[Madman Talks Trend]The market is closed for one day, so continue to shake

[Madman Talks Trend]The market is closed for one day, so continue to shake

Madman says…

The probability of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates by 75 basis points in September has dropped to 56%, mainly due to the continuous fall in US crude oil prices. In the future, there is also the expectation that oil orders will be signed with oil powers to exchange interests. In addition, the recent OPEC meeting will also be held. , discussing the increase or reduction of crude oil production, so there is still room for the overall oil price to fall, which will lead to a continued decline in inflation, and the market liquidity will pick up as expectations for a sharp interest rate cut in September are reduced. On the other hand, in the euro area, the permanent closure of the Nord Stream has caused the natural gas in Europe to continue to soar. At the same time, the economy of the euro area continues to fall short of expectations. Both the retail industry and the manufacturing industry have experienced negative growth to a certain extent. European stocks continued to fall after the opening. One side is the slowdown of the tightening of liquidity in the United States, and the other side is Europe, which is in dire straits. The global turmoil continues, and the impact on encryption cannot be controlled by a single event, but the majority of the crypto market share still exists in the United States. Therefore, We still focus on the situation of the US economy, especially the expectations and trends of the easing and tightening of the US dollar.

According to the UAE survey report, 11.4% of residents own or invest in cryptocurrencies. This data is not surprising. The continuous compliance and embrace of the UAE has provided the country with encrypted soil. Many startups have taken root and thrived there. It is very normal for residents to increase the adoption rate. In the future, this data will continue to grow. Continue to climb.

The number of active addresses on the Bitcoin chain has dropped by 200,000 in the past 24 hours, a decrease of 20.9% month-on-month, indicating that the market has gradually entered a freezing point under this downturn. According to history, this freezing point often means buying opportunities.

The bitcoin address created in 2013 transferred about 5,000 bitcoins to Kraken. It seems that the whales have cashed out, but 5,000 bitcoins are not much money now and will not have much impact on this huge market.


Brother Sun’s Tron Bank transferred 140 million USDT to the P network to buy more BTC and TRX as reserves. There is no sign of buying in the currency price, and there is a high probability that he has not started to buy. You can pay attention to the trend of TRON.

South Korea’s five major crypto exchanges will all support the ETHW fork currency after the merger of Ethereum. This should be a matter of unified Korean regulatory arrangements. It also shows that there will be some speculation opportunities for the Pow-based Ethereum fork currency, but the high probability will not It has long-term value and is of little significance. Looking at the ETC of the year, you can spy on its long-term value.

In the past month, the average daily incremental address of the Ethereum network has reached 70,000, which is a relatively large number, indicating that the merger is expected by everyone. As the date approaches, the independent addresses may continue to grow, which will boost Ethereum in the short term. effect.

In the past month, the market value of USDC has evaporated by more than 2.5 billion US dollars. This is most likely caused by the reduction of institutional holdings. Institutions recycle liquidity to cope with macro-control. This is very understandable, but the market will follow its own pace in the future. What to worry about.

Panic 23, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: US Labor Day, closed for a day, so keep shaking.

ETH: There are more than 204 million independent addresses. The number of addresses is quite amazing. Recently, there is still a strong linkage between the big cakes. There are merger expectations and high activity. It is worth continuing to participate.

SOL: Lianchuang said that the average daily transaction volume of SOL is 30 times that of Ethereum, and the public chain load is very strong. This chain is regarded as the first-tier public chain after ETH in the public chain, and there is still a chance to regain its upward momentum in the future.

ADA: As the upgrade is approaching, the market value surpasses XRP and ranks seventh, and the market outlook has the opportunity to continue to be strong and can be held.

EOS: The upgrade will be carried out on September 21. The name has been completely changed. I don’t know if it can have a new image. There are many problems left over from history. Let’s see if BlockOne can really do something after it quits. Maybe there’s still a chance to bounce back before upgrading.

SHIB: In the past week, giant whales bought 1.7 trillion shitcoins, worth $22 million. This amount is still not small. Maybe I heard some rumors. This position is worth tracking.

GMT: The daily activity of running shoes has fallen below 2000, and there are almost no new running shoes. It is incomparable with the previous prosperity. It is more difficult for this coin to return to the peak.

SAND: Korea Radio and SAND have partnered to create office buildings and studios in a virtual space. Sandbox still attracts many big companies, and there are still opportunities in the future. You can hold positions in this position, and it is not expensive.

Endure boredom and wait for the light.

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