[The Crazy Talks Trend]After the opening of US stocks, the probability of going out of the downside is still high

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The former US Treasury Secretary said that the Fed’s tightening policy will have an impact on the US economy. Historical data shows that when the inflation rate is higher than 4% and the unemployment rate is lower than 4%, an economic recession will occur within two years. At the same time, he believes that the Fed There are no tools to solve this problem. This is what the former finance minister said. We have to take it seriously. People who have been leaders themselves should be more reliable than some professional financial institutions. The two are not on the same level. Therefore, the economic recession in the United States will come in the future, and the bull market in the US stock market will be difficult to sustain. For the crypto market, it is still an incremental adoption period, so it is only a matter of time before the correlation with the US stock market decreases. No matter what the US economy is, the crypto economy will To maintain growth, the next few years will still be a dividend period, a vast blue ocean.

The mayor of Miami acted as a bitcoin evangelist at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, explaining how bitcoin affects the lives of many, while arguing that bitcoin has the potential to be a global currency and an opportunity for democratization. The mayor is one of the few political evangelists who has given Bitcoin an opportunity to make its debut in the political and business worlds.

The ARK report shows that although Bitcoin has experienced a 9-week losing streak in history, the overall holder is in a profitable state, and the fundamentals on the chain are still strong. The open interest in the futures market exceeded 450,000, a record high. From ARK’s continuous increase in Coinbase, we know that they are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In a deserted market, whether or not you can survive depends entirely on one’s perception of investment. If you are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, you can just lie down.

The international shipping company CI International Fuels accepts cryptocurrency to pay for fuel costs, and a resource company doing multinational business chooses to embrace it. Crypto payment does have great advantages for cross-border payment, with low cost and fast speed. Why not?


Many professionals now believe that when the Fed reverses its policy direction, Bitcoin will soar. Bloomberg’s major strategists say that when inflation subsides, Bitcoin will be the best asset. Macro analyst Lyn Alden believes that when the Fed When no longer hawkish, Bitcoin will rise. This is basically the consensus in the industry. Once the currency reopens, Bitcoin will rise faster than U.S. stocks and will be stronger than other types of assets. This has been proven many times in the history of Bitcoin.

Panic 10, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: After a night’s sleep, the price of Bitcoin has hardly changed, and shock is still the main tone of these two days. After the US stock market opens, the probability of going down is still high. Therefore, before the middle of the month, you can wait for the opportunity to If you can really give a new low as you wish, it will be a good point for adding positions.

ETH: Exchange stock hits a 6-month low, selling pressure is not much, the number of sending addresses hit an 8-month low, on-chain activity begins to slump, Bitfinex perpetual contract positions hit a 14-month low, indicating contract investment Everyone has also surrendered. This is the freezing point of Ethereum. After bottoming below 2000 in the future, there will be a wave of trend recovery, and it will still be linked in the short term.

APE: The proposal to vote to keep APE in the Ethereum ecosystem has won 92% support. It seems that APE’s migration plan will automatically become invalid. Those public chains that want to eat his ecosystem will have no chance. News has no impact on the currency price. But it shows the status and value of Ethereum in people’s hearts.

GMT: After the news of clearing Chinese users came out, the increment fell off a cliff. Since then, the new low of GMT has basically become inevitable and no longer participates.

This market is really grinding, wait for a change.


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