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In a few days, UST and LUNA both returned to zero, arousing the attention of US regulators. Treasury Secretary Yellen said at yesterday’s meeting that stablecoins should be regulated, and the SEC chairman reiterated that cryptocurrencies are securities and must be regulated , the top five cryptocurrencies by market value have collapsed in minutes, which has a huge impact on market confidence. Today is LUNA and UST, so who will be tomorrow? After all, encrypted assets are illusory, and it is difficult for most people to understand what is behind the technology, which will cause many people to lose faith and surrender to the market in panic. The current chairman of the International Securities Regulatory Commission also said that the global encryption joint regulatory agency may be launched next year. At present, only the global joint encryption regulatory framework can truly complete the supervision of cryptocurrencies, but for those who exploit legal loopholes For example, there will still be opportunities, and I hope that joint supervision will come soon, which will increase institutional investment quotas, help investors have confidence in the market, and prevent projects like LUNA from washing people’s wealth so much, at least he The failure should give investors some compensation.

LUNA’s main ecological token has basically been delisted by major exchanges, and its own network has also announced its suspension, and is considering releasing new LUNA tokens. Currently, asset management company GAM has announced negotiations with LUNA, with an estimated investment of 2-3 billion The US dollar supports UST. Let’s wait and see the final negotiation result. This kind of return to zero is probably irreversible, and the blockchain network that stops when it stops has nothing to do with the blockchain at all, and is completely a centralized network.

This has also caused many Defi lending protocols (platforms that support LUNA mortgage loans and use LINK oracles) to lie down, because the oracle LINK does not continue to feed the price after the blockchain network is stopped, resulting in non-real-time price updates, resulting in Borrowers used extremely low-priced LUNA to lend to other assets at a price of 0.1, causing a lot of losses to the lending platform.

USDT was tested by the public for its stability. Although it broke off by more than 10% in a short period of time, it quickly completed the re-anchoring. The data on the chain showed that Tether was transferred 3 billion USDT in one day, which should be all Due to arbitrageurs, a large number of runs on Tether were quickly paid for 1 US dollar. The CTO said that their main supporting asset is US treasury bonds, which are extremely safe and can be quickly redeemed in the short term. More U.S. Treasury bonds, and the stablecoin turmoil has come to an end.


Brazil’s largest brokerage XP will launch a cryptocurrency trading function, and he will open his own cryptocurrency exchange at the end of June, allowing his 3.5 million users to buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum. This will better assist Brazilian investors to enter the market.

Japanese financial giant Nomura Holdings began to provide bitcoin derivatives trading to Asian customers. We all know that contract exchanges are the most profitable, and traditional finance has also quickly penetrated in. In the future, there will be a group of traditional whales on the contract track, and the difficulty of trading will rise again.

The discount of Grayscale Bitcoin and Ethereum Trust has reached a record high, with Bitcoin -30.65% and Ethereum -33.71%. It’s really unfortunate to buy Grayscale Trust, and it can’t be replaced now. If you want to sell it, you will lose 30% directly. The bitcoin spot ETF of high degree can pass the test, otherwise, if these investors defend their rights, Grayscale will be very sad.

Sister Mutou believes that emerging technologies such as blockchain are now in the deep value area. These sisters are madly optimistic about emerging technologies. The future of the world is supported by technology. If you don’t buy undervalued technology assets, do you want to buy those traditional industries in the sunset?

Franklin Templeton, the asset management giant with $1.5 trillion, plans to provide related cryptocurrency ETF products after the regulation is clarified. Another super giant has begun to deploy. As long as the regulatory dust settles in the future, the big bull market will surprise you. and.

Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, intends to buy Bitcoin at 17,000 and is firmly optimistic about Bitcoin. Legendary investor Bill Miller said he sold some bitcoin for liquidity needs, but remains optimistic about bitcoin’s long-term value. Many of the big guys have been forced to surrender, and it will be very difficult to copy lower bitcoins in the future.

Panic 10, extreme opportunity area.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Yesterday’s slump left established Bitcoin holders like Microstrategy with floating losses, a situation that often means the end of the decline. The rebound is not over yet, and if it changes hands near 30,000, it will continue to attack.

Ethereum: Due to the large number of liquidations of Defi, the selling pressure of ETH will be greater. This is normal in every crash, and it will rise back in the future, so don’t worry.

MKR: The official statement stated that his DAI is fully over-collateralized and minted. DAI is a very mature stable currency. As long as there are no code loopholes in the protocol and no extreme market conditions occur, there is basically no risk. It should be able to increase by borrowing this matter. After all, it has been verified by time.

WAVES: The inclination of the pool for USDN on the Curve has reached the warning position, but the model of WAVES is different from that of LUNA, so it will not spiral like LUNA, but this inclination will also cause the selling pressure of WAVES. There may be another wave of panic attacks.

LUNA has sacrificed to the sky, and many people have surrendered. Those who survive will see the rainbow soon.

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