Napbots-Expert Crypto Trading Strategies for Everyone

Napbots-Expert Crypto Trading Strategies for Everyone

Napbots is bringing automated trading to the table, simplifying the entire trading process.

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, automated trading is first and foremost another trend. Yet despite the promises of the new department, many remain skeptical, and they have every reason to do so.

The crypto industry is full of trends. Many would argue that this is a wonderful sign of continued progress. Others argue that fleeting trends do more harm to ecosystems than help.

Fortunately, automated trading has proven over time that it does have enough value to surpass the hype of many. As its continued appeal suggests, this innovation is enduring.


Let’s take a look at Napbots, an automated trading system designed to provide the best trading strategies for every new trader.

In short, Napbots

Napbots was founded in 2018 with the vision to provide expert trading strategies for newcomers to the field. Coinshares, Europe’s largest digital asset investment firm (with billions of dollars under management), acquired Napbots in 2021.

The original vision was to provide traders with transparency and access to simple trading strategies, which has brought Napbots to the current level.

There are hundreds of automated bots that promise the best strategies and returns. But not all claims can be trusted. Napbots users receive the most sophisticated trading strategies designed by professional traders, simplifying the entire process.

How does Napbot work?

Getting into trading and mastering it is not an easy process. This is indeed a long process. That’s where Napbots come to the rescue. Napbots lists proven crypto trading strategies, curated and produced by experts at Coinshares.

The whole process is simplified so traders don’t need to spend hours learning different strategies. Napbots provides easy-to-use algorithm strategies. All you need to do is follow three simple steps.

Connect with your preferred exchange: The first step is to connect with your preferred cryptocurrency exchange to begin the process. Your funds are completely safe and Napbots will not be able to access them. Currently supported exchanges include Kraken, Binance, FTX, Bitfinex, OKex, Huobi, and more exchanges will be added in the future.

Choose your strategy: After completing the main steps, choose the strategy you want to use. There are dozens of them, and users can choose the one they like.

Activation Strategy: Finally, you can go ahead and activate your robot, sit back and watch the robot work its magic. Throughout the process, you can also adjust your investments and strategies.

Key Features of Napbot

Napbot is more than a simple robot. Unlike ordinary robots designed to perform specific tasks, Napbots are highly programmed robots designed to perform complex operations.

Expertise: Napbots are created by a team of professionals and experts to ensure the best strategy for users. Unlike novice traders who offer ad-hoc strategies, Napbots has years of proven experience and trust gained through years of expertise. Plain and simple: Unlike platforms with complex user interfaces that are difficult to navigate, Napbots are built differently. The team made sure the platform was easy to use for newbies and made the whole process easy from start to finish. Transparency: The entire process is transparent and users can track everything from their dashboard. Each strategy clearly explains the entire process to the trader, which speeds up the process. Various strategies: The platform offers a variety of strategies, including smart holding strategies (Wise), more dynamic strategies (Pulse), and artificial intelligence strategies (AI). The team plans to add dynamic indexing to the platform soon. Dedicated Learning Section: To ensure that everyone can embrace the very basic fundamentals, the platform has a dedicated “learning” section. This section will dive into the different strategies and Napbots.

what is new? Nap Robot V2

Napbots has been providing traders with effective strategies since 2018. After being acquired by CoinShares in 2021, napbots has undergone a major upgrade. The new version, deployed in July 2022, provides traders with a range of new features.

The new V2 will offer better trading opportunities, greater transparency, greater flexibility, and a sleeker, simpler design.

better trading opportunities

In addition to old trading opportunities, the new V2 bot will offer well-researched strategies and more trading opportunities. It will provide traders with a variety of strategies to choose from and enable them to set the maximum amount of funds dedicated to each type of account.

Dynamic indexing coming soon

Dynamic index grouping is another upcoming feature. It will automatically prorate assets by buying the best performing cryptocurrencies and selling the worst performing ones. The index was developed to provide more strategies to its users.

Increase flexibility

Napbots tries to provide a flexible platform that is easily accessible to all users, no matter where they come from. The platform is responsive and users can move seamlessly between different parts of the platform.

It is the only bot trading platform that charges users according to the terms of user allocation. There are no hidden fees or charges; everything is transparent. For every USD 100 invested, only EUR 2.00 is charged. Allocations below $200 are free. Additionally, for distributions over $25,000, the fee is capped at €500.

Simpler, cleaner design

The entire platform is designed based on simplicity, allowing users to get a comfortable and relaxing experience. Simpler designs can make users feel lost in the crowd.

V2 bots are better in simplicity, transparency and fairness. There is also a better pricing system compared to the old model.

final thoughts

Through carefully planned strategies and improvements to the bot, Napbots is trying to simplify the entire trading process. There are hundreds of bots that claim to offer the best trading strategies from experienced traders. Most of them are not suitable for beginners, just for short-term success.

Most so-called experienced traders are abandoning short-term strategies that only work temporarily. What sets Napbots apart is the experienced and proven team that builds the bot. The strategies on this platform have proven to be successful in the long term and differentiate the pros from the experts of the future.

If you don’t have enough time to learn cryptocurrencies and want to trade, Napbots is the platform you should check out. With its long-standing strategies and built-in trust, Napbots aims to provide the best and most successful trading experience.

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Remember, cryptocurrencies are volatile and capital is always at risk.


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