[The Crazy Talks Trend]Not out of the shock area, continue to wait for opportunities

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

In the past two days, Bitcoin has repeatedly drawn the entire cryptocurrency market, and some people can’t figure it out. Judging from the large number of short positions in Ethereum, there is still a high probability of accelerating to new lows, so this kind of drawing is understandable. In order to remove the manipulation obstacles, when the main funds really want to pull up or smash the market, the resistance of the market will be very small, because the wide fluctuation will consume all the depth of all pending orders, and a small amount can be used when choosing a direction. The market is manipulated by funds. First, there is institutional selling pressure on Ethereum. Second, there is liquidation expectations. Third, there are a large number of institutional empty orders. If the liquidation is completed, the profit-taking of the empty order + the low-level absorption of bloody chips can be completed, which will clear the obstacles for the 2.0 merger, and the pull-up will be unimpeded at that time.

The five major exchanges in South Korea announced the delisting of Litecoin. The reason is that Litecoin has completed a privacy upgrade before. South Korea’s unified supervision is quite powerful. All compliant exchanges are in step. Don’t be caught off guard. In the future, anonymous tokens may only exist in some fringe exchanges or decentralized exchanges, but this does not hinder their value. The more they are regulated, the more their value will become more prominent.

The British Treasury will start testing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for the traditional market. Each country has its own way of playing. The United Kingdom will directly replace these current encrypted companies with the traditional market. In the future, trading cryptocurrencies will be like trading stocks or commodities. , with the support of traditional trading platforms, which is conducive to the influx of traditional British funds.

The Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx will merge with the stock trading platform, which is similar to the UK’s gameplay, directly integrating cryptocurrency and tradition in order to meet the needs of traditional investors, while bringing new increments to the cryptocurrency market.


The Japanese government intends to vigorously improve the Web3 environment, allowing users to manage their own data and create future value. Neighboring Japan has really opened up a new soil for encryption. The blockchain is not called a blockchain without currency, because it is the carrier of value transmission. China is now playing with these alliance chains and has nothing to do with the blockchain. Most of them are It is a centralized server and uses electronic money instead of digital money. The Internet era has finally caught up, and the next-generation Internet is likely to fall behind again.

Grayscale hired the former U.S. Deputy Attorney General as legal counsel to promote the conversion of GBTC into a Bitcoin ETF. Grayscale is also fighting for this matter, but it is useless to hire anyone, and the supervision has not been implemented. Where is the Bitcoin spot ETF? However, this matter can be expected. Will Grayscale once again open a super bull market for the currency circle?

In May, the spot trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum on FTX surpassed Coinbase. FTX has developed so well this year. This time it surpasses Coinbase and it may be surpassed forever. In the future, it will gradually eat up Coinbase’s global share.

Binance has recently applied for cryptocurrency exchange licenses in various countries. This time, the war has been brought to the Philippines. The madman thinks this is very interesting. In the future, if Binance has established exchanges in every regulated country, it will not be Binance. The global cryptocurrency world has the right to speak. As long as there are loopholes in supervision, Binance can coordinate some policies of cryptocurrency. In the future, large multinational companies will influence policies. It is an inevitable event.

The fund of the Israeli venture capital company established an investment DAO and plans to issue tokens. This idea of ​​investing in DAO is really good. On the one hand, it facilitates the financing of investment companies, and on the other hand, it also allows the bottom-level people to have the opportunity to receive top-level investment discourses rights, increasing the chances of making money from the investment. In other words, if the red shirt opens an investment DAO in the currency circle, we will be able to get investment opportunities in the world’s top cryptocurrency projects, which is a rare opportunity in the investment field.

The person in charge of the market maker giant Citadel said that if the cryptocurrency ETF is approved, it will be ready to make a market for the ETF. At the same time, a person familiar with the matter said that the company is creating a cryptocurrency exchange. The lap track has also gone professional.

Checkout.com, a global payment provider, accepts USDC payments. USDC, a transparent and audited stable currency, is actually the same as the US dollar. These US dollar stable currencies will strengthen the hegemony of the US dollar. Therefore, the US dollar will still have a price increase logic against various currencies in the future. , the strong dollar will continue, and some dollar assets can be allocated in asset allocation.

Panic 17, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The market has not yet stepped out of the shock area, and the opportunity needs to continue to wait. Now the only worry is that the fall of ether will bring down the pie.

ETH: Recently, a rebound on the daily line is lower than a rebound, and it is possible to bottom out after accelerating to the next one. Consider adding positions at a new low.

LUNA: The founder made Twitter private, which caused speculation in the community, causing LUNA to drop by 20%, and this coin is worthless.

LINK: We plan to launch Staking version 0.1 this year. It has developed well recently. It has gone out of its own independent market and can continue to hold it.

MATIC: In the past 30 days, the Polygon network has added 15.11 million NFTs, with an average of 500,000 per day. This growth rate is much higher than that of Ethereum. However, there are no star projects, but it is good for MATIC. After all, this public chain also has a fee burning mechanism. The overall short-term will still be linked to Ethereum, and new lows can be considered to participate.

No refills, waiting for a chance.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]has not stepped out of the shock area, and continues to wait for the opportunity to first appear in the block guest.


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