Solana validators restart network after a 7-hour outage

Solana validators restart network after a 7-hour outage

The Solana Mainnet Beta lost consensus after a large number of transactions (reportedly 4 million transactions per second, over 100gbps) hit the network on Saturday.

Solana validators have successfully restarted the proof-of-stake blockchain network after a seven-hour outage, according to an update released today, May 1.

“Validator operators successfully completed a cluster restart of Mainnet Beta at 3:00AM UTC, with a disruption of approximately 7 hours after the network failed to reach consensus. Network operators and dapps will continue to recover over the next few hours customer service.”

This is the second major outage for Solana, a PoS blockchain only after Ethereum for NFTs. Last September, in another wave of inbound transactions, the network was down for 17 hours.


Bot sends 4 million transactions per second

Solana went offline around 20:00 UTC on Saturday after bots flooded Solana with 4 million transactions per second and 100gbps transaction data, according to details shared on Twitter.

These transactions are primarily related to the Metaplex Candy Machine, the NFT program most new Solana projects use to mint NFTs.

Due to the huge demand on the network, validators are ultimately unable to reach consensus. The result is that block production stops.

It wasn’t until 7 hours later that Solana validators managed to coordinate a restart using instructions from one of the network’s validators. Through Solana’s discord channel and Google docs stating the restart of processing, it was seen that the validator finally took control of slot 131973970.

While the network is back online, Solana core developers are still investigating the outage and the reason for the inability for validators to recover. Metaplex announced measures to help “stabilize” the network.

SOL price

In the market, after the incident, the native token SOL of the Solana network fell sharply. SOL/USD traded to a low of $83.19 before recovering slightly after the restart.

The pair is currently changing hands around $88.56, down nearly 5.6% in the past 24 hours as the broader crypto market struggles with selling pressure.

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