Solana-powered NFT marketplace Artozo begins artist registration

Solana-powered NFT marketplace Artozo begins artist registration

Artozo, an NFT marketplace designed to make collecting NFTs fun and rewarding, especially for artists, has officially started registering works by top NFT artists.

Artozo for high-quality NFTs

While the numerous NFT marketplaces available in the ecosystem make it easy for anyone to participate and benefit from the opportunities that digital assets bring, Artozo wants it not only to be rewarding, but also to be safe.

One of the many problems plaguing the NFT industry is the unauthorized access, use, and sale of other users’ work and property.

Registration, which involves review of the work, is a step towards eliminating this nuisance. The goal is not to provide access to a vast collection of NFTs, but to provide a carefully vetted, high-quality and limited-edition collection of digital art.


Application and verification are easy and take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, and notifications of successful submissions will be rolled out before the beta release.

NFT marketplace for artists and collectors

Expected to go live in beta this August, Artozo is powered by Solana and promises scalability and transaction security underpinned by the leading NFT blockchain.

On the Artozo marketplace, artists will benefit from minting fees as low as $2, with no up-front fees or service fees. Fees are paid through the native Artozo token, ARTZ.

Community demand has also increased given the utility of NFTs and access to strong user retention mechanisms. Also highly attractive is the potential to earn huge lifetime royalties (up to 9%).

The NFT marketplace’s model also allows for rewards through invite-to-earn features, digital art transactions for NFTs, and will soon offer staking.

Artozo has built-in tools to help connect Web2 and Web3, including wallet connectivity – a feature that makes it easy for anyone to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. According to the platform, these features benefit both artists and collectors.


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