[Madman says trend]There is still no consensus on the bulls, wait for the decline to stop


Madman says…

The continued slump in US stocks has already affected pensions in the US. All 401k funds this year have positive returns. In addition, they have continued to fall for 5 consecutive weeks. US stocks have entered an oversold state. The U.S. stock market has pulled back. Under the uncertainty of the epidemic and the tightening of the currency, the global macro is still not clear enough. Therefore, a large number of funds have emerged to avoid risk assets. It is expected that the situation will improve this week. If there is a bottom, it should be a short-term good. Don’t follow the public to panic, just follow the original plan to trade. Human greed and fear are the biggest obstacles on the investment road.

The CIO of Polygon expressed his opinion on UST’s de-anchoring yesterday. The madman summed it up: Judging from various data on the chain, it is more like a self-directed and self-performed sell-off activity, taking the lead in selling pressure on UST, taking advantage of panic and harvesting Inexpensive UST, took the time to realize the ether that he had reserved, and the empty-handed white wolf put the money into his pocket, pitiful for the innocent ether.

The Luna Foundation has new news today. It loaned $750 million worth of BTC to OTC trading companies to prevent the decoupling of UST. At the same time, it took out $750 million to continue to buy BTC. Then the founder said that he did not plan to sell Bitcoin. , but leave it to professional companies to sell high and sell low at the right time. This news will stimulate the price of Bitcoin to a certain extent in the short term, and it is also a purchase of real gold and silver. In the future, there will be another smart whale on the way to make money.

Many start-up encryption companies in India have to move to Dubai to avoid India’s policies. For today’s young people, the earth is theirs. Where there is a hot land for nourishing innovation, talents will go where they will determine a country. It is these people who can create innovative technologies that make wealth, which shows how important a good policy of inclusiveness is to the future of a country.


USDT issued 1 billion US dollars, and another big player came to buy the bottom.

CME bitcoin futures opened with a gap down at $1,610, creating a gap that should be filled soon in the future.

SBI Motor, a Japanese used car exporter, announced that it accepts Bitcoin and Ripple payments. Cryptocurrency is too convenient for import and export companies. The cross-border business of banks in the past two years should be greatly affected. In the future, after the blockchain matures, this business can be cancelled.

Panic 11 has reached its limit.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: After the new low, there is still no consensus of bulls. It is expected that there will be a decent rebound around 31,000. The market is difficult to endure, but this is the market, and we can only look up and be in awe.

Ethereum: The number of addresses holding 1,000 ETH hit a 5-year low, and the big players were scared away. This market is really miserable. Ethereum has fallen below the 2,500 given by the founder of Bitmex, which belongs to the low-risk area.

Nothing to add, wait for the fall to stop.

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