[Madman Says Trend]There is basically no independent market now, and it completely follows the US stock market.


Madman says…

In March, the number of visits to cryptocurrency exchanges was 360 million, and Binance, Coinbase and Bybit ranked the top three respectively, with Binance 31.7%; Coinbase 15.6%; Bybit 12.1%. Binance still occupies the leading position in global exchanges. Bybit is a latecomer, and the overall potential of the exchange still exists, and will continue to gain huge benefits in the next 1 or 2 years until the in-depth penetration of traditional institutions.

The founder of Bitmex believes that the cryptocurrency will fall in sync with the Nasdaq for some time in the future. He believes that Bitcoin will fall to 30,000 and Ethereum will reach 2,500. He later said that as the global economic depression begins, tightening will bring When cryptocurrencies deviate from mainstream assets, when cryptocurrencies go out of the independent market, they will lead the rise of global assets. This logic is similar to what the madman said before, but the madman does not have the value predicted by the founder of Bitmex. He has a lot of exchange data in his hands, and what he said is worth referring to. Even so, his prediction shows that ETH will be stronger than Bitcoin.

The former SoftBank CEO has invested 10% of his assets in bitcoin, and he believes fears of an impending recession will prompt him to increase his bitcoin holdings to 80-90%. The Mexican billionaire also believes that the world is experiencing hyperinflation and that you cannot give up the dollar unless you embrace Bitcoin. These bigwigs must have a deeper understanding of the trend of the economic cycle than we do. It is true that all assets are falling, and currencies are also depreciating. No matter what you do, you will lose money, so everyone is turning to bet on Bitcoin with a limited total amount. , which becomes the consensus of holding positions.

Sports stars are also getting more and more people to understand bitcoin, and the UFC heavyweight champion said that bitcoin could be the financial future of Africa. Tennis champion Williams sees Bitcoin as a super investment. These people with their own fans can help us promote Bitcoin, which is obviously a good thing for the spread of Bitcoin.


Robinhood announced that Bitcoin will become the most traded asset on the platform in 2022. This data tells us that in the near future, Bitcoin will be one of the most liquid mainstream assets in the world. Traveling from country to country, Coinbase Card is doing this kind of event. He can help people convert cryptocurrencies into national currencies and put them into bank cards for free.

ARK invested in selling Paypal, buying Cash APP, selling traditional payment channels, and embracing cryptocurrency payment channels. Sister Mu Tou continued her aggressive investment, optimistic about high-tech, and embraced innovation, which shows that she is still full of confidence in the cryptocurrency market. Faith from a master.

The person in charge of Galaxy Digital Trading said that Bitcoin and Ethereum will explode by 100% in mid-2023. The company currently holds a large amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum. First, it is really optimistic. Second, this statement also has some The ass decides the head.

Billionaire David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, said he was initially skeptical about cryptocurrencies because there was no backing, but now that inflation is so severe, the way prices are priced in the economy will be Changes have taken place, and he believes that a series of uncontrollable consequences have quietly been born. As long as there is a consensus among the bigwigs, it will not be difficult for the market value to rise sharply in the future.

Panic 32, little change.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Continue to link the weakness of Nasdaq. There is basically no independent market now. It follows the US stock market completely. If you want to analyze Bitcoin well, you should go to those excellent US stock analysts. The current situation is complicated and confusing. , we need to rely on cognition and belief to hold coins, that’s all.

ETH: With the release of EIP1559, the current annual inflation rate of ETH is only 1.52%, which is lower than 1.85% of Bitcoin (April 10), and far lower than 8% of US dollar. Breaking, following Bitcoin’s compensatory decline, the market outlook still judges a strong linkage.

LTC: The foundation said that DHL and other companies will support LTC payment this year. The market has no response and continues to link up with the big cake.

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