[Madman Says Trend]The 22,000 short sniper failed, and 23,000 waved to us

[Madman Says Trend]The 22,000 short sniper failed, and 23,000 waved to us

Madman says…

After the death of the Queen of England, the central bank postponed the interest rate hike meeting. The market expects that the wage data released on Tuesday will rebound, and inflation may exceed 10%. In Europe, under the haze of the energy crisis, the inflation data will drop in the short term. It is much more difficult, so continued interest rate hikes and tightening will be a last resort. It is still a huge test for the European and British stock markets. For the European market, it is better not to touch it for the time being.

According to HSBC data, it is estimated that by 2030, 500 million new consumers worldwide will be exposed to cryptocurrencies, most of which will be middle- and upper-income groups, and the fastest-growing markets will be in Asia and Africa. The madman roughly estimates that the number of people who have participated in crypto investment in the world should not exceed 200 million. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the market is still in a huge dividend period. The existence of increments, the iteration of technology, and the embrace of traditional capital will It will bring a new height of market value to the encrypted market, so no matter how sluggish the current market is, you can still have illusions and expectations for the future, which is the general trend. From the Russian-Ukrainian war or financial sanctions, to the arrest of celebrities for whoring prostitutes or the transfer of personal assets, cryptocurrencies are the best choice. People will become more and more aware of how important it is to have personal controllable property. This medium The transfer of the Internet will be subverted just like the telephone era has moved to the Internet era. Those who understand will continue to succeed, and those who cannot understand will be abandoned by the times.

The US financial portal believes that Ethereum will most likely become the basic layer of the legal digital currency of the global central bank, because the global central bank does not have more time to build its own blockchain to issue CBDC, and the use of ready-made blockchain network construction is the current The best choice, Ethereum will be the first choice. Currently, Canada, Norway and Israel have begun to build CBDC on Ethereum, but they are all in the early stages. Once this trend is formed, the value expectation of Ethereum will be greatly improved.

The data shows that Bitcoin fell from 24,000 to 19,600, and 2.5 million Bitcoins were traded, accounting for 13.3% of the circulating market. , laying a solid foundation for the rebound in the coming period of time.


Panic 25, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Despite the continued rebound of Bitcoin, the market sentiment is still sluggish, and the number of short-selling retail investors has increased sharply, which means that the rebound will continue in the future. The strength is strong, and the attack is steady and steady, and the bears seem to have no power to fight back. There is nothing to say, continue to hold the currency, the 22000 short sniper has failed, and the 23000 has waved to us.

ETH: There are still 3 days to merge. It is expected that there will be a strong wave on September 14-15. I want to share the last buying opportunity of candy, so it is also a clear sign, and it will continue to strengthen the market with a helping effect. .

SOL: The single-day NFT casting volume has reached a record high, and the transaction volume has also reached a new high since May, indicating that SOL’s NFT has been very popular recently, which will bring new vitality to the chain and is expected to continue to make up.

GMT: The monthly active life in the first half of September was less than 30,000, and it has dropped sharply for 4 consecutive months. It seems that the experiment of move to earn has also failed. The user cannot relay the previous output, and naturally it collapses. Referring to the trend of AXS, it should be gradually declining.

It is time for Europe and the United States to go to work in the evening, and it is expected to continue to fluctuate. The computing power of the entire Ethereum network still has 876TH/S. You can continue to pay attention to those coins that have good computing power and participate in bargains, such as XMR, RVN, FLUX, ETC, etc.

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