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[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The U.S. Cryptocurrency Regulatory Act is suspected to be leaked, and exchanges, stablecoins and DAO organizations must be registered as entities. From the detailed rules, the main impact is mainly on exchanges, which require exchanges to increase compliance costs and change the definition of bankruptcy from liquidation to liquidation. Assets are returned to the user. Although the madman does not know whether this bill is the final version, it is obvious that if the compliance cost of the exchange is increased, it means that the exchange has to hand over a large amount of funds to the government, which will bring huge selling pressure to the market, because The largest proportion of the exchange’s income is the handling fee, which is mainly based on various tokens. To realize these handling fees, it is necessary to smash various coins into the market. An ancient currency like Bitcoin is because most exchanges store the fees generated, resulting in a lower and lower circulation value of Bitcoin, a reduction in supply, and a continuous rise. Therefore, this regulatory document has been released from a certain To this extent, it is a major negative, and it is also the most fundamental reason for the market to return to its original shape overnight.

According to people familiar with the matter, the U.S. SEC will launch an investigation into the world’s fifth largest token BNB, mainly for compliance review of BNB’s issuance history and whether it is a security token sale. If this investigation is true, it is basically looking for faults. Once it is judged to be a security, it is estimated that Binance will face a huge fine. Today’s weakening of BNB is due to this news, but Binance has already become a crypto empire and will not be This kind of news breaks down, and the short-term bearishness will provide more upside in the long-term. Since the fundamentals have not changed, the decline is a buying opportunity.

South Korea plans to unify the token listing and delisting standards of cryptocurrency exchanges. This time, the exchanges are miserable. Without the right to independently list tokens, it will weaken the great position of the cryptocurrency exchanges. For most projects, it is also cool. When it gets cold, it will suddenly become more difficult to enter the Korean market, but for some high-quality projects, it will bring huge increments. On the whole, the protection for retail investors is stronger, but it also provides encryption for South Korea. The market has reduced many opportunities to get rich. Regulations in various countries are rapidly following up. In the future, after the comprehensive release of regulatory documents in various countries, it will not be far from a unified global regulation.

The Reserve Bank of Australia announced to raise interest rates from 0.35% to 0.85%, raising interest rates by 50 basis points, in line with expectations. The United States raises interest rates, and all countries must keep up, otherwise they will be swept away by the United States, and the global tightening is still continuing in the US interest rate hike cycle.


The governor of New York State in the United States is still weighing whether to suspend the cryptocurrency mining bill, which leaves a glimmer of hope for the mining industry in New York State, and the overall impact is not large. Some states in the United States embrace the encryption mining industry. After all, most areas do not lack resources.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis of the United States released the results of a study that analyzed the purchase of eggs with Bitcoin. From January 2021 to April 2022, the price of Bitcoin to buy a carton of eggs was between 2829-6086 satoshis, and the purchase price with US dollars It is 1.47-2.52 US dollars, and the volatility of Bitcoin is significantly higher than that of the US dollar. This research is quite interesting. It shows that from the egg standard, the volatility of Bitcoin is still much higher than that of the US dollar, but on the whole, it is not much more than that. It also reflects the payment potential of Bitcoin in the future world.

The digital asset company 3iQ has launched two new cryptocurrency ETFs on the Australian Exchange, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Canadian management company chose Australia mainly because Australia can support the issuance of ETFs, and the idea of ​​​​taking up the pit is obvious. But Australia’s cryptocurrency ETFs have actually been lukewarm before, but when the bull market comes, these will be resolved.

Last week, the Bitcoin fund inflowed 126 million US dollars, and the Ethereum fund experienced an outflow for nine consecutive weeks. It is unclear that Ethereum was sold by institutions. Therefore, including Three Arrows Capital, they continued to charge 7,000 Ethereum into the exchange. It is believed that the POS mechanism is unfavorable to Ethereum as a whole. The madman still believes that no one can surpass such an ETH ecology in the short term, and the institutional smashing is likely to collect cheap chips.

Bitfinex CTO corrected an Ethereum data yesterday. The so-called short liquidation amount hit a new high in the past three years. In fact, the short position hit a new high in the past three years. If this is the case, it means that the institution is shorting a lot and smashing coins to make a profit. It should probably hit 1600 to liquidate, and then start picking up bloody chips, so Ethereum may continue to take the market down in the market outlook.

Panic 15, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Once again deceived, the second second ETH and third BNB, which are non-stable coins, took the market down, and in the end the big cake could not hold it. This period was a difficult period, and the whole still did not escape the shock The pattern is still the same strategy. If you give a new low opportunity in the first half of the month and bravely get on the bus, even if you catch up yesterday, it will not be a big problem. After all, the positions we buy belong to the bottom range.

ETH: I analyzed it just now. The downward trend should not stop, and it will be weaker than the pie in the near future.

XRP: The former Ripple CTO sold 70 million XRP in the past two weeks, and has sold 1 billion since the beginning of this year. Ripple is his money printing machine. It is not easy for the price of Ripple to be so strong. It’s an internal sell-off, and everything will be fine in the future.

TRX: USDD has exceeded 700 million, and the Mexican crypto exchange Bitso has listed TRX. These are all good news for TRON, so there is still a chance to be stronger than the market in the short term. Take your own independent market and hold it patiently, which can be regarded as supporting the moment. The first person in the domestic project team, Mr. Sun is the leader of the current Chinese project.

AXS: The weekly income is less than $1 million for the first time since February 2021. This is called a skinny camel that is bigger than a horse. However, there are no new expectations as a whole, so the currency price is a shock or an oversold rebound.

CVX: It already holds 51% of the circulation of veCRV, which means that the Curve protocol has been fully controlled, which is equivalent to having the control rights of the two protocols Convex and Curve. Later, the project party will buy CVX more desperately to control Curve. Therefore, future prices are expected to rise.

OP: The project team said that the traffic is seriously underestimated. Overall, the fundamentals are still there, and the position near $1 is still a good position to increase positions.

The shock around 30000 continued, obliterating the trend of humanity.

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