[Madman Says Trend]The probability of attacking 22500 tonight has increased – Programmer Sought

[Madman Says Trend]The probability of attacking 22500 tonight has increased – Programmer Sought

Madman says…

The Bloomberg ETF analyst believes that the SEC will not approve a bitcoin spot ETF, and the bitcoin spot ETF that Bitwise and Grayscale applied for on June 29 and July 6 will finally give results, the analyst said. Said that the SEC cannot complete the work alone until the SEC and CFTC have completed the regulatory framework. The madman thinks his logic is relatively clear. At present, the SEC and CFTC are in the stage of decentralization and jointly formulate a regulatory framework. Different parts belong to different functional departments. If the SEC approves the Bitcoin spot ETF without authorization at this time, it is obviously out of time. It is estimated that it will take some time for Grayscale’s GBTC to be converted back to Bitcoin, and the positive Bitcoin spot ETF we expect still needs to wait for the regulation to land.

Crypto analyst Alfred revealed that the CEO of Celsius tried to flee from Morristown Airport to Israel last week, but was deported by customs, and it is not known whether he was arrested or restricted from leaving the country. If this information is true, then the CEO should have given up on being acquired or rescued himself, but chose to flee with the money. The biggest possibility here is that the asset storm is much more serious than we have seen, and the possibility of being acquired cannot be completed. , then for the market outlook, it will bring more bad debts to the market, and a run on liquidity may still occur, so a second dip in the market is possible.

Hacker Anonymous has pledged to investigate Do Kwon’s crimes, saying: “There are more crimes to be discovered on your way to destruction.” This time Do Kwon is estimated to be over. The people targeted by this hacker group will eventually be picked up like transparent people. A powerful organization comparable to the FBI, the era of Do Kwon is gone forever, LUNA All the rebounds of the system can be regarded as the rebound of the dead cat, the return of light on the way to zero.

The open interest of CME Bitcoin futures increased by nearly 10%. The long-to-short ratio of institutions was 1:1.2, the long-to-short ratio of large investors was 7.2:1, and the long-to-short ratio of retail investors was 1:1. It is seen that the trading sentiment in the market has picked up, and there is still room for continued activity.


The official media published another article today, saying that virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are the largest Ponzi scheme in human history, with no intrinsic value. And with an amazing title: Virtual currency is a dream after all. I don’t really want to comment on this matter, but looking at the history of postings, every time I shout about Bitcoin, it is not the bottom, but the starting point of the bull market. As for whether it is a scam or not, the answer should be known within 5 years.

Panic 12, the level of panic continues to intensify.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The third largest Bitcoin whale has increased its holdings of 856 Bitcoins in the past week, and the number of Bitcoin addresses holding 10,000 pie has reached 100, and the 7-day average of Bitcoins sent to exchanges has hit 11 months New lows, overall, demand has increased, supply has gradually decreased, and the trend of accelerated rebound is still worth looking forward to. Keep an eye on the trend line of the 4h rebound. Once it falls below effectively, it will enter the second exploration market. The chance of attacking around 22500 has increased.

ETH: The trend is slightly stronger than the pie, the rebound is expected to continue, and there is some pressure around 1450.

BNB: The transaction volume of NFT on the internal chain in 24 hours exceeded 40 million US dollars, surpassing Ethereum to become the first. This is the long-term value of BNB, which is expected in all aspects of the ecology. The current price is not high, and you can continue to hold it. .

XRP: The former CTO sold 72 million XRP in the past 20 days. No matter where Ripple is, this CTO has no faith. If he unlocks it, he throws it away without considering any cost. However, recently Ripple has obviously encountered obvious demand at the bottom. The rebound is expected to continue.

Tonight is the window of change. If the breakthrough is accelerated, it should be observed whether it can successfully stand at the 22000 integer mark.

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