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[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

In the high inflation environment, the Fed’s interest rate hike expectations have increased again. The probability of raising interest rates by 75 basis points in June and July has exceeded 90%. The 10-year treasury bond yield rose to 3.45%, a new high since 2011. Under the expectation of such tightening, the US dollar stopped rising. This is considered to be a negative when a good landing. On the other hand, when looking at risk assets, a bad landing is a good. The interest rate meeting in the early hours of tonight will once again lead to big market fluctuations. The 75 basis point interest rate hike has been fully expected and has been included in asset prices. Therefore, after the meeting is held, it may trigger some funds to buy and buy boldly. After all, 20,000 The dollar’s bitcoin and the $1,000 ether are already quite tempting. Although they have fallen painfully and desperately, they are still full of confidence in the future.

As Ethereum reached the 1000 integer mark, the large capital led by Three Arrows Capital began to be liquidated. At present, it has been liquidated more than 400 million US dollars, because they have deposited a large amount of assets in Defi pools such as aave and compound for mortgage. Borrowing. Now that the assets have fallen to the liquidation line, the agreement has begun to be automatically liquidated. The problem of Three Arrows should be similar to Celsius, with some open losses of its own, and more of a problem with liquidity. When extreme market conditions come When there is a run, it will be difficult to survive. Therefore, the current weakness of the market is still related to the remaining liquidation positions of Whales sniping at Three Arrows Capital. If there is a downward acceleration in the evening, these large capitals will fully sacrifice to the sky, and the market will also have a big impact. In the end, light will always appear in despair, and the hardest days are over.

MicroStrategy announced its financial status, saying that a loan of 205 million US dollars requires 410 million as collateral, and there are currently 115,109 bitcoins that can be pledged. As long as bitcoin does not fall below 3,562, there is no need to increase other collateral, and said that he has predicted The high volatility of the crypto market has long been prepared for. This company is indeed very powerful. The empty-handed white wolf has lowered its liquidation line to $3,500, and there is basically no risk of being liquidated. At the same time, the company’s directors have repurchased their own MicroStrategy company shares in the secondary market. And Bitcoin has huge confidence.

The bitcoins held by El Salvador are currently at a loss of $52.5 million. The government has bought 2,301 bitcoins 10 times, with an average price of $45,171. This president is embarrassed. He bought at the high point of the bull market. It has been a while, but fortunately, it has little impact on the country. After all, the proportion of fiscal revenue is extremely low, which shows how important asset allocation is.


The President of the Central African Republic said that adopting Bitcoin is the most correct path in difficult times, and that there is such an optimistic attitude in such a market, the President of the Central African Republic is a ruthless man.

Coinbase plans to lay off 18% of its employees, Binance said it has 2,000 vacancies, Kraken has 500 vacancies, and TRON is also hiring heavily. At this time, it can be seen who is rich and whose business is tightening. The wealthy projects and exchanges obviously have a better chance of developing better, so embracing these companies will have a higher probability of success.

A survey by Bitcoin IRA showed that 80% of respondents are considering investing in cryptocurrencies as part of their retirement portfolios, the results of 500 respondents and also representative of the American people’s confidence in crypto.

Kering Group has invested 1.5 billion US dollars in the crypto fund. Although it is not possible to buy coins directly in China, it is optimistic that companies in this industry are participating in investment through various investment channels. If the money is enough, it can do a lot of things.

In the past 24 hours, contracts liquidated $422 million, Defi liquidated $94 million, and the market was bloodbathed by bears, leaving the Air Force running out of time.

Panic 7, almost close to a record low, the lowest was 5 before.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: If it falls below 20,000, it may trigger a wave of panic and acceleration. It is expected that there will be a lot of buying above 18,000, so be sure to participate.

Ether: If it falls to three digits, there will be funds that will continue to be liquidated. Therefore, it may be a good trend to clean up the leverage in the evening. If it falls to three digits and does not buy it, it will really break the thigh in the future.

I was dumbfounded and didn’t want to talk anymore.

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