[Madman says trend]There is no sign of stabilization yet, please wait patiently.


Madman says…

Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has progressed. Twitter will re-evaluate Musk’s acquisition proposal and will be open to the deal. The two parties will meet on Sunday to discuss the acquisition. The drama continues, looking forward to Musk Continue to change the world after the successful acquisition of Twitter.

The CEO of Grayscale continued to threaten the SEC, saying that if the application to convert GBTC into a Bitcoin ETF was rejected, he would sue the SEC. I think this is quite shameless. At that time, all the money was in my pocket. At this time, it was no fun to throw the blame on the SEC. The final fate of Grayscale is not expected to be very good. The CEO is also on the line. .

The discount rate of USDT is as high as -3%. Due to the recent surge in the exchange rate of USD and RMB, the discount rate of USDT has rapidly expanded. On the one hand, it shows that the demand for USDT is not large, and on the other hand, it can also be seen that some funds are panic fleeing. Almost risk-free arbitrage opportunities, there will definitely be small ants come in to move bricks, reflecting the logic behind the continued weakness of the market.

French President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected president and said that Europe should be a core player in the blockchain, and European cultural institutions should formulate NFT policies. For the government, digital collections are really a piece of cake from the sky. As long as the target has a brand effect, it can issue NFT at zero cost, and then sell it for a sky-high price. With the loss of liquidity over time, it really becomes a collection, and the money is in the pocket.


Germany became the most cryptocurrency-friendly country in the first quarter of 2022, the Bundesbank is working to develop decentralized ledger technology to allow the domestic long-term savings industry to invest in cryptocurrencies, and the number of Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes is second only to the United States. The strongest country in Europe embraced, and others would follow, imitating and keeping up with Germany.

The founder of Skybridge Capital said that half of the $3.5 billion in assets currently under management is related to the crypto market, including bitcoin, ethereum and ALGO related stocks. Holding stocks does not directly promote the currency circle. If the ETF passes, similar companies will buy the ETF more directly, which is equivalent to indirectly buying encrypted assets such as Bitcoin, so the passing of the ETF will promote a huge increase.

The CEO of MicroStrategy refuted the rumor that the company sold bitcoin, and said that if there is any change, it will be disclosed to the SEC. As long as the market falls, all kinds of bad news can be fabricated. .

The 24-hour transaction volume of OpenSea is 128 million US dollars, ranking first among various platforms. The NFT market is still extremely hot, and the theme restaurant of the boring ape has also opened. Those who hold the boring ape, mutant ape or APE can enjoy the special benefits of the restaurant. NFT has completely gone into the industry. This type of NFT is actually a transferable version of the membership card, and the value will eventually be priced by the market.

Despite the poor market performance in the first quarter, the on-chain growth of AVAX, BNB and MATIC is still stable, indicating that these three public chains are still worth holding. Once the market warms up in the future, it will return to a high level. Among them, BNB will continue to maintain the industry The network status of the leader, the daily transaction volume is 3-5 times that of Ethereum.

Panic 23, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Continued to fall, along with the global capital market, there is no sign of stabilization yet, please wait patiently.

Ether: There is no independent market logic in the weak linkage. It seems that Brother Sun’s sale above 3000 was still correct.

APE: Relatively defensive, it has the potential to continue to rise independently, and it is worth holding.

GMT: The number of minted shoes and the number of new users continue to be at a high level, and now all minted shoes need to use GMT, which can contribute to the stability of the currency price. The short-term speculation funds are all on APE, and he has to wait for the market to warm up if he wants to pull it. .

SHIB: Introduce a destruction strategy, which can destroy SHIB and mint RYOSHI. These are all routines, maintaining the price of minting coins for a short time, and then taking the opportunity to destroy a wave of SHIB to lock the value of the project. It is a game of cutting leeks, which is good for SHIB. Don’t cast lightly.

ATOM: The founder’s new project GNOT will take a snapshot on July 4th, and the tokens will be airdropped to ATOM holders. It will happen in July, and we will see it in June. The short-term impact is limited.

Let’s be patient, don’t cry or blame others, learning, accumulating, and adjusting your mentality are required courses at the moment.

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