[The Crazy Talks Trend]The downtrend may not end, wait for the bulls to intervene before participating in the market


Madman says…

The withdrawal of Russian funds from U.S. stocks caused the Nasdaq futures to dive, causing the cryptocurrency market to fall. The probability of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates by 50 basis points in May increased again, reaching 91%. Although the short-term market looks very bad, the cryptocurrency market is doomed It is still a thriving industry, and the big trend is still unfinished. We only need to endure this extremely poor investment environment, and it will soon pass. The madman knows that many people can’t bear it anymore, because the data on the chain has truly recorded this. More than 2.1 million bitcoins have recently changed hands in the range of 38100-41500. Whoever is buying the bottom in this position must not be a retail investor , but a steady stream of institutional funds are lurking silently. You must know that Bitcoin has only moved more than 5 million tokens within a year, so this data is already very alarming, indicating that this round of hand changes is almost over. The bulls will replace the bulls in the old market and start a new market again. The market can only move out of a healthy upward trend when the cost is constantly raised.

Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, believes that the stock market is expected to crash in October, followed by a new depression, economic recession and hyperinflation are imminent, and he recommends buying gold, silver and bitcoin. Raoul Pal, a former Goldman Sachs executive, believes that there are still potential catalysts and new developments in the cryptocurrency space, with great upside potential, and believes that a relatively low price has been reached. These two madmen fully agree. If they can miss a big one at the moment, then it will be an opportunity to close their eyes and participate, and it may also be the last opportunity to buy when they fall.

Oman will introduce real estate tokenization into its crypto asset regulatory framework, this is a good experiment, if in the future every house has a token, this token represents the property rights, then the blockchain will subvert the existing Real estate registration agencies can even subvert all real estate agencies. Buyers and sellers can communicate directly online and complete on-chain transactions. For example, if USDT buys a house to prove NFT, the house can be changed. Why should the blockchain be developed, because this It is the dimensionality reduction blow of advanced technology to the traditional world.

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges have begun to implement peer-to-peer transactions to complete the conversion of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, which is completely consistent with China’s access restrictions.


The Russian government submitted a draft law on cryptocurrency taxation to the parliament. Tax collection is the first step in compliance regulation. It seems that Russia is about to officially embrace the cryptocurrency market.

The US Internal Revenue Service plans to tax NFT investors. Wherever there is a profit-making effect, there will be the US Internal Revenue Service. This is really a money-making organization that covers the sky. At present, the development speed of the NFT market has surpassed the cryptocurrency market. The rising NFT has its underlying logic. Now it is not the stage of frying digital art, but has entered the value logic of real swords.

Australian convenience store and petrol station giant OTR, which has 170 locations across the country, has announced it will accept cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency payment has really entered the inclusive stage, and it is becoming more and more clear for global use.

The market value of UST surpassed BUSD and entered the top 3 stablecoins. An algorithmic stablecoin, relying on continuous development, it started from 0 and overtook it into the top 3. This is inseparable from the wisdom behind him, and it is inseparable from the annualization 20% profiteering. The madman estimates that as long as Bitcoin does not collapse, this UST should be stable. The 20% financial management in the Anchor protocol is really fragrant. It is the most cost-effective pool at the moment. If you are interested, you can just dig it yourself.

The first giant whale of Ethereum has transferred 320 million USDC to Binance in the past week. This is to enter the market to sweep the goods. Bitcoin and Ethereum in this position are indeed becoming more and more attractive, and there is no problem with increasing some allocations as the decline increases.

Panic 24, turned into extreme panic again.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Today’s drop hit a new low recently, and there was no decent rebound after the new low, indicating that the downward trend is probably not over yet. The current long-short ratio is still high, so it has the momentum to continue to fall. Short-term investors continue to wait and see, waiting for bulls Get involved and then participate in the market.

ETH: 75,000 ETHs were transferred to FTX last night. The expectation of the delay of ETH2.0 still caused many big players to give up their resistance. There must be various reasons for selling coins. This will not affect the future value of Ethereum, and it will still be linked in the short term. Pie, the overall trend will be stronger.

GMT: The transaction volume briefly surpassed Bitcoin and became the brightest boy in the audience. The daily active users reached 300,000, and the average daily new users in the past 7 days was about 6,000. It is still maintaining a good increase. If you want to invest in this coin, you should focus on his data. If the user growth rate does not decrease (note the growth rate), there will still be opportunities for growth. The madman believes that the risks outweigh the opportunities.

XMR: The Monero community launched the “XMR run” test, asking everyone to go to the exchange to withdraw money to see if there is not enough reserve funds in the exchange. This activity is extremely conducive to the rise of the currency price, because the After the wallet, liquidity will dry up and demand will outstrip supply.

SHIB: The most traded token in the top 2000 Ethereum wallets is SHIB. The net inflow of whale addresses has increased by nearly 500%, indicating that whale investors are accumulating SHIB. The logic is unclear, but they can choose to believe their cognition.

There is no profit-making effect in the market, just continue to work hard. It is not the first time for everyone to experience such a thing. There is no helplessness and depression, only cognition and belief.

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