Musk: I didn’t say people should invest in cryptocurrencies! Talking about the reasons for supporting Dogecoin, Twitter acquisitions | The most influential blockchain media (Bitcoin, cryptocurrency)

馬斯克 : 我沒說過人們該投資加密貨幣!談支持狗狗幣的原因、推特收購

Musk, who just tweeted a few days ago that he is continuing to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) in a bear market, made a surprising statement on the Bloomberg Qatar Economic Forum today. In addition to denying that he once advocated that people invest in cryptocurrencies, he also explained his own So the reason to support Dogecoin.(Recap:Save the bear market! Musk: I will continue to support Dogecoin, I am continuing to buy; DOGE jumps 10%) (event background:“Bitcoin is dead” Google search popularity tops! Crypto business ad spending plummets 90% in 6 months)


Today (21) at the Qatar Economic Forum hosted by Bloomberg, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, attended and was interviewed. In addition to the issue of pulling the supply chain, he also talked about the issue of cryptocurrencies and the reasons why he supported Dogecoin.


“I never said people should invest in cryptocurrencies!

In the case of Tesla, SpaceX, and myself, we do all hold some Bitcoin, but it’s only a very desirable percentage of total cash assets. “

Musk said so in an interview with Bloomberg.

So, Bloomberg editor-in-chief John Micklethwait also took advantage of the victory to ask Musk’s always open support for Dogecoin. For this reason, Musk’s reasons for supporting Dogecoin:

“A lot of people who are not that rich often encourage me to buy and support Dogecoin. So I am responding to these people”

Additionally, Musk re-emphasized the good news that SpaceX will soon accept Dogecoin payments.

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Other highlights:

Twitter acquisition problem

Musk admitted that there are still some unanswered questions about the acquisition of Twitter:

“The question now will be, will the debt portion of this round be consolidated? Will shareholders vote in favor?”

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Under the impact of inflation, the topic of global economic recession

Regarding this issue, Musk bluntly stated that “a recession in the U.S. economy is inevitable in some respects”:

“As for whether there will be a recession in the period? It is more likely than not to occur”

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Tesla layoffs

Musk mentioned more Tesla’s response:

“Tesla will reduce employee salaries by around 10% over the next three months or so. We want to increase hourly wage temps.

We used to grow very fast in terms of salaried employees, even a little too fast in some areas.”

supply chain issues

When asked about Supply Constraints, Musk admitted that this is the biggest obstacle to Tesla’s growth, and competition from rival automakers:

“Our woes are more about raw materials and the ability to scale up production”

Will you support Trump in the next US presidential election?

Musk revealed:

“I haven’t made a decision yet.

A lot of money may be invested in a Super PAC”

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