[Madman says trend]There is a high probability of shocks on the weekend: the new low will go up, and the high will go away

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

Tonight at 20:30, the United States announced the CPI data for May. The expected value is still 8.3%, the same as last month. The inflation rate in the United States is still high in the interest rate hike cycle. After the announcement, it is likely to raise interest rates by 75 The probability of a basis point, but it is expected that in the interest rate meeting on June 15, a 50 basis point rate hike is still very likely, so the market will likely fall back when the expectations are not good from June 10 to 15. 15 began to rise after sunset. In addition, the European side will also start the pace of interest rate hikes. Deutsche Bank expects Europe to raise interest rates twice this year, each by 50 basis points, one more than previously expected. This will have a certain impact on the capital market. Before the interest rate decision arrives, let us pay attention to the market quietly, get on the train if the new low is given, and wait for the data to land if not.

The Colombian Congress has begun to discuss the crypto regulation bill, but it still needs three rounds of voting to become law. Countries are now paying high attention to the crypto market, which shows that the crypto market has grown into a towering tree, and everyone can no longer ignore its existence, and more asset allocation will be involved in the future.

According to PwC’s survey results, nearly one-third of hedge funds hope to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future, while another 31% are in a state of curiosity, and 41% say they have little chance of investing in three years. These hedge funds will also become an increment in the future market, but the more institutions pour in, the more difficult the market transaction will be, and a speculative market will thus become an investment market.

Deloitte’s survey shows that the vast majority of U.S. merchants will consider cryptocurrency payments as their first choice, as they believe cryptocurrencies will be ubiquitous within five years. The development of cryptocurrencies in the United States is very fast. From the perspective of global payment, it directly surpasses WeChat and Alipay payment. This is the dimensionality reduction attack of blockchain on the Internet.


At the Consensus conference in Texas, the CEO of Fidelity believes that the long-term fundamentals of cryptocurrencies are still strong, and when everyone exits because of the decline, they should double their efforts. Financial giants are still optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies.

At the consensus conference, Grayscale and Bitwise believe that Bitcoin spot ETFs will be approved soon, because spot Bitcoin ETFs are based on the same bill as futures ETFs, so it is only a matter of time. The US bitcoin spot ETF is really crucial to the crypto market. It is the best tool to connect traditional capital and can bring huge increments to the market.

At the consensus conference, both ADA founders and Dragonfly Capital partners believed that when the cryptocurrency market was in a downturn, it was the best time to build crypto projects, and the most successful projects were built when the industry was down. The madman agrees very much with this statement. Like this wave of AXIE or some public chain projects, they have been dormant for several cycles to catch up with the wind. No project can go straight to the sky, even if it is LUNA, the founders have also failed. The stable project has only today.

A former employee of LUNA revealed that its founder transferred $80 million every month to secret wallets and foreign bank accounts before the crash. Some people also exposed that the interest rate calculated before Anchor went online was about 3%, but Do Kwon privately changed it to 20% , in order to attract a lot of money. This wave of investigation is likely to convict the founder, depending on whether he can find evidence. Every transaction on the blockchain is transparent. If someone with a heart really wants to mess with him, basically this buddy will It’s cool, so don’t participate in his new project. If you go to jail, you will be unlucky.

Panic 13, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Although the currency price has been sluggish recently, various data are hitting record highs, which shows that the market is still in the accumulation stage. This position is either the bottom or the sub-bottom, which is applicable in every cycle. The history of Bitcoin computing power The new high, the record high of Lightning Network capacity, and the record high of addresses holding 1BTC, why do we not look forward to the future, wait patiently, it takes time. There is a high probability of shocks on the weekend, new lows will go up, and highs will go away, which is a time of dilemma.

ETH: Continue to link.

FTM: Published a new upgrade route to improve speed, scalability and decentralization. This public chain AC will still be working after it is gone, but the development level will be much weaker. It will not be easy to stand out from so many public chains in the future. Taking advantage of the short-term benefits, go to the weak and stay strong.

The money-making effect is general, and it is only a partial opportunity.

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