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[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

Last night, the Fed’s semi-annual currency report didn’t say anything particularly valuable, but it lacked some official words. Many members of the scene were not satisfied with Powell’s policy of raising interest rates and raised some doubts, and then raised interest rates by 75% in July. The probability of a basis point has dropped from yesterday to 96%. At the meeting, Ball once again mentioned that the era of stablecoins and cryptocurrency regulation has come. He does not want privately issued USD stablecoins to become digital dollars, so he hopes Congress can Respond quickly to this matter. Subsequently, the SEC chairman urged regulators to develop a cryptocurrency rulebook, and was negotiating with the CFTC on encryption rules. This means that the U.S.-based cryptocurrency regulation will really start soon. Today, the grayscale GBTC trading volume hit a new high in 7 months, and the discount has risen from -30% yesterday to -27%, indicating that funds are beginning to be willing to I believe that Grayscale’s bitcoin spot ETF has a chance to succeed, and the basis of all this is precisely the need for clearer regulatory documents.

The University of Cincinnati in the United States has launched a cryptocurrency course to educate students about bitcoin and emerging financial technologies, and the University of Namibia in Africa will offer a master’s degree in blockchain technology in 2024. The addition of these universities will make the industry more subdivided and professional in the future. In this era of integration and innovation of all things, people need to constantly use the past experience to collide with new things, and the new products obtained from this are the future. This is true of “Road+”, and the same is true of “Blockchain+”.

Binance stated on its official website that it is obliged to protect users and help industry participants survive and develop, and will provide support and assistance to some projects with great potential and good business models that fail. There are indeed many companies in the market that have suffered a series of attacks after the collapse of Terra. Some of them are just institutional investors, not speculators with leverage and brainless rush. Their business models are very good, but they are lying under the gun. , For these companies, they just need cash flow to tide over the difficulties. Binance can take advantage of this time to go in and pick up cheap chips. This is why CZ repeated today. Said that the risks behind are being largely lifted. Previously, the whales of Solend of the SOL network reduced the loan amount to less than 50 million US dollars in accordance with the new proposal, the liquidation risk has been lifted, and SOL has returned to the normal track.

ARK Fund has bought more than 130,000 shares of Coinbase stock and sold 90,000 shares of GBTC since June 1, and continues to add chips to Coinbase stock. Is this kind of buying regardless of fundamentals going to shareholders? Now Coinbase is not doing well in the United States. Both FTX and Binance United States are starting to crush each other with zero-fee strategies. Coinbase’s unsatisfactory profitability has become even more precarious. I don’t know if Ms. Mutou’s operation is optimistic about the future of the industry or the future of the company, or if she hopes to enter this track through capital, in short, the increase in positions will continue, and maybe it will start to improve if it falls to the extreme.


The Russian National Development Bank proposes to issue gold-backed stablecoins to evade sanctions from Western countries. This is the model of using blockchain + gold, which not only obtains the foreign exchange reserves of gold, but also takes advantage of the strong liquidity of cryptocurrencies. The biggest problem here is to solve the problem of the gold anchor coin. Who will audit and who will confirm the rights. Now a ready-made gold stable coin is made by Paxos, called PAXG. If you are optimistic about the performance of gold, you can directly participate in this generation. Coin, the last great stagflation in the 1970s and 1980s in the United States was the era of soaring gold.

Binance and Ronaldo have established a partnership and will issue a series of NFT collectibles. This is a cooperation between the world’s top players. Ronaldo has 400 million fans around the world. Now that he enters the NFT, he will be fired to the sky. In the future Will it lead to a new wave of the NFT market? The madman thinks it can be expected.

Cryptocurrency ATMs will be installed at Hispanic supermarket chain Cardenas, one of the largest Hispanic supermarkets in the United States with 59 stores. Globally, this is the signal.

Since June 14, the reserve of Bitcoin miners has decreased by 18,251, and miners have surrendered and sold coins in large numbers, which is one of the signals of every bottoming. At the same time, the third largest whale purchased 255 bitcoins again, and this month bought a total of 2318 bitcoins.

Avalanche supports the BTC network. These public chains are constantly empowering BTC. You can cross-chain Bitcoin to each public chain for Defi loan and pledge. The limited total amount of Bitcoin is locked into various public chains to form a new capital pool. The future of Bitcoin will still be extremely bright with the development of the blockchain.

Panic 11, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Continue to hold for a rebound. It is still a rebound window. There will be at least a 4H acceleration K line before the rebound can end. Visually, it will break through at least a wave of 22000.

Ether: Harmony was hacked and lost $100 million, of which 5,000BNB and 640,000 BUSD were exchanged for ETH by hackers, becoming a net buyer of ETH. After changing to ETH, they went to wash the currency, which is a big negative for ONE, but This has created the strength of ETH today, and the market outlook will continue to be linked to the rebound of the pie.

FTT: The giant whale bought 10 million FTTs, worth over $260 million, and the future of FTT is relatively clear. After all, FTX is booming and has BNB’s benchmark, so FTT naturally has hype expectations.

There is nothing else to add. After a wave of bullish sentiment is released, this round of oversold rebound may end.

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