[The Crazy Talks Trend]It is more difficult to continue to attack, waiting for the opportunity to get on the train after the callback

[The Crazy Talks Trend]It is more difficult to continue to attack, waiting for the opportunity to get on the train after the callback

Madman says…

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, who plan to unveil a stablecoin bill next Wednesday, appear to have agreed with Republicans on core principles, people familiar with the matter said. The new bill requires issuers of stablecoin projects to maintain capital and liquidity and be regulated. On the whole, the stable currency supervision plan will be relatively easy to formulate. It only needs to ensure that the legal currency is anchored, and the anchoring method is 1:1, which can be redeemed at any time. If there is no liquidity crisis, there will be a large number of brick movers. Maintaining a position of 1:1, so Europe and the United States took the lead in choosing to regulate stablecoins, which is also the first step in the beginning of encryption regulation. Previously, the EU and the US government also exchanged opinions on encryption regulation policies such as stablecoins, and they are probably at the same pace. Stablecoins are a digital form of fiat currency that is worthy of acceptance by countries.

The most important news overnight is that Tesla’s semi-annual report shows that it has sold 75% of its bitcoins, cashing out $936 million, with a unit price of around $29,000. The profit statement shows that Tesla has lost $106 million in this wave of speculation. , it does not lose much, accounting for less than 10% of its total position, Tesla’s overall cost should be around 31,000, so the 29,000 stop loss is indeed only a loss of less than 7%. His reduction in holdings caused Bitcoin to quickly weaken compared to U.S. stocks, out of an independent decline. The madman believes that Tesla’s current reduction of holdings is a huge damage to investor confidence. Tesla’s stop-loss reduction is probably because it is no longer optimistic about Bitcoin in the short term, or that Bitcoin has no logic for holding positions. Bitcoin has not proven its anti-inflation properties. The status of digital gold has been falsified by the market and cannot be used as a hedging asset to compete with the market. This is a relatively medium and long-term bearishness, unless the market can re-prove Bitcoin’s anti-inflation properties. In the end, Musk said that he was open to increasing his bitcoin holdings in the future, and said that Tesla did not sell Dogecoin. Even so, Dogecoin remained indifferent.

According to the survey results of the Bitcoin Mining Committee, the green power mix of the Bitcoin mining industry has reached 66.8% in the second quarter of this year, which slaps many remarks that the Pow mechanism pollutes the environment. The proportion of green energy mining will continue to increase in the future, allowing Bitcoin Become the most environmentally friendly and efficient currency payment system. Tesla also previously stated that if the green mining energy of Bitcoin exceeds 50%, it will consider the option of re-supporting Bitcoin payment. There is no updated news yet.

BlackRock lost $1.7 trillion in the first half of the year. This kind of asset management giant loses money without blinking an eye. There are so many, not to mention the wallet of each of us, as long as our losses are within the acceptable range, it is the best result at the moment. Blackstone’s strategists predict that the Fed’s rate hike cycle will continue for a longer period, as various indicators show inflation is still heating up, and the Goldman Sachs CEO also said that the Fed’s tightening cycle makes it very uncertain when the economy will return to growth. Indicates that the recession may last for a long time, and everyone should maintain a cautious investment attitude. This is also the global mainstream macro analysis, and everyone can make a reference.


Indian officials say there will be no tax cuts for cryptocurrency transactions. It seems that India does not want to open up the crypto industry at all. This kind of tax has made the Indian crypto market lose its liquidity. After seeing this trend, the government did not intend to save the industry. The Indian crypto market does not have much to hope for in the short term. .

Finnish customs confiscated 1,889 bitcoins in the anti-drug operation, and sold them after obtaining them. It is also one of the important ways to reflect its value.

Bitcoin’s third largest whale wallet has been emptied, and more than 130,000 bitcoins have now become 0. CryptoQuant CEO said that the transferred wallet address is suspected to be Gemini cold wallet or escrow wallet, if it is really an exchange wallet , then this third-largest whale wallet has no reference value, and there is no further evidence to explain who it belongs to.

Yesterday, the entire network exploded $327 million, and Bitcoin accounted for 53.8%. It rose in waves, exploding short positions, and then began to pull back, which seemed to be another precise sniping.

The founder of AVAX sneered that Polygon’s core technology relies on acquisitions, and the tearing competition began. Various competitors either started to annex or began to tear each other. This is a typical market downturn.

The Dutch are becoming more interested in Bitcoin as the Dutch are preparing to use Bitcoin to counter the overstretching of the local government, according to media reports. If Bitcoin can play this role, then the expectations for the second half of the year will be separated from the macro, but the current expectations of this scale are still too small.

Panic 34, somewhat relieved.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The number of Bitcoin addresses with more than 1 hit a record high, Tesla is gone, thousands of retail investors have come in, and consensus is constantly being formed. In the short term, U.S. stocks have rebounded sharply for two consecutive days. There is a high chance of shocks or corrections tonight. Therefore, it is still difficult for Bitcoin to break through the previous high.

Ethereum: After accelerating the rise, it has been horizontal for three consecutive times, which is a little bit overwhelming. Before and after tomorrow’s option delivery, there will be a large number of long positions to close, so the probability of downward adjustment will be relatively high.

SOL: The number of active users in June exceeded 32 million, which is still an astonishing number of monthly active users. There are also a large number of duplicate addresses that cannot be checked. The actual data should not be that high, but there is still a chance to continue to compete with Ethereum in the future. The gestures and gestures on the chain track are linked in the short term.

After a sharp rebound, it is more difficult to continue to attack, so don’t have too high expectations and wait for the opportunity to get on the bus after the callback.

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