[The Crazy Talks Trend]Demand is still not strong, tomorrow night is a more important time window

[The Crazy Talks Trend]Demand is still not strong, tomorrow night is a more important time window

Madman says…

Europe and the United States are frantically formulating regulatory policies. The European-led EU regulatory regulations MiCA and TFR will begin to discuss next Thursday. Almost all other regulatory issues have been agreed, except for the POW ban and non-custodial wallets in the regulatory committee. There is no complete agreement; the United States is starting negotiations between the SEC and the CFTC to prepare a “memorandum of understanding” for encryption regulation. To put it bluntly, it is two regulatory agencies to divide up the regulatory power. The speed of supervision in Europe and the United States has given us hope for supervision. In the future, countries will issue their own detailed regulatory policies, and then an organization will lead the formulation of global regulatory policies. The crypto market can truly enter the era of regulatory compliance. From now on From the point of view, at least the crypto market has different legal frameworks between countries, which cannot prevent the escape of crypto crimes, because many exchanges in many countries are still blank, and it is difficult to determine where this person comes from and which country law should be followed. , so there is still huge room for profit in the current encryption market, and this blue ocean will gradually turn to the red ocean market with compliance in the future.

After the collapse of UST and the collapse of Three Arrows Capital, BlockFi’s business empire has been unsatisfactory recently, but two super institutions are currently extending an olive branch to it, one is JP Morgan Chase, who intends to bid for his equity, the other One is Binance, which means that it will be a high probability event that this company will eventually restore liquidity. Although BlockFi has invested in many failed projects (such as Three Arrows Capital and GBTC), it does not affect its potential in the industry. After the liquidation risk of giant companies is removed, the downward momentum of the market will be greatly reduced.

The head of BlackRock’s global ETF said that it cannot be ruled out that there will be bitcoin products in the future, and it is not planned to launch its own bitcoin products at present, mainly due to the failure to meet expectations in terms of regulatory compliance. Obviously, supervision is of great significance to those super aircraft carriers. They do not want to offend the regulators by making some small money, so when the supervision is implemented, there will be a large influx of funds into the crypto market, which is also widely believed by mainstream institutions. One of the biggest reasons for strength.

The total market value of the 4 leading stablecoins exceeded the market value of Ethereum for the first time, which shows that people are more willing to hold stablecoins at present. In addition, Ethereum lost 75% of the market value in a short period of time, which caused this phenomenon, which also shows from the side, In the future, once the market resumes its upward trend, it will still have a strong pull-up reserve, so don’t worry too much about this market. Although it falls quickly, it is also not slow when it rises.


Panic 14, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The stock of exchanges has reached a 19-month low, indicating that the bargaining chips are getting less and less. In the past two days, Bitcoin has not accelerated upwards. This is not a good phenomenon, indicating that the demand is still not strong, tomorrow night should be In a more important time window, if it cannot break up, it may end the oversold rebound and enter the trend of second exploration.

Ethereum: The Sepolia testnet is expected to be merged on July 6, Ethereum developers have identified some issues affecting the merger, but remain optimistic that the merger can be completed as expected. This also means that Ethereum 2.0 will have a real upgrade time after this testnet merger. In the short term, it is stronger than the pie, and it is mainly held.

MATIC: In the past 3 days, ETH whales have purchased 15 million MATICs, and the current trend is still in an upward trend. You can hold them according to the 5-day line strategy.

DOGE: Within 24h, the number of large transactions increased by 45%, indicating that whales began to buy and sell, becoming the most purchased asset by BSC whales within 24h. It was previously involved in the bottom, and it is recommended to continue to hold. This change is likely to be related to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. matters are related.

GMT: There are continuous running shoes activities, all to re-empower GMT, but when this mode will eventually end, the current strong breakthrough of 1 US dollar, the upper pressure is around 1.4, it is not recommended to participate.

Boring and shocking, small coins have local participation opportunities, so let’s make transactions that you can understand.

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