[The Crazy Talks Trend]It hasn’t been adjusted for two days, and there is a tendency to continue to attack

[The Crazy Talks Trend]It hasn’t been adjusted for two days, and there is a tendency to continue to attack

Madman says…

The European Central Bank raised interest rates by 50 basis points, the first rate hike in 11 years, beating previous expectations for a 25 basis point hike. This shows that the inflation in Europe has become outrageous. Although the economic situation is very bad, in order to curb inflation, we must choose to start the road of raising interest rates. In the next few years, the economic expectations in Europe are still relatively poor. Tai recommends to participate in any European assets. The United States will continue to harvest the world’s wool and use the appreciation of the dollar to increase the economic aggregate between countries. Therefore, assets denominated on the dollar standard are still worth looking forward to after a period of interest rate hikes. .

Buterin said at the ETHCC conference in Paris today that Ethereum is going through a long and complex transition to become a more robust and stable system, and revealed that Ethereum’s merge test is 90% complete. They can then withdraw their ETH locked in ETH2.0. According to the current expected time, the last testnet merger time of Ethereum is from August 8th to 10th. If all goes well, the final 2.0 upgrade time is September 19th. V God said that the locked ETH can be withdrawn after the merger. It is a big advantage of the Lido protocol. At present, Steth still has a discount of more than 2% for ETH. If the pool can be retrieved at the expiration, Lido will convert Steth into ETH and return it to the locker, which means that it is still possible to exchange Steth at present. It is a relatively cost-effective way of financial management for Ethereum holders. Under normal circumstances, 2.5% in 1.5 months, the annualized income reaches 20%, and the 4% annualized income given by Steth itself is still very cost-effective. The risk lies in Lido Pool contract loopholes and ETH upgrades are less than expected, but the probability of occurrence is relatively small, which is a relatively high cost performance.

CZ said that the average daily trading volume of Bitcoin is as high as 100 billion US dollars, and Tesla’s recent $900 million bitcoin sell-off is a drop in the ocean for the market. There is nothing wrong with what this said, and the impact on the market has passed. The only impact is a blow to people’s confidence in holding positions. If Musk buys it again, it can solve the problem of panic. With Tesla’s After the sell-off, people began to rumor that MicroStrategy was also selling coins, indicating that the third largest whale address of Bitcoin was Microstategy, which was basically the same as the amount of coins it held. However, this matter is currently only a rumor without any conclusive evidence. Through the analysis of the address, we can see that the third largest whale transferred 130,000 tokens to the new wallet, and there was almost no selling behavior, so don’t listen to the rumors and panic easily.

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining was reduced by 5.01%, the largest drop in a year. More and more miners surrendered. The main reason was that they could not pay the electricity bill because they could not make ends meet. They could only choose to shut down and wait for the price of the currency to rebound.


Since May, large institutions have sold about $5.5 billion in Bitcoin, but statistics show that most of these sell-offs are passive selling. Due to the sell-off caused by a series of liquidity crises caused by the collapse of LUNA and UST, the JPMorgan report shows that the The intense phase of leverage is over, and retail investor demand is steadily picking up. Most institutions surrendered passively, laying a good foundation for the healthy upward trend of the market in the future, which is an important step.

Panic 33, the level is still panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It has not been adjusted for two days, and there is a tendency to continue on the upside. Recently, Nasdaq has also moved very strongly, and the global risk appetite has increased again, which is conducive to the continued strength of Bitcoin. At the same time, the expectation of Ethereum 2.0 will bring With the overall market sentiment rising, it is also conducive to the continuation of the rebound. The strong pressure above is around 28000. If the US stock market continues to be strong tonight, this position is worth looking forward to next week.

ETH: The balance of Ethereum on the exchange has hit a 4-year low, and all the coins have been withdrawn. The pressure zone of 1700-1800 is just around the corner. If you touch it, there should be a lot of selling pressure, and the possibility of direct past is very low.

ENS: The domain name turnover exceeds 100 million US dollars. Although it is still very small, the potential still exists. Since the cooperation with Coinbase, it has reached a cooperation with Huobi, and the user addresses that support Huobi use ENS domain names. The current location is In the strong pressure area, if you can hold it for two days, you will have the opportunity to continue to attack.

CRV: The first native stablecoin will be issued, but no specific date has been specified. Even so, the market has risen after hearing the news, and it is expected to continue to lead the market.

The market trend is stronger than expected, but the 4h divergence, it will take some time to continue the upside.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]has not been adjusted for two days, and it has a tendency to continue to go up. It first appeared in the block guest.


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