Solana NFT minting volume hit a record high; y00ts blind box 500 SOL was sold, four times the floor price

Solana NFT minting volume hit a record high; y00ts blind box 500 SOL was sold, four times the floor price

Recently, NFTs based on Solana’s ecology have continued to grow. The number of NFTs minted has exceeded 300,000, reaching 312,000, a record high. At the same time, the transaction volume has also hit a new high since May. The biggest contributor is the issuance of y00ts, which has continued to In the past 7 days of OpenSea’s trading volume, it traded at 4 times the floor price in the blind box stage. (Recap:Solana NFT “DeGods’ floor price soared 130% in a week, and the transaction volume soared 779%! BAYC, MAYC collectors rush) (relevant additions:Why did y00ts become an NFT upstart? New Copyright Licensing, $Dust Add Use Cases… Create New Yuga Labs)

sinceSince entering the crypto winter, the price of Solana once fell below $30, a drop of more than 90% from the all-time high of $260. At the same time, Solana suffered a series of outages and large-scale theft incidents. What’s even worse is that many institutions and organizations that previously supported Solana and The development team turned to the embrace of the new public chains Aptos and Sui, and Solana’s momentum also fell.

Despite this, NFTs based on Solana’s ecology continue to grow. According to The Block Crypto data, on the 7th of this month, the number of NFTs minted on Solana exceeded 300,000, reaching 312,000, a record high, compared with 39,000 on the 4th. A substantial increase. At the same time, the NFT transaction volume on Solana also increased significantly, reaching a maximum transaction volume of 11.5 million US dollars, a new high since May.

Source: theblock

Chase Barker, the head of developers at the Solana Foundation, also said that he ridiculed people who used to look down on the Solana NFT ecosystem.

I remember once upon a time (last year), some people laughed at Solana NFT, which now dominates the NFT market.

y00ts blind box sold at 4 times the floor price

The stable growth of Solana’s ecological NFTs is the biggest contributor to the market impact brought by the blue-chip Degods series. Among them, the recent release of y00ts, with 62,656 Solana transactions in only two hours on the first day, topped OpenSea’s 24-hour transaction volume rankings. Bringing new life to the Solana NFT ecosystem.

As the second-generation project of blue-chip DeGods, y00ts has attracted many well-known collectors and entertainers to join, including Allen Iverson, Wanye Rooney, Howie Mandel, Lil Baby and many other celebrities from various industries.

y00ts aims to differentiate itself from traditional PFP projects by implementing new ways to customize and make money for creators. According to its white paper, y00ts plans to launch a showcase where holders can purchase and equip their NFTs with visual features from various artists, allowing artists to earn copyright benefits in the process.

According to OpenSea data, y00ts is still at the top of OpenSea’s trading volume in the past 7 days. At the time of writing, the trading volume is about 320,000 Solana, and the price of this series of floors has risen to about 139 SOL.

OpenSea trading volume rankings in the past 7 days. Source: OpenSea

According to Twitter user purewisdom{246}, the y00ts currently in the blind box were sold at a price of 500.02 Sol, totaling about US$175,000, which is about 4 times higher than the floor price of this project. This unknown move also made the community speculate on the buyer’s intentions. In addition, according to community information, it was pointed out that the transaction was suspected to be completed through the Solana NFT trading platform Yawww.

A few days ago, Dust Labs, the parent company of y00ts, announced that it has received a seed round of $7 million, and will continue to build a better $DUST token economy. This round of financing was funded by Chapter One, Foundation Capital, Magic Eden, FTX Ventures, Jump Capital, Jupiter, Hyperspace , Solana Ventures, Mysten Labs, etc. participated in the investment.

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