[Madman Says Trend]There is an obvious bullish signal, and it will catch up near 30000.

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

With the continuous spread of monkeypox, the expectation of US stocks to rise again has strengthened. Research shows that the recent spread of monkeypox mainly comes from Nigeria, and 4 of the Nigerian territory are biological laboratories belonging to the United States. It will not be a new virus made in the United States. There is no evidence yet, but since the occurrence of monkeypox, it is an indisputable fact that US stocks have risen 6% for the week. Before the key interest rate and balance sheet reduction resolution, whether the emergence of monkeypox will cause the Fed meeting to tighten less than expected is worthy of our renewed attention. Such expectations have led to a strong rebound in the cryptocurrency. Tonight, the US stock market will continue to be closed due to the Memorial Day. The market bulls have the opportunity to continue to rise independently during this window period, with the pressure above 32,000.

The Bank of America CEO said there is no rush to venture into the cryptocurrency space, as banks are heavily regulated, thus preventing full-scale investments in cryptocurrencies. The implication is that if the United States is fully regulated, the banking industry will participate in the crypto market in a big way. What an incremental expectation. The comprehensive version of the cryptocurrency bill formulated by U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis will be announced on June 7. If the bill has a certain chance of being voted through, then the cryptocurrency market will resume its rise will become a high probability event.

The President of the Central African Republic says that Bitcoin will pave the way for a better future. After he identified Bitcoin as legal tender, he seems to have more faith in Bitcoin. The presidents of both countries are shouting for Bitcoin. Because the cost is different, the President of El Salvador has been slightly depressed recently, but it does not mean that he will Lose confidence.

The CEO salary list of the top 500 companies in the United States shows that Musk’s 23.5 billion tops the list, surpassing the sum of the other top 10, followed by Apple CEO, Huida CEO and other well-known bigwigs. The super richest man believes that the U.S. economy is approaching a recession. Due to the constant printing of money, it is necessary to pass the recession to bankrupt some companies, and at the same time reduce inflation, and wake up those who have been mistaken for the need to work hard because of the unemployment benefits. He believes that this is a good thing. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs chairman and well-known hedge fund manager Michael Burry both said a recession is coming, so companies should prepare. In the recession cycle, it is important to do a good job of asset allocation, whether it is risk assets or hedging assets, and the cash ratio should be relatively increased.


India’s economy minister said that India’s cryptocurrency consultation paper is ready, and global crypto regulation needs to reach a consensus. India will change from time to time, but is ready to join the world in regulating the cryptocurrency market, wait for the US to lead the matter.

Coinbase CEO says cryptocurrency is a commodity and should be regulated by the CFTC. This is a statement from the team. What impact this team will have on the future strategy, let’s go and see, after all, if you say this, you will offend the SEC.

South Korean authorities are subpoenaing all LUNA employees for a full investigation. If this method is used, Do Kwon will definitely be convicted eventually. There is no internal problem in a company, and contradictions are inevitable. Those contradictory ninjas are likely to pour out some secrets inside the team, and even more so. What’s more, market manipulation is bound to happen, LUNA 2.0, I am afraid that it has ended before it was born.

CME Bitcoin futures positions show that the institutional long-short ratio is 1.2:1, the long-short ratio of large investors is 3.2:1, and the long-short ratio of retail investors is 1:1. Compared with the previous data, this set of data shows that the institutions have obvious bearish sentiment, the large investors are still firm in their long positions, and the long positions of retail investors have plummeted. This is conducive to the continued rebound of Bitcoin in this round.

The search popularity of the NFT market in May fell by 70% from the historical high, and the transaction volume also fell by 70%, and the market value fell by a large amount. It is expected to be in a downturn for a while. Once the bubble squeeze starts, it often takes a long time, which is conducive to the redevelopment of the currency circle.

Panic 10, back to single digits, but expected to pick up sharply tomorrow.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: 9 consecutive weeks of decline, the longest decline in history. This position has already diverged from the weekly line, and the monthly line also needs to rebound. Therefore, there will be at least one surge in June. Above 32,000 is the key position. In any case, it finally appeared today. Obvious bullish signal, catch up near 30000, no problem.

ETH: Three Arrows Capital once again transferred 16,000 ETH to FTX. In May, it has transferred 56,000 ETH to the exchange. This position has been reduced a lot. I don’t know what the logic is, but the short-term daily-level divergence and rebound will continue.

GMT: The official wallet transferred out BNB and SOL with a total value of 84 million US dollars. These funds came from the income from selling shoes. It seems that they are going to spend some money. The amount is not large, so it will not have much impact on BNB and SOL. . The project side is still working hard to maintain the GMT currency price, conscience, since you have the opportunity to go, let’s sell it as soon as possible.

ZIL: The game engine development kit was released to provide developers with a development path for chain games. This old public chain is still active in the market, which is really not easy. In the short term, there is an expectation of an oversold and rebound.

AAVE: Community members indicated that liquidity mining is coming to an end and will initiate new proposals to provide borrowers and investors with more favorable interest rates. This means that the supply of short-term AAVE will be depleted in stages, and the rebound is expected to be strong and can participate.

Emotions have reached freezing point before, and this round of rebound has just begun, and it will last for at least a few days. We will see in a few days. Short-term investors can seize this window period and start short-term profits.

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