Markets wait and see BTC, ETH volatile ahead of rate hike |

Markets wait and see BTC, ETH volatile ahead of rate hike |

Looking back on yesterday, the overall volatility of Ethereum was not large, and it continued to fluctuate within a range. The market was obviously in a wait-and-see state, waiting for the result of the Fed’s interest rate decision; the pie was also in a weak adjustment, hovering around the 19,000 mark! In terms of operation, Xiao Feng took two big empty orders in the morning. Monday’s 1360 empty and yesterday’s 1390 empty, each time the difference is very small, it is impossible to say that it is not a pity; The second choice will be more conservative and hesitant. This chain reaction has an invisible impact on psychological pressure; it is difficult for everyone to quickly put aside their emotions in one state and immediately enter another state. Flesh and blood are not Robots without emotions, human nature is the most difficult problem to overcome in the investment process. Regarding the trend after the interest rate hike: first of all, the interest rate hike is basically a sure thing. The positive CPI data in September supports the interest rate hike. The market generally expects a 75 basis point interest rate hike; the interest rate decision in the early morning, if it meets the expected interest rate hike by 75 basis points, personal forecast There will be a first drop and then a rebound. The drop is when the boots of interest rate hikes fall, and a drop is in line with the negative status; the rebound is the market’s digestion of expectations in advance, and the negative is used up. And considering the situation of the first four rate hikes this year, except that the price of the rate hike in May continued to fall, the other three rate hikes and auntie rose accordingly; if the unexpected rate hike is less than 75 basis points (25 or 50) , the market will rise directly if it is less than expected; so on the whole, Xiao Feng believes that this rate hike may be a rare positive for the digital currency market! The above analysis and prediction are only Xiaofeng’s personal opinion, for your reference only, and do not constitute any specific operation suggestions. If you don’t like it, don’t spray it! Trend Analysis Ethereum: Minutes of the meeting at 2:00 a.m. This is the focus of today. Before the minutes, the general market will not fluctuate too much, so today’s trend may remain unchanged from yesterday’s short-term shock structure. This time I remind everyone that the market will not go up or down, and it will be mainly volatile, so don’t chase shorts when you see a fall, and chase long when you see a rise. Go short on rallies, and go long on dips, basically all Can gain something! The daily line level is still in a clear bear trend, but the price has stopped falling at the first-line support of 1280 in the past two days. Yesterday, the daily line closed overcast and engulfed and rebounded on Monday. If the rebound does not continue, the possibility of continued decline is even greater; the dollar index has been Going higher, but the top has also hit the high key resistance suppression level. The US index personally feels that there is a possibility of collapse at any time. If the US index confirms that it has reached the top, the currency will rise accordingly. From a technical analysis point of view, there are two positions up and down the current trend that can support us to judge the trend. Below 1280, this position has shown the resilience of its support level this week. If the daily line effectively breaks this position, it will usher in A wave of deep decline may reach 1100-1000; the above 1600 is a watershed that supports Xiaofeng’s personal bullishness. If Ethereum can break through 1600 with the help of a rebound after the interest rate hike, individuals will be optimistic about returning to the 2000 mark in the future! In the 1320-1390 range, it is enough to sell high and low slag. Before the interest rate decision, it is recommended to maintain a short position and wait and see. If you want to ambush in advance, you must bring a stop loss and do a good job of risk control. Bitcoin: The pie is still in a very weak trend. How weak is it? It is almost on par with the previous altcoins such as dog and shib; this weakness can be regarded as the adjustment of the daily level for the follow-up Prepare for the outbreak, the daily line is suspected of bottoming, but the market is generally bearish at present. In this case, the pie has not broken down in a continuous sideways formation, but may form a strong situation for the bulls. Personal outlook is more biased in the short term. In the rising, the bottom of the overall daily line at 18600-18000 is no longer a double bottom and three bottoms, but a five-bottom support. As long as this resolution can be held firmly, there is hope for the bulls; of course, in turn, if the support breaks, it must be a round. Big drop!


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