[The Crazy Talks Trend]If it breaks down 35000 effectively, it may usher in panic selling pressure


Madman says…

U.S. stocks plummeted overnight, the Nasdaq fell by 5%, and the U.S. dollar index climbed to 104, continuing to hit a new high since 2002. This wave of tightening by the Federal Reserve is not bad for the global harvest. By forcibly returning the U.S. dollar, Lowering domestic inflation makes global investors pay for U.S. inflation. As for the decline in U.S. stocks, the reason is still unclear, but the linkage of cryptocurrencies is very obvious, indicating that the funds of traditional finance have not yet been fled, and this linkage will still take time. After the Fed announced a rate hike yesterday, the futures market added 26,500 bitcoins, but with the overnight slump, almost 25,000 bitcoins were liquidated, an unexpected drop. , the contract market from opening to stop-loss closing also caused the market to rise and fall.

ECB Governing Council members said the ECB plans to raise interest rates in June. The global tightening is underway, and it is reasonable for the European Central Bank to raise interest rates jointly. After all, the inflation rate in Europe has also reached 7.5%. If the interest rate hike is not followed, the continuous downward pressure on the euro against the US dollar will be even greater.

Dukascopy Bank Switzerland is licensed as a cryptocurrency custody service, which can provide clients with cryptocurrency trading and trust deposits. This is a signal that Switzerland is starting to embrace and move towards cryptocurrencies, and perhaps in the near future, cryptocurrencies will appear on the balance sheets of Swiss banks.

Estonia’s new encryption regulations will take effect this year, which may lead to a 90% reduction in local encryption companies. Estonia is an encryption-friendly country. Previously, various encryption companies were welcome to register. With the new regulations, the threshold has increased, and companies that can comply will turn to Some of the larger regulated countries, such as the UAE or Singapore, fail to comply and look for the next safe haven.


The Central Bank of El Salvador approved Qredo as a local Bitcoin service provider, making it the first service provider to provide custody in El Salvador and a compliant exchange in El Salvador. This means that the Bitcoin ecosystem in El Salvador will gradually improve.

Argentina has banned banks from offering crypto services to customers, after the country’s largest private bank alerted the Argentine authorities after offering the service to buy cryptocurrencies. The bank has since removed the feature after the new regulations emerged. It shows that the Argentine government is still in the observation period for cryptocurrencies.

The US SEC approved the Valkyrie XBTO Bitcoin futures ETF. As long as it is a Bitcoin futures ETF, it is easy to pass, but it will take time for a spot ETF.

Blockchain Coinvestors has launched a $200 million mid-term growth fund, which is a small increment.

The Luna Foundation announced to buy 37,863 bitcoins again, with a current position of 80,394, making it the seventh richest person in bitcoin. This wave of good operation, taking advantage of yesterday’s plunge, buying frantically, grabbing a lot of bloody chips, it is really comfortable.

On the first day of the Coinbase NFT market open beta, less than 150 people registered, and the transaction amounted to only $75,000. Otherside’s land transaction volume was cut in half in an instant, the floor price fell by 13.93%, and the boring monkey fell by more than 14%. faster. It is also a good thing that NFT cools down, which is conducive to the return of some funds to the encryption market.

Panic 22, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Yesterday, the U.S. stock market took a turnaround, so there may be another one tonight. Near 35,000 will become the last stubbornness of the bulls. If it breaks down effectively, then the market outlook will usher in panic selling pressure and accelerate the fall. How it behaves depends on the U.S. stock market. Let’s lay flat first.

ETH: Investors in 26% of countries and regions in the world prefer Ethereum, which is still strong recently, and ETH/BTC is expected to continue to rise.

Multi: We will also send veMulti to engage in DAO. The only small coin in the market is rising, and it is expected that the sustainability is not strong and will not be pursued.

IOST: An algorithmic stablecoin will be launched. This trend is stable and difficult to reverse in the short term. If we don’t participate for the time being, it is difficult for his stablecoin to have a large adoption rate.

APE: Launch a stable currency endorsed by APE and add liquidity on Curve. If the yield of this stable currency is high enough, it should be used by some people. After all, there are asset endorsements in the back, and the short-term impact on APE price is limited, mainly depends on the future. Ecology can play.

GMT: The daily activity exceeds 500,000. If it can fall back to around $2, it will be a good opportunity to get on the bus.

CELO: Cooperated with the climate technology company Flowcarbon to launch a blockchain carbon market ecosystem, which is traded on the CELO public chain in the form of carbon tokens. The recent trend is not strong, and it is difficult to reverse.

Keep it up, as long as the coins are there, the future will be bright, and the madman will also stand with everyone when the sky falls. The taller you are, the sooner you will be smashed.

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