[The Crazy Talks Trend]Although USD 30,000 has been recovered in the short term, it is expected to be difficult to stand during the Dragon Boat Festival

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 50 basis points in June reached 99.3%, which is close to 100%, which means that the probability of raising interest rates by 75 basis points is greatly reduced and returned to expectations. Therefore, US stocks rose all the way overnight, and finally Nasdaq closed up 2.69% , but in contrast to the encrypted market, there is no obvious linkage to the rise of US stocks, only a small follow. This is related to the crypto investment risk guidance issued by the New York Attorney General’s Office, which argues that the crypto market contains countless risks for investors because there are no regulated exchanges. This warning will make Americans more wary of the crypto market, especially those of the older generation who have been on government benefits for a lifetime. At the same time, it can also be seen from the data that the monthly supply of stablecoins in May dropped by 30 billion US dollars, the largest monthly decline in history, indicating that there is very little incremental capital in the market, and stock fighting is still the main tone, so it is not difficult to see that in the future For a period of time, the market will still be dominated by the shock of the bottom range.

The German Ministry of Finance opposes the EU’s ban on non-custodial wallets. From this detail, we can see that it is difficult for even the EU to unify encryption regulatory policies, not to mention the unified global supervision. The interests of each country are different. There will be huge differences in the details, so the implementation of global encryption regulation is still very difficult.

El Salvador’s finance minister said that he will continue to hold bitcoin and will not sell the bitcoin currently purchased, but the issuance of bitcoin bonds is still not ready. The leaders of El Salvador have not been hard-hearted recently. It is due to the continuous decline of the market and the floating losses. It is estimated that the support rate of the people will also drop a lot. I wonder if Bitcoin will return to its peak before this presidential election.

Under the sluggish industry, various exchanges have started laying off staff. Coinbase has taken the brunt of the brunt and stopped recruiting. It will cancel some of the offers that have been accepted. At the same time, unnecessary personnel will be cut to reduce costs. Gemini said that it will lay off 10% of its staff. The exchanges are so bleak, not to mention those in the back row, the reduction will be even more severe, it will take some time for the industry to slump, and various exchanges are starting to prepare for the winter.


The New York State Senate passed the two-year crypto mining suspension bill. In New York, Wall Street is still the dominant force. These innovative products that challenge traditional capital are bound to be difficult to welcome, so it is not surprising, and future supervision will also be more stringent.

ETH’s 30-day network revenue is 309 million US dollars, which is 19 times that of the Bitcoin network. If it is only calculated according to the price-earnings ratio of the capital market, it is obvious that Ethereum is more worthy of investment, but Bitcoin has its strong market value. There must be a reason for its existence. It is the most decentralized and trusted consensus currency, but on the whole, the potential of Ethereum is still not small.

Panic 10s, again near single digits, tend to be bottoms.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Entities with less than 100 and more than 10,000 began to accumulate Bitcoin. In May, these entities added 46,269 Bitcoin, indicating that both retail investors and whales are adding positions, which often means that it will take time before the market starts. The real startup also needs those middle-class smart money to dominate. At the same time, more than 65% of the wallet addresses have not moved bitcoin for a year, hitting a record high, indicating that the bitcoin chip lock has been very stable, and the future upside will be far greater than the downside. The overall should be based on accumulation and layout. Although USD 30,000 has been recovered in the short term, it is expected to be difficult to stand during the Dragon Boat Festival, and repeated shocks will be the main tone.

ETH: The GAS fee has recently increased, indicating that the ecology has shown signs of recovery. Although it has been significantly weaker than the pie recently, this situation should change soon, and the overall holding will be over.

OP: Buterin said that OP’s governance system makes him proud. The data shows that the amount of locked positions has increased by 85% compared with last week, and the daily transaction volume has reached 273,798, all hitting a record high. Since the issuance of coins, the entire public chain has been greatly empowered, and the airdrops have been released in the near future. As long as the popularity can continue, as the selling pressure decreases, it is expected to hit the $2 integer mark.

ADA: The transaction volume on the chain increased by nearly 8% in May. The overall value is still developing rapidly. What is currently lacking is the ecology on the chain, but in the future, the number of users will be enough, and the ecology will naturally exist, and the linkage will continue in the short term. If the pie falls, you can consider participating again.

Dragon Boat Festival, I wish everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival, many places have been unblocked, and you can enjoy the wind again.

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This article[Trends of Mad Men]Although the short-term recovery of US$30,000 is expected, it is expected that it will be difficult to stop the first appearance of the block guest during the Dragon Boat Festival.


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