Netflix shares plunged 25% in a single day, and U.S. stocks change like cryptocurrencies? Community Acid: Anti-volatility is not as good as Bitcoin

Netflix股價單日跳水25%,美股變更像加密貨幣?社群酸 : 抗波動性還不如比特幣

The video streaming platform giant Netflix on Tuesday disclosed that it lost more than 200,000 subscribers in Q1, causing its stock price to plummet more than 25% after the market. NFLX is down 57% year-to-date, while Bitcoin is down just 11% since the beginning of the year, causing widespread buzz in the cryptocurrency community.

CompleteGlobal video streaming giant Netflix reported the loss of more than 200,000 customers from the previous quarter as it released its fiscal 2022 Q1 earnings report on Tuesday, marking the first drop in subscribers since 2011. Netflix is ​​even more pessimistic and expects to lose another 2 million subscribers this quarter. After the market heard the news, Netflix’s stock price (NASDAQ: NFLX) plummeted more than 25% after the market.

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The trend of Netflix’s stock price has also attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community, with a drop of as much as 26%, which has also allowed many community KOLs to express their views. The cryptocurrency analyst with 622,000 followers is also the host of the Youtube channel “Into the Cryptoverse” Benjamin Cowen, who tweeted today, said the NFLX’s slump made him feel that the stock market is more and more like the cryptocurrency market, rather than the other way around.


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Comparing the performance of the two so far this year, NFLX shares are down more than 57% from this year’s high of $597.37; Bitcoin as a whole has fallen only about 11% so far this year.

According to Tradingview, NFLX was sold by investors after the market after the company disclosed information on the loss of users yesterday, and fell 25.73% after the market to close at $259.82. Other popular technology stocks have also experienced fluctuations similar to the currency market this year. PayPal fell from $172.77 to $139.89 on February 2, a drop of 20%; on the same day, Meta fell from $327.82 to $244.65, a drop of 25%.

Netflix intends to expand the NFT field?

Although it has recently been considered by the outside world to be entering a stage of slow growth, Netflix, which still has more than 200 million subscribers, is still looking at other growth opportunities. The signed Netflix developer engineering account Netflix Engineering asked on Twitter in mid-January this year, saying, What are your thoughts on NFTs? Perhaps it is to collect suggestions and opinions from the community on NFT.

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