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Madman says…

Biden said that there is currently no plan to talk to Putin, because Russia has not lowered its military operations in Ukraine, and Putin signed a decree to settle natural gas trade in rubles, which means that the situation in Russia and Ukraine is not too much at present. The easing will benefit the ruble greatly. If those European countries use the dollar, Russia will not sell natural gas to them. Natural gas has become a hard currency, making the ruble move towards financial sovereignty, which is not good for the financial market as a whole.

The American Bankers Association said that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and growing cryptocurrency transactions pose serious risks, especially in terms of how institutions account for cryptocurrencies. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict itself has had a great impact on the global financial market, and cryptocurrency, as one of the fastest growing sectors, has received more and more attention from regulators, which has brought about the continuous growth of cryptocurrency transactions. The trading volume of both Bitcoin and Ethereum has reached a peak recently, which shows that the amount of funds entering the market is huge, which has added a precious life to our bull market.

The SEC’s guidance shows that crypto asset custodians should treat assets as liabilities and disclose risks. This means that the custody assets of cryptocurrency exchanges are already equal to the current banking system standards, and the cryptocurrency market is getting closer and closer to the real financial system. In the future, cryptocurrencies will operate within the framework and gradually promote the continuous innovation of regulatory regulations.

The European Parliament voted to ban anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, a regulation from Europe where they want the cryptocurrency market to be in control rather than everyone having an anonymous private wallet. In fact, the wishes of such regulators are understandable, but as individuals, property is a part of themselves. This trend cannot be regulated or avoided. With the improvement of people’s cognition, the final choice will subvert the current regulation. Technology replaces outdated financial facilities. Throughout history, every revolution has been a transfer of traditional power, and this one is no different.


People familiar with the matter in India said that India will consider enacting cryptocurrency laws and regulations only when the global cryptocurrency market reaches a consensus. This is also a good way. After all, if you don’t understand your own supervision, you will follow the developed countries.

The Russian Ministry of Finance official said that the government should encourage industrial-grade cryptocurrency mining, and it is necessary to focus on the development of mining. Russia is now obsessed with bypassing the hegemony of the US dollar. Therefore, whether it is to develop its own payment system or rely on cryptocurrencies, it is an optional path at the moment. If it can have a large number of cryptocurrency foreign exchange reserves, it will have an immediate effect in global circulation. . Therefore, the more extreme the sanctions, the more likely Russia’s actions will benefit the cryptocurrency market.

A survey in the UAE shows that 67% of consumers are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies in the next 5 years, second only to Indonesia and India. It seems that after the UAE has promulgated laws and regulations, the people’s recognition has taken a qualitative leap, so be patient and wait for these Enter incrementally.

The US core PCE price index rose 5.4% in February, hitting a new high since 1983. From this point of view, continuous interest rate hikes are still imperative.

Asset management giant VanEck said that if Bitcoin becomes the global reserve asset, the price may be as high as 4.8 million US dollars. It will reach this height, so there is no such possibility at the moment, and our eyes should still see 100,000 to 150,000.

The Coinmarketcap community predicts that the price of bitcoin will exceed $50,000 by the end of April, based on the average vote of 55,723 members. The community has previously predicted an accuracy rate of 82%. Whether it can continue to write the legend this time, we will wait and see.

The CEO of Galaxy Digital said that the price of cryptocurrencies is expected to rise sharply this year. This buddy was not optimistic about cryptocurrencies in the previous period, and he is optimistic again recently, which also shows that he is seeing some changes in the market now.

The LUNA Foundation did not buy Bitcoin yesterday, and the market was weak. The founder said that if he could control the price of Bitcoin, he would not be a reserve asset. Bitcoin is neutral, and he bought Bitcoin to make money for UST. reserve assets. After it fell today, they should have bought it again. Let’s wait for the information on the chain.

Bithumb’s full-year revenue in 2021 will reach $833 million, an increase of 360% month-on-month. If it is a global firm, this data will be even more exaggerated. It is estimated that Binance’s actual annual profit will be more than 10 times his. Moreover, it will continue to increase in 2022, and there will be a bull market if there is an increase. Hold the currency patiently.

The Boring Ape NFT held by Jay Chou was stolen, and the thieves quickly sold it for 130 ETH. It was given to him by Huang Licheng before. This time the theft should have been phishing. Later, Discord said that many official accounts were attacked. Publishing fake website links should be lost through this path. It shows that the storage of cryptocurrencies depends on personal power and requires strong technical knowledge. If it is stored improperly, it is better to have a reliable exchange. Of course, NFTs can only be kept by themselves at present.

Panic greed 50, neutral.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The callback is on schedule, but today’s callback is a bit strong, and it may be adjusted further over the weekend. The stronger support will be around 42000-43000. There is not much space, so there is no need to panic and sell. After all, the LUNA Foundation is still buying middle.

ETH: It is obviously stronger than the pie. Once it stabilizes in the future, it will rise first.

WAVES: The total lock-up volume has increased by 200% in one month, reaching a record high of 5.38 billion US dollars. We will not pursue this acceleration. The currency price has been expected, and it will be difficult to continue to rise in the future, and the risks outweigh the opportunities.

EOS: Iconic, a German cryptocurrency startup, launched the world’s first EOS ETP. The company put its chips on EOS. I don’t know what to think.

Not to mention the rest, it will be sunny after the callback, and I look forward to hitting 51,000 before the end of April, and you can participate in bargaining.

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