[Madman Says Trend]There is no new direction in the short term, and the pressure above 42000 is strong.


Madman says…

Musk took Twitter into his pocket with lightning speed. The richest man is the richest man. He spends 44 billion US dollars every minute. Who will be sorry for the money? After this money is thrown out, everyone is happy. The old owner, Jack Dorsey, immediately posted that Twitter is the closest thing to global awareness and will try its best to protect ideas and services. Musk is taking it away now, which is the first step in Twitter’s right step. He said that Musk is his The only trusted solution. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, who helped Musk’s acquisition, will also receive huge commissions of hundreds of millions of dollars. Musk also bought what he wanted, and Twitter shareholders also got a rise in share price. Such a perfect deal is really amazing. happy. It is not yet known where Twitter will go under the leadership of Musk in the future, but this may once again become a seed to change the world. After all, Twitter is a very mature social media, where Musk’s imagination is used. There will be a multiplier effect.

Investors pulled $417 million from crypto ETF offerings this month, in what should be the largest outflow ever, with $220 million out of Canada’s largest bitcoin spot ETF, Purpose, according to a UBS report. From this report, we can draw a simple conclusion that the selling pressure in April mainly came from traditional institutions. It was the decline in US stocks that caused the stylized selling of traditional institutional investors, while the whales in the currency circle were in the Continually stock up.

The data shows that after April, the giant whales increased their holdings of 20,000 bitcoins, accounting for 42.4% of the total circulation. One side is the reduction of traditional institutions, and the other side is the continuous increase of positions in the industry, so we have recently seen obvious , When the U.S. stock market fell, Bitcoin fell in conjunction with the decline, but the fallback was not large compared to the U.S. stock market. When the U.S. stock market rose, Bitcoin rose in conjunction with the U.S. stock market, but the rise was relatively large. This can be seen from the market trend of today and yesterday. two. Therefore, it can be concluded that when the traditional funds are exhausted, it is the time for the independent rise of the currency circle, and the good days are getting closer and closer to us.

CME Group has launched 11 regulated, non-tradable CME CF cryptocurrency reference rates and real-time indices for easier transparency for cryptocurrency traders. From this point of view, the crypto market is still very early in terms of traditional capital, so the future incremental potential is still huge.


The National Bureau of Economic Research believes that El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment has failed, with more than 60% of El Salvadoran citizens abandoning Chivo wallets, 89% of citizens have never received cryptocurrency remittances, and 99% of respondents have never used Bitcoin currency tax. From this point of view, it can indeed be declared a failure in the short term, but if the bull market returns, it may be another scene. For human nature, there is little difference in every corner of the world.

Opensea acquired GEM, an NFT transaction aggregator, and GEM continued to operate independently after the acquisition. This is a project with great potential to surpass Opensea against the trend, but due to its lack of profitability, it has to bow to large capital, but GEM executives also said that this move will not kill the possibility of GEM issuing coins. The madman predicts that this wave of Opensea has picked up a treasure and expanded its super layout of NFTs.

The city of Fort Worth, Texas, the United States will vote tomorrow on whether to conduct bitcoin mining. In the United States, it has risen to the strategy of government organized mining, and there are also signs of this in Russia. The bitcoin network has become more and more secure and stable. With consensus, don’t doubt it, hold it bravely, it will become one of the bottom currencies in the world.

Fidelity Investments allows retirement savers to deposit bitcoin into 401k accounts, which will allow more bitcoin bullish investors in the U.S. to use bitcoin to save, increasing bitcoin’s illiquid stock.

This Friday, the monthly options are due for delivery, which are $1.8 billion in Bitcoin and $1.1 billion in Ethereum respectively. The biggest pain points are 41,000 and 3,000 respectively. At present, it is basically in the interests of the seller.

Panic 27, back to panic level.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The long and short sides are still anxious. It is expected that there will be repeated competitions around 40,000 in the short term. There should be no new direction in the short term, and the pressure above 42,000 is strong.

ETH: The pledge rate of 2.0 has exceeded 10%. As 2.0 approaches, the mainstream GPU price has dropped by 37%. Once the POS is transferred, the current mining machine is of little significance. , this has little to do with the currency price. In the future, 2.0 will still be good for Ethereum, and it will still be a linkage market in the short term.

APE: The positive expectations have been fulfilled. Otherside announced that the auction will use APE, but since it is a Dutch auction (price reduction auction), the demand will decrease as it goes on.

BNB: The transaction volume of Binance in the first quarter is about 5.54 trillion US dollars. Even with the average transaction fee of Wan6, it can make 3 billion US dollars in a quarter. What an amazing profitability. If this continues, Musk’s richest man will not be able to It will become a potential CZ, hahaha, which also shows that the long-term value of BNB still exists.

MATIC: The amount of destruction exceeded 650,000, accounting for 0.27% of the total supply. EIP1559 has been upgraded for 3 months. This result is almost meaningful, but it does not affect his short-term rebound.

NEAR: The stablecoin USN is officially launched, and it will have a certain promotion effect on NEAR in the future. It is optimistic in the short term.

WAN: The cross-chain facility also integrates EIP1559, which supports the destruction mode, but it is not very effective, and the recent funding has not received much attention.

The decline has eased, and for the time being, the operation is carried out in a volatile trend, and there will be local opportunities for small coins.

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