mainly provides services for institutions, so we can understand that after this round of decline, institutions fled more. Obviously, this can also be seen from the recent share of USDC and USDT. Since USDC surpassed until now, USDC has once again fallen behind USDT’s share of 16 billion US dollars.

Chainalysis released a report showing that after the merger of Ethereum, the pledge income will promote the vigorous adoption of institutions. ETH provides pledgers with a yield of 10-15% per year, which is more attractive than buying bonds such as government bonds, and POS has become more environmentally friendly. , especially for institutional investors. The madman thinks that, if nothing else, the basic rate of return of Ethereum’s pledge is now above 4% (Binance USA provides a pledge service of 6% for American users), and its pledge rate is only 11%, there is room for future growth It is huge, so the madman is also very optimistic about the trend of Ethereum after the merger.

Panic 20, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The number of active addresses on the chain has increased by 160,000 in the past 3 days, an increase of more than 20%, while the number of ETH has decreased by 122,959, which means that funds have begun to shift from Ethereum to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is likely to outperform Ethereum and regain some of the lost market cap. In addition, the third largest whale continued to increase its holdings of 1,497 bitcoins for two days, and the purchases were also fierce, and they were optimistic about the recent trend.

ETH: Before the merger of the main network, it should still be concerned by the funds, and the trend will not be too stretched. Yesterday’s daily reverse package shows its strength, and it is expected to continue to rise together with the market.

ETC: The computing power of the entire network will continue to reach new highs, and will continue to reach new highs in the future, because a large amount of computing power has not been switched over, so just keep holding it.

BNB: The zkBNB mainnet will be launched at the end of the year, providing faster transaction speed, certainty and lower gas fees. BNB only needs to follow the path of others and keep imitating it. After all, it has a large number of users. This is the core competitiveness, and it will continue to be optimistic in the long run.

MKR: In the lending market, Bitcoin and Ethereum account for 45% and 42% respectively, ranking first in the lending market. MakerDAO is currently the largest lending market, and the future is still promising.

ALGO: Completed the mainnet protocol upgrade, provided an interface for POS chain communication and transactions, and improved throughput and security. Recently, it has continued to trade sideways at the bottom, and the selling pressure has been digested, and it should gradually pick up with the continuous upgrade.

Below 20,000, it is good to see more than one, there is no need to panic, it just takes time.

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