[The Crazy Talks Trend]If there is a new low tomorrow, it should be another short-term opportunity


Madman says…

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said that he will raise interest rates by 50 basis points in the next two interest rate resolutions, which is fully in line with market expectations. The probability of raising interest rates by 50 basis points in June has reached 93.5%, that is, in the second half of this year. The Fed will continue to tighten, the global financial environment will not be too ideal, and the strength of the US dollar will also remain strong. If the cryptocurrency wants to strengthen, it needs to wait for the day when it will decouple from the US stock market, which is expected to gradually decouple in the second half of the year.

Global financial regulators will discuss the issue of cryptocurrency regulation at this year’s G7 meeting, and U.S. lawmakers will also share the latest draft of the cryptocurrency bill next week. Everything is pointing to the global regulatory framework. It will be gradually implemented in half a year. As long as it conforms to the common interests of all countries, they will collectively formulate them, such as real-name authentication of anonymous addresses. Only addresses that have passed KYC can transfer funds to compliant exchanges, otherwise they will not be credited. , which is in line with the basic needs of global anti-money laundering. Another example is a unified tax reporting system and taxation. There will be many similar frameworks, and compliance is imminent.

The president of El Salvador is promoting the adoption of bitcoin in emerging countries. He is promoting the use and adoption of bitcoin to central bank officials in 32 countries, mainly in South America and Africa. These countries do have a need to adopt bitcoin. This sermon , will appear in the future.

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission has proposed the establishment of a public crypto exchange to scrutinize and monitor cryptocurrencies. If this proposal can be implemented, it will definitely maximize the implementation of supervision, but the blockchain itself is decentralized, the global multi-exchange pattern has been formed, and no one will go to establish a new exchange, or directly transfer it to others To combine jobs, this is an almost impossible task, tantamount to robbery.


The chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum are commodities. This is a power struggle with the SEC. The SEC calls it securities and the CFTC calls it commodities. They all want to put cryptocurrencies under their umbrella to maximize their own interests. In fact, cryptocurrencies contain the attributes of commodities and securities, and ultimately still require joint law enforcement.

The CEO of Kenya’s largest bank says cryptocurrencies can complement online payments in Africa, but regulators need to believe in them. At present, it is very difficult for most countries to let African countries accept these new things, but for most African people who do not have bank accounts, encrypted payment is also just in demand. Gradually raise awareness, maybe it will explode, the main market of ADA It is to preach Africa, so if you are optimistic about Africa, you can hold ADA for a long time.

Dubai-based law firm Ashish Metha & Associates has announced support for cryptocurrency payments.

Crypto.com Pay is open to all Shopify merchants, making it easier for merchants to use and accept cryptocurrencies, and seamlessly integrate with fiat currencies.

APEcoin is preparing to migrate from Ethereum to other mainnets. Currently, both AVAX and Flow have provided solutions. Which mainnet this newcomer goes to will bring a lot of development to it.

Panic greed 12, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Tomorrow will be 519. With Binance starting to stop withdrawing coins tomorrow afternoon, it is estimated that there will be large funds taking this opportunity to make trouble. At present, the daily line is not able to rebound. If there is a new low tomorrow, it should be another time. I don’t know if there will be big fluctuations, but it is undeniable that panic is conducive to falling on the anniversary.

ETH: Three Arrows Capital transferred 10,000 ETHs to the exchange, and the impact will not be too great, but at present ETH is also weak in rebounding, not going very well, and the weak linkage is a big cake.

LTC: On May 20, the Litecoin privacy protocol upgrade came into effect, and the whole is still linked to Bitcoin.

ATOM: There will be an airdrop on May 20, on the condition that you must vote for or against Proposition 69 in the decentralized wallet. The degree of positiveness is average, but these two days will be relatively strong.

ENS: The cooperation between Coinbase and ENS allows users to apply for ENS domain names on Coinbase, which will lower the threshold for applying for this domain name. The recent trend is stronger than that of most currencies, and the rebound is expected to continue.

KSM: Investors who participated in the airdrop minted 70,000 vKSM in the past 36 hours, which consumed a lot of KSM’s circulation. This trend will continue, so it is expected to be strong in the short term.

ROSE: The network has received an additional investment of 35 million US dollars, and the ecological development fund has reached 235 million US dollars, all of which are supported by well-known funds. It will take time to see whether it can develop with the background of famous schools. At present, the most stable anonymous currency is still ZEC.

I hope there will be no slump tomorrow, otherwise it will be another day of bloodshed.

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