[The Crazy Talks Trend]In the past two days, I will go out of a new direction, and the odds of standing at 22,000 and going straight to 23,000 will increase.

[The Crazy Talks Trend]In the past two days, I will go out of a new direction, and the odds of standing at 22,000 and going straight to 23,000 will increase.

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points in July fell to 93.9%, and 50 basis points increased to 6.1%. 75 basis points was gradually replaced by 50 basis points, indicating that the market has responded to the decline in the inflation rate announced in July, which will bring respite to risk markets such as US stocks and cryptocurrencies. Now 20,000 has become the support for bulls to stick to , and 22000 has also continued to attack for a week without success. It is expected that it will go out in a new direction in the past two days. The probability of a breakthrough from tonight to tomorrow is still not small. The most important thing is to observe whether it can stand firm after attacking. From last night to today After the digging market, the odds of standing at 22,000 and going straight to 23,000 are increasing. If the market does not encounter a black swan event after July, it will gradually recover. In addition, the inflation rate is expected to peak, and the second half of the year will be much better. .

The President of the Central African Republic announced that the encryption center Sango will be launched on July 3, with the intention of building an encryption center and making rapid progress in Africa through blockchain technology. The Central African Republic has completely embraced Bitcoin and is the first to implement it. A country that is experimenting with Bitcoin, the future is worth looking forward to.

The chairman of the US SEC stated that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency and a commodity, and the rest of the tokens are security tokens. This statement does not seem to be good or bad for Bitcoin. It is part of the power struggle. The subtext is that Bitcoin is under the control of the CFTC, and the rest is under my control. It is estimated that the CFTC will soon issue materials to refute this matter.

The two previous companies with heavy thunderstorms, Celsius and Three Arrows Capital, have not found a suitable solution so far. Crypto broker Voyager has issued a notice of breach to Three Arrows Capital and opened legal remedies. Celsius said that he refused to go bankrupt, I hope to seek customer support through the efforts of the company’s collective employees, so that everyone can give them more time through the HODL model. It should be difficult for these two companies to recover. It may be one of the two companies that can save them now. After all, both companies hold a lot of GBTC. If the discount disappears at this time, it will be a big increase. However, the possibility of passing the Bitcoin spot ETF is still extremely low. In the end, it depends on whether there are giant crocodiles to help. This thunder has already exploded, and it has little impact on the future. Institutions and individuals with debts in these two companies Investors can only consider themselves unlucky.


The Messari fund position analysis report shows that in the first half of the year, in the falling market, public chains and DEXs are the most popular tokens for fund companies. Public chains with smart contracts account for 37% and DEXs account for 16%. The gap between the first and second is still quite high. Large, so it can be roughly considered that institutions are more optimistic about the public chain track with smart contracts, and the top three are DOT, ROSE, and CKB.

Last week, the net outflow of digital asset investment products was 423 million US dollars, a record high. The data has a certain lag. These outflows are largely caused by some institutions to replenish liquidity, so they are likely to belong to the bottom of the sacrificial funds.

The Ledger CEO said that it is not like a cryptocurrency bear market, the current macro environment is a massacre in the global market, but he is still as bullish on Bitcoin as ever. The CEO is in charge of the world’s largest hardware wallet, and he still has a certain credibility in his speech. Now the mainstream view is that once the macro conditions change, the cryptocurrency market will still be the first to emerge from the shadows.

The Central Bank of Morocco will announce the cryptocurrency regulation bill, which means that Morocco has also fully embraced cryptocurrencies and complied with the cryptocurrency market.

Binance US CEO says it will continue to buy bitcoin. People in this industry will naturally be more optimistic about the future than people in other industries, otherwise they will not bow down to the game. People in the industry who are still skeptical of the industry are either for survival or there is no way out.

Panic 10, again to a very low position.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Addresses holding more than 1 BTC hit a record high of 871,492, and the third largest whale bought 360 BTC again. The market trend this afternoon is much stronger than expected, and it is expected to remain strong in the evening, waiting for a breakthrough at the 4h level.

ETH: The number of active addresses hit an 18-month low, and the hashrate hit a 6-month low. The former has no willingness to trade because it is too deep, and the latter is approaching 2.0. Selling mining machines to people with low awareness is the top priority at the moment. Overall, it is slightly stronger than the pie, and it is expected to continue to maintain a strong linkage.

IMX: The former head of Facebook’s global payment products joined IMX, which is conducive to its more strategic development. This token has not fallen much in the second half of this round, and it is expected that there will be a good rebound in the market outlook.

Hold, wait to rise.

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