[Madman Talks Trend]Looking forward to the US stock market counterattack tonight, optimistic about the bottom of 30,000 in the short term


Madman says…

Federal Reserve officials began to speed up the pace of interest rate hikes to reduce the inflation rate, and said that they would not rule out raising interest rates by 75 basis points. The closing has basically recovered, and US stocks have also entered the oversold area. At the same time, the US announced the CPI at 20:30 tonight. The expected value this time is 8.1%, which is significantly lower than the previous 8.5%. As the interest rate hike cycle continues, CPI The peak has been seen, which will also form a positive stimulus for US stocks, which is conducive to the continued rebound of US stocks. The total market value of the cryptocurrency market has fallen below 1.5 trillion US dollars, and the risks have basically been released, mainly linked to rebounds.

The focus of the entire market today is on LUNA and UST. The death spiral continues to erode the market value of the two tokens. Today, LUNA has been minted by arbitrageurs with more than 150 million tokens, and the total supply has increased by more than 20%. Severely de-anchored, the spiral is still continuing, no one knows where the decline will stop, we can only see when UST can return to the anchor value of $1, otherwise the situation will continue to deteriorate. The founder of LUNA said he had found $1 billion in financing to keep everyone holding on, but people familiar with the matter said that the financing has not yet been settled and everything may change. In this case, it is hard to find an institution that dares to come in with large funds to save the market. At present, only the founder of AVAX is actually supporting UST with his mouth. He believes that UST can succeed and believes that he will recover. The madman thinks that this matter may have ended. , half of the body has been buried in the grave, and the chance of a miracle reversal is not high.

The collapse of UST has attracted the attention of the U.S. Treasury Department, who believe that stablecoins should comply with bank secrecy laws and anti-money laundering requirements, and Treasury Secretary Yellen said that stablecoins need to be regulated. The Ministry of Finance’s supervision of stablecoins will be bad for USDT and good for USDC. Once there is a substantive action in the future, there will be a certain run on USDT, but it is expected that the overall problem is not big and the risk is controllable. If you don’t want to take the risk, you can temporarily use USDC for stability Custody of coins.

The CEOs of the two major exchanges in the United States expressed their views on the currency circle. The CEO of Coinbase said that the encrypted economy will account for 20% of the global GDP in the next 20 years, and 2022 will be the year of investment. The CEO of Kraken said that if Bitcoin fell to $20,000, will ALL in. In fact, the madman wants to say, now is the bottom, there is nothing to consider.


The EU plans to launch a pilot project on Defi regulation. In the near future, whether S&P’s rating of Defi projects or European regulation is a major positive for Defi projects, and some top projects can be considered to continue to do well.

Investment platform Republic plans to launch a $700 million crypto fund, asset management agency Fasanara plans to raise a $350 million fund to invest in the crypto market, and financial service provider Jack Henry and NYDIG cooperate to build a bridge for traditional finance to participate in bitcoin investment. As soon as the market fell, all kinds of big funds were ready to come in. The popularity of the cryptocurrency market did not decline, but intensified.

Townsquare Media bought $5 million in bitcoin in the first quarter, believing it has long-term potential. Yet another small institution has joined the ranks of long-term holders.

Brother Sun’s address took out 100 million US dollars from the AAVE pool and transferred it to Binance. It should be a bargain hunter. Every operation of Brother Sun has guiding significance, indicating that he is optimistic about the current position of the market.

Panic 12, still extremely panicked, is an opportunity zone.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The difficulty of mining hits a new high, which is diametrically opposed to the trend of currency prices, indicating that big capital is optimistic about the future of the market. The number of addresses holding 1BTC has reached 830,000, and the number of addresses with 0.01 has reached a record high, indicating that small and medium-sized retail investors are also optimistic In the future, the stronger the consensus, the stronger the rebound will be in the future, so be patient. The short-term optimistic about the bottom of 30,000.

ETH: The number of profitable addresses hit a 21-month low. Only 66% of the addresses were profitable. The more they set up, the smaller the selling pressure. There are still many long-term holders and 2.0 lockers remaining. Therefore, the future is still clear, and in the short term, it will continue to strongly link the pie.

FLOW: Launched a USD 725 million ecological fund to support ecological development, and a16z participated. With the support of large institutions, this position is not expensive, and it is worth participating.

GMT: 68 million GMT will be destroyed, accounting for 10% of the circulation. Today’s decline is relatively large, but for the future, as long as the increment continues, the price will recover.

ATOM: Cosmos achieves inter-chain security and has airdrop expectations, so it is worth taking a shot at a low level.

IMX: It is also an inexpensive position to integrate the order book into the Gamestop NFT market and expand its ecological footprint. You can configure some if you are willing to configure it.

The pie has begun to rebound with the US stock futures, and I look forward to the US stock market counterattack tonight.

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