[Madman says trend]Let’s see how the US stock market goes at night, it is expected to fluctuate above 20,000

[Madman says trend]Let’s see how the US stock market goes at night, it is expected to fluctuate above 20,000

Madman says…

The U.S. dollar index broke through the previous high and pointed to 106, continuing to hit a new high since 2002. The strength of the U.S. dollar means that monetary policy will continue to be tightened. U.S. stocks have a certain impact. From the perspective of U.S. stock futures indexes, they fell all the way after the opening before the market, with Bitcoin falling from 20,400 to below 20,000, and it will probably open lower in the evening. Considering the first day after the National Day holiday, will it be Celebrating your own birthday by opening low and going high is a matter of concern. The madman is not pessimistic about the long-term trend of the cryptocurrency market. As an Ark analyst said, Bitcoin suffered losses due to the unfavorable macro environment, but various Indicators are pointing, Bitcoin is near the bottom of the century.

The Reserve Bank of Australia raised the benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points to 1.35%. With the continuous increase of interest rates by the Federal Reserve, it is an inevitable event for central banks to raise interest rates jointly. The macro tightening has led to the poor performance of various risk assets. However, from the perspective of historical cycles, Such tightening often does not last long, so after the tightening is fully expected in the second half of the year, it will gradually pick up. This is the best time to accumulate chips.

Red Shirt China raised US$9 billion for 4 funds, focusing on investing in technology start-ups. This fundraising is still over-raised. Investors include various overseas funds. This should be the largest technology fund in China. Let me explain China’s technology market has attracted much attention, and secondly, it shows the strong international strength of Red Shirt. In short, this will inject a lot of water into China’s technology industry, and the startups invested by these funds will most likely include various blocks. Chain enterprises are conducive to the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

According to Bloomberg, the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies in India has fallen by 60-87% since the implementation of the cryptocurrency tax in India, with the largest exchange WazirX shrunk by more than 80% on the second day. There is no cryptocurrency industry in India. These countries that have a control demand for foreign exchange do not have any reason and ability to open encrypted transactions in the context of global currency tightening. Because of the global liquidity of cryptocurrencies, it may lead to legal tender. The sharp devaluation has caused huge financial stability problems, so China’s crackdown has its fundamental reasons.


The Central Bank of Russia said that cryptocurrency mining is about to be legalized, but all the mined bitcoins can only be sold overseas into fiat currency. This regulation is also worried about the loss of a large amount of foreign exchange due to cryptocurrency. Selling overseas is beneficial to foreign exchange. The inflow will help stabilize the exchange rate of the ruble, and through legal rules, turn bad things into good things.

Jordan Belfort, the wolf of Wall Street, suggested that investors consider Bitcoin as a long-term tool for hedging inflation. Due to its limited total amount, as inflation rises, it will one day turn into a store of value tool and hold it for 3-5 years for a long time. There must be no loss. The madman thinks that maybe, as the MircoStrategy CEO said, Bitcoin will take over the leadership of Wall Street in the next currency cycle, but it will obviously take a long time.

Last week, the net inflow of cryptocurrency investment products was 64 million US dollars, and the overall has changed from a large outflow to an inflow, which is a relatively good short-term signal. Ether broke the outflow nightmare of 11 consecutive weeks.

The founder of Skybridge Capital said that SBF’s decision to bail out BlockFi may be a sign that the cryptocurrency market has bottomed out. The madman agrees with this view. The CEOs of top exchanges such as CZ and SBF have a lot of market data, which is enough to help them judge the market. The relative position of the market, at this time, they have made acquisitions, which means that they are optimistic about the current position of the market, and at least have the reasons to make money from acquisitions.

Celsius repaid $140 million through 4 separate transactions, reducing its Bitcoin liquidation price to $4,966. This wave basically eliminated the liquidation risk, indicating that its liquidity has been restored to some extent, which is beneficial to the entire currency circle. The development of ecology has also made it difficult for the Air Force to have room to perform again.

Panic 19, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The reserve risk indicator MA7 hit 0.00023, a record low, which means it belongs to the extreme opportunity area, with the number of addresses holding more than 10 BTC reaching a 6-month high. The recent overall is a bottom-building process, and there will be two trends in the future. Either the weekly line will leak again and start a sharp rebound, or it will continue to oscillate below 22,000 with time for space, and then accumulate power to explode, so just wait.

Ethereum: The trend is slightly stronger than the pie, and it is expected that the rebound will continue to be stronger than the pie in the future.

MATIC: The crypto whale Martian bought more than $18 million in DOG and $12 million in MATIC, indicating that he is more optimistic about the future of these two tokens. The Czech presidential candidate chose to start his campaign in Polygon’s metaverse. Multiple ecological lines such as Universe and NFT will bloom more, and the market outlook is still worth looking forward to.

BNB: NFT sales approached $20 million in June, a record high. The transaction volume of other public chain NFT markets is hitting record lows. This is a monopoly harvest. At the same time, the amount of locked positions on the BNB chain is second only to Ethereum. , ranked second, its potential for value discovery in the future is obvious, coupled with the exchange’s profit repurchase, it is one of the tokens with strong certainty.

Let’s see how US stocks go in the evening, it is expected to return to the top of 20,000 and fluctuate.

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