[The Crazy Talks Trend]20,000 percent of the bulls are the strongest support consensus, and the move higher will be the main tone

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

U.S. stocks will open tonight. It is expected that the selling pressure this week will drop sharply. First, the Nasdaq has fallen to the 10,000-point integer mark. It is expected that the rebounding funds will be gradually deployed. On the other hand, the pace of interest rate hikes has temporarily come to an end. , the time to discuss interest rate hikes will not be until mid-July. The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond has fallen, indicating that the expectation of interest rate hikes has weakened. Although there is still a very high probability of raising interest rates by 75 basis points, these It has been fully expected by the market, and the rebound is also part of the operation of the market. For crypto assets, the darkest moment has passed, the stampede liquidation has come to an end, people are climbing out of extreme panic, and even Google Trends is showing that the search volume of “Bitcoin is dead” has reached a record high, you must know that every time When Bitcoin is thought to be extinct, he will stand up again and tell the world “I am alive”, this time is no exception, the market is recovering, and it should be treated with a rebound trend before the end of the month.

The head of the Russian central bank said that cryptocurrencies should not be used as a domestic settlement method, while the Ministry of Finance banned bitcoin payments for oil exports and opened its own blockchain platform to replace the SWIFT system. This shows that Russia thinks very clearly about this sanctions. On the one hand, its own (digital) rubles will be used to settle hard currency commodities such as oil and gas, and on the other hand, it will implement international payment and settlement of cryptocurrencies in other fields. This shows that Russia is not In the case of affecting the ruble exchange rate, a better settlement channel has been opened up for people. This approach is very pragmatic and smart. It is unknown when the hyperinflation caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict will be repaired. In this environment, every country should take securing its own foundation as the first priority, and the world is still in a state of in an uneven cycle.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank and a bunch of top figures, including Elon Musk, believe the U.S. will face a recession, sooner and more severe, largely due to the current rapid tightening cycle. To restore inflation to a lower level, economic pain is inevitable. Although Biden believes that an economic recession is not inevitable and can be adjusted by various means, such a big cycle can only be delayed and inevitable, so the market It will fluctuate repeatedly in this cycle, and a bull market that wants to reverse is almost irreversible under such macro conditions.

Advertising spending in the cryptocurrency industry has dropped by 90%. Previously, the advertising business of the cryptocurrency industry once dominated. Now, with the rapid decline of the market, companies have tightened their all-round tightening. Those who strive to build and persevere through market downturns will continue to thrive in the next up cycle.


Celsius has repaid the debt of USD 10 million DAI to the Compound protocol, indicating that the liquidity crisis of the CEL protocol has been resolved in the short term. From the perspective of the currency price of CEL, it has risen 10 times from the bottom. It also shows that the market expects that the company’s financial problems have already To solve it, his relief will give the market more confidence, and also allow some companies that have been dragged into the quagmire to gradually become solvent. Therefore, the death and liquidation of the currency circle has come to an end, and it will be time for a bottom-out rebound.

Analysts at JPMorgan Chase said that the share of stablecoins such as USDT in the cryptocurrency market has risen rapidly, reaching a record high in mid-June, which is far higher than the trend since 2020, which means that the token reserve driving the market is strong, indicating that With the rise of the market.

Coinbase transferred 5,000 bitcoins to an unknown wallet. I don’t know which whale completed the position, and took a big bite and mentioned it in his wallet.

High-end real estate brokerage company Vietnam Homes accepts bitcoin payment, which is also the first company in Vietnam to accept bitcoin payment, opening a new payment door for Vietnamese people, which is of great significance to Vietnam.

Panic 9, still in the super-opportunity zone.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The realized market value has dropped to $431.1 billion, a new low in 7 months. The daily rebound of Bitcoin requires some repetitions, but 20,000 has become the strongest support consensus for the bulls. Now as the panic gradually eases, the bulls will As time recovers some purchasing power, a move higher in two and one out will be the main tone.

ETH: The beacon chain has been deployed on the Sepolia testnet and will be merged soon. There is still one testnet left to be merged. After all the merges are completed, Ethereum 2.0 will officially give a date, and everything is not far away. Time, it is expected that stETH arbitrageurs will flock to, so if you are a long-term holder of ETH, you will have a good return if you exchange stETH at this time (arbitrage 6% + annualized 4% income from Lido). In the short term, it is still mainly linked to the big cake.

Finally, everyone should pay attention to the coins that dare to be launched in the past two days. This shows that when the market recovers some vitality, the first batch of tokens recognized by the funds are considered to be undervalued by the funds and belong to a batch suitable for long-term holding. target, find the right spot to grab them, and hold them.

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In this article[Mad Men Say Trend]20,000 is the strongest supporting consensus for bulls, and the trend of advancing in two and retreating in one will be the main tone that first appeared in the blocker.


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