[The Crazy Talks Trend]It was deserted, and he continued to lie down.


Madman says…

The annual Berkshire Hathaway (Berkshire Hathaway) shareholder meeting was held as scheduled, at which Buffett reiterated that bitcoin is not a productive asset and therefore has no value, while also attacking Robinhood, an online brokerage that supports crypto trading. Charlie Munger also has the same opinion, he said that investing in bitcoin is stupid, the value is likely to go to zero, secondly, bitcoin is evil because it destroys the Fed system, and thirdly, some countries ban the use of bitcoin, which is wise Act of. The two old people are not optimistic about Bitcoin at all. It is precisely because the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized their power, and the value that belongs to them is being eroded by the new species, although this time Buffett’s company outperformed in the U.S. stock market crash But it can only show that they are very professional in the field they are familiar with, and they are long-distance running champions. For some emerging industries, the two old people have been unable to keep up with the times, and they do not understand the various ideas of young people today. I don’t understand why so many people are crowding the crypto market. Musk also ridiculed Buffett in the message, saying he didn’t understand why Bitcoin was mentioned so many times. It is precisely in conformity with the current environment and the speed of the times that cryptocurrencies have created infinite value. We must believe in the saying that existence is reasonable, and having a crypto market with the right time, place and people will eventually continue to create miracles.

The chairman of the Swiss National Bank said at the annual meeting of the Swiss National Bank that he is not interested in holding bitcoin at the moment, but will act quickly at some point in the future. There is no difficulty in buying bitcoin, and you can invest quickly when you need it, but in the end He also said that at present, they believe that Bitcoin does not meet the reserve requirements. Even the reserve rate of gold in Switzerland is only 6%. When will this big bank with trillions of dollars in reserves come up with a little money to embrace Bitcoin?

Binance is going to be an evangelist in India. It plans to quickly educate Indian investors and students about cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem. At the same time, it plans to launch the Learn to earn project, allowing everyone to earn cryptocurrency while learning about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. . India has a large population and a very low penetration rate. If Binance can bring in this wave of growth, it will add important fresh blood to the market. I just don’t know how Binance intends to help Indian investors avoid the issue of transaction tax laws in India.

Today, Yuga Labs’ blockbuster project Otherside completed the minting of NFT, which caused Etherscan to crash in the morning and caused gas fees on the ETH chain to soar. They said they would consider building their own public chain, which would open up new imagination for future APEs , but the short-term APE is at a high level due to the completion of its mission, resulting in a collective residual selling pressure and a plunge. This kind of run will generally take 1-2 days, and will gradually stabilize later. The Otherside project sold for 300 million US dollars, and the gas fee for minting NFT and burning more than 50,000 ETHs accounted for half of the total amount of Ethereum today. It’s really a big bull market for NFTs, an unstoppable madness, and looking at the currency circle, it’s quite miserable.


The Paidun report shows that from January to April 2022, Defi has been stolen by hackers of $1.57 billion, exceeding the $1.55 billion for the whole of 2021. These two years are really wild times for hackers to make money, huge profits and no legal risks. Once the regulatory framework emerges in the future, it will be difficult for hackers to make money without risk. Hackers’ massive thefts this year will continue to benefit anonymous coins or coin mixers, as these are places to help them launder their money.

The data shows that the proportion of BTC perpetual contracts is rising, accounting for 92.4% of the total contracts. This is because the depth of perpetual contracts is more reasonable than that of quarterly contracts, and there is no trend at the moment, which makes contract funds not willing to hold positions. , indicating that market funds also have no confidence in the market, which is a very good signal and the basis for a gradual warming in the future.

The large-value bitcoin transactions of 10 million US dollars on the chain are increasing, indicating that retail investors have either fallen flat or handed over their chips, and the big players have eaten enough, and the rocket is about to ignite.

Panic 22, continued extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The low point of 37,700 broke and then pulled up, but the bulls still did not reach a consensus. The overall trend is still normal, but it is expected to continue to fluctuate before the opening of the US stock market tomorrow night, and it is difficult to have major fluctuations.

ETH: It was destroyed a lot today. Although there is not much strong trend in the short term, it is a process of accumulation until quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes.

SOL: The mainnet was down again in the morning. This centralized chain is indeed not stable, and the recent trend is not very good. Let’s not participate for the time being.

ATOM: The snapshot of the founder’s new project Gno.land airdrop has been brought forward to May 19. This is because of the popularity of other NFTs. If you want to take advantage of the situation, you can pay attention to this currency when it arrives on May 10, and you need to wait for the airdrop. the rule of.

A deserted, continue to lie down.

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