[The Crazy Talks Trend]The daily line will stabilize on the weekend, and it will fluctuate repeatedly around 22000

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

Biden said at night that the Federal Reserve would curb inflation by sharply raising interest rates, causing an economic recession to be inevitable. With the continuous decline of US stocks and economic recession expectations, Biden could not sit still. After all, such expectations are not conducive to After his mid-term elections in November, the Federal Reserve, as the world’s central bank, is independent from the jurisdiction of the US government and has independent decision-making power. In this situation, the Federal Reserve will continue to control the money supply and make plans for the longer-term future of the United States. rather than a presidential contest between the two parties. In any case, this kind of decision will continue to lead to a fall in the market. The mainstream media believes that the Fed will gradually issue interest rate cuts in 2023-2024. Before that, it is difficult for the market to have a bull market. Later, we will continue to pay close attention to the inflation rate in the United States. As long as there is a peak, a market rally is inevitable.

The governor of the Russian central bank said that cryptocurrencies will be allowed to be used for cross-border or international payments, but not for domestic payments, which also paved the way for the strength of the overnight market. The pie has been at a new low since November 2019, and the pie is relatively resistant to falling, and it has gone out of the independent shock market. This kind of independence is rare recently. There is still funds willing to resist at 20,000. The Nasdaq is also close to the $10,000 integer mark, and a short-term rebound and resistance will be expected to start. .

The founder of Bitmex said that the liquidation liquidation will continue. When the settlement in the second quarter is coming, there will be more capital realization needs. Crypto companies will be forced to withdraw a large number of strategic assets, and believes that the end of June to the beginning of July is the most dangerous. At the same time, he more macroscopically believes that the market will not improve in 6-12 months, and most small coins still have a 50% downside. Madman agrees with some of his views, especially when some protocol assets are not liquidated, there may be more liquidity runs, resulting in non-linear selling pressure, and there are still $200 million in loans around $985. Liquidation, there will be more agreements to passively lighten up positions. Recently, BlockFi has also been exposed to have a huge capital connection with Three Arrows Capital and Grayscale GBTC, and there is a large gap. It is likely to be the next thundering whale company, BlockFi It is also officially announced that the new rate will be adjusted, which will take effect on July 1. If there is a rapid rebound in this position, it will easily lead to a consensus on the assembly of the Air Force, but the position in the early 20,000s may not be directly hit in the short term.

The Messari founder said the current sentiment in the cryptocurrency market is the worst he has ever seen in his career, and regulators should better regulate exchanges and investors, not the protocols themselves. The current mood is indeed very bad. No one dares to buy the bottom, and no one thinks it is the bottom. To be an emotional retrograde, this position is likely to be the starting point of a wave of opportunities.


The President of Panama vetoed the regulation of Bitcoin laws. As soon as the market falls, there must be very few presidents who dare to go against it. After all, the black hat is important, and there is no need to take huge risks for these things.

Vueling has partnered with Bitpay to accept cryptocurrency for airfare. Airlines are the natural demand side. In the future, all airlines will consider encrypted payment, which is far more convenient than legal currency.

72 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization have fallen by more than 90% from their all-time highs, which means that if your funds do not shrink by 10 times from the highest point, you will outperform the market as a whole. Bitcoin has fallen by 70%, Ethereum The coin has fallen by 78%, which also leaves room for a 10-100 times increase in the future. As for everyone’s choice, it will determine the fate of the next few years.

The Russian natural gas giant and Bitriver have cooperated to develop mining facilities. This is a powerful alliance. The resource side will bring the mining farm together, the cost will be greatly reduced, and it will be more viable in the falling market.

Bitcoin’s largest whale has accumulated a total of 1,232 bitcoins this month. These big guys have begun to gradually buy the bottom and smell the relative bottom.

Panic 9, history has proved that buying below 10 will not be trapped in the short term.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The decline has begun to be limitless, and the bears have become weak. At this time, it is a high probability event to return to the 5-day line. The gathering of bulls is in progress, and the rebound is coming.

Ether: Today’s rally is not as good as the pie, but the bears are also showing weakness, so the rebound may not be as strong as the pie.

ADA: The founder will deliver a keynote speech on cryptocurrency in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is not expected to say too much about ADA, but for the token, it is a boost, and it will continue to be strong in the short term, and it is worth participating.

OP: The public node base will be upgraded on June 24th. This Layer 2 public chain has been developing all the time. The current price is not high, so let’s hold it first.

EOS: The founder of the foundation said that the EVM has been deployed on the test network, and only has EVM until now. After 4 years, it is not as good as a newly developed public chain. Go farther, and change every time.

The daily line will stabilize on the weekend, and repeated shocks near 22000 are inevitable.

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