Official Tokensale for the First Muslim DEX DahabSwap Launched

Official Token Sale for the First Muslim DEX DahabSwap Launched

Cryptocurrencies have long been banned in the Muslim world. Tokens and coins are equivalent to gambling and are equivalent to unwarranted high-risk assets prohibited by the Quran.

But the practicality of digital technology has proven that cryptocurrencies are acceptable to Muslims. Every day, crypto technologies are being licensed by Muslim academics, opening the door for Arab investments and new Arab crypto projects are popping up in the market.

Dahab is a major Muslim crypto asset

Dahab Alealam – which means “world’s gold” in Arabic – is the primary platform for modern financial solutions, built on the principles of Islamic law and Sharia.

The creation of the Muslim Crypto Project lasted over two years. Working with Muslim scholars, Dahab’s developers have polished every bit of the project to be fully compliant with Islamic law and not against Sharia law.


This makes Dahab a gossip for all modern Muslims around the world, as even Bitcoin is still banned in some Muslim countries.

Dahab’s digital ecosystem offers unique digital products that are not only useful for Muslims. Dahab is becoming an effective conduit between traditional financial services and crypto.

DEX for exchanging halal tokens

DahabSwap is the world’s first DeFi exchange for exchanging cryptocurrencies that comply with all Islamic laws.

It allows millions of Muslims interested in crypto investments to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without wasting time researching whether these assets are holy sites or halal.

DahabSwap moderators thoroughly research and review each crypto asset before listing.

The selection of listing candidates goes through several stages to fully examine whether crypto projects have absolutely no holy places: riba (unreasonable interests), harrar (insecurities), maysir (signs of gambling), guilty assets (participation in pornography, Intentional harm, cheating and speculation).

A positive side effect of strict selection of crypto projects is increased confidence in investing. Practice has shown that by investing in fully halal projects, you have a better chance of making a profit, even in volatile global markets. DahabSwap will launch in Q1 2023.

DahabApp is the flagship of the project

The main user product of the project is the DAHAB App system, a mobile application that allows you to utilize cryptocurrencies in your daily life.

It’s your digital financial avatar, managing your finances and investments, as well as communicating and paying for digital products and services like YouTube Music, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, and more. All of these features, along with internal products from projects like DahabSwap, come together in the DAHAB app.

The first version of the app will be created in the second quarter of 2023.

DHB Token for the DAHAB Ecosystem

The Dahab ecosystem needs to be seamlessly maintained, accounted for and integrated into the next-generation digital economy.

Created to support and maintain Dahab Alealam’s unique product, the DHB Token smart contract technology helps meet these challenges.

DHB tokens on DahabSwap perform the main function of exchange between available cryptocurrencies. If the holder wants to exchange BUSD tokens for SOL, the fees for this transaction must be paid in DHB tokens.

In this way, users can ensure that DEX exchanges and Dahab’s indirect products are running fully and smoothly.

Every time someone trades on DAHAB DEX, the user pays a 0.2% commission, of which 0.14% is given to the liquidity provider as a reward. The second option for additional income for DHB holders is staking. Users have the opportunity to earn up to 100% additional APR.

DHB token is also the maintenance token of DahabApp. With cryptocurrencies, you can make regular payments to familiar services like Netflix or Spotify, convert cryptocurrencies to fiat, trade internationally and earn extra income from your DAHAB investments.

In order to fully operate and maintain our application, it will introduce commissions and subscriptions through fees in the form of DHB tokens.

Dahab Token Sale Open to Everyone

Of the possible 19 billion DHB tokens in the open round, developers allocated 1.33 billion, corresponding to 7%. The first chapter of TokenSale DHB is now live on the official website

Now every willing cryptocurrency investor can choose the most profitable purchase option for himself.

In terms of price, the first option is more profitable for investors – value of DHB Op.1 = $0.0006.

Also, this investment method will be more convenient for most Dahab members because it is a fully automatic exchange system: it is enough to connect your wallet to the official website and exchange BUSD or USDT for DHB tokens. The minimum purchase amount is $100.

Option #1 offers a lock-up token for six months from the date of purchase. Immediately after payment, your DHB tokens will be transferred to the Lock tied to your wallet.

After six months, you can choose to withdraw from the pool – you have full management of all purchased DHB assets.

For many participants, the second option seems more attractive as DHB tokens go directly to your wallet without being locked.

In this case, you can receive your DHB tokens by simply transacting to one of the provided DHB addresses and specifying your BEP20 address.

Because Op.2 has no blockchain, the token price is higher than Op.1 = $0.0012. In this case, the minimum purchase amount is increased to $500.

The advantage of Op.2 will be early access to the staking pool of up to 100% APR.Option #2 can be used on the official website or on the official Telegram support bot

Join the social network of the DAHAB project, follow and participate in the development.

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