MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin is not as risky as bonds

MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin is not as risky as bonds

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor told CNBC in an interview that bitcoin is less risky than bonds and is the “perfect” asset for retirement financial planning.

MicroStrategy will allow employees to add bitcoin to their retirement accounts through a new product from Fidelity Investments, Michael Saylor said.

U.S. fund giant Fidelity Investments said on Tuesday that it will allow users to directly invest 20 percent of their retirement account balances in bitcoin this summer, and will not rule out offering other cryptocurrency investment options in the future.

Michael Saylor said,


Bitcoin is a digital property, which makes it the perfect asset for retirement planning. It is less risky than bonds, stocks, commercial real estate and gold. 401(k) plans are a common retirement benefit for millions of workers and can be used to save for family financial security. This will fill a gap in the investment product market.

Michael Saylor added, “There is a greater demand for this in society than ever. Offering bitcoin in a 401(k) plan is a technical challenge that Fidelity has overcome.”

According to reports, as of April 4, MicroStrategy held a total of 129,218 bitcoins, with a total purchase cost of $3.97 billion, making it the listed company holding the most bitcoins in the world.

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