[The Crazy Talks Trend]The first half of the month will be weak, and the second half of the month will be strong

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The U.S. SEC released an educational video warning investors to stay away from cryptocurrency speculation. Such a video is fatal to most Americans with straight-minded circuits. The overnight drop in independence may have a great relationship with this educational video. Recently, the correlation between the cryptocurrency market and US stocks is gradually weakening, which is a good thing from a macro perspective. For the future, there are only two paths for the Federal Reserve. One is to continue to tighten until it is unbearable, and start releasing water. One way is the failure of regulation and the collapse of fiat currency. No matter which of these two situations occurs, the bull market of cryptocurrency will come back, so don’t look at the miserable first half of the year, once the turning point in the second half of the year occurs, happiness will inevitably return. Therefore, the first half of June is still relatively bleak, and the second half of the month will be much better, patiently waiting for the market to give better opportunities.

The Prime Minister of Japan said that WEB3 is an opportunity for Japan to start growing again. Japan, which has experienced a cliff-like economic decline, knows how much innovation has an impact on the economy. Now that WEB2 has collapsed and introverted, talents and funds can only pour into WEB3, and only here Only then can we undertake future development. Which country sticks to self-reliance at this step, and which country will slow down its economy. We cannot always rely on resources and services to create wealth. Technology is the best way for economic development.

Goldman Sachs report shows that more than 20 insurance companies around the world are considering or have already invested in cryptocurrencies. The incremental potential of this scale is still huge, and other insurance companies will gradually update their cognition over time and turn to embrace cryptocurrencies. , cryptocurrencies are global, so the current is still in the early middle stage.

South Korea’s KB Kookmin Bank and Shinhan Bank plan to incorporate encrypted assets into the personal credit management business, which fully shows that in South Korea, where encrypted currency is compliant, encrypted assets have long become real assets in people’s hands and can be accessed globally without any barriers. every corner.


Cryptocurrency companies dominate NBA sponsorships, second only to tech companies. From the sponsorship, it is not difficult to see that the development of cryptocurrencies is rapid, and it is only a matter of time before traditional technology companies are replaced in the future. He also talked to a foreigner who is a sponsor before. He said that if a cryptocurrency company wants to be named, the price is much higher than that of companies in the traditional industry. Even so, cryptocurrency companies still occupy a large number of team names. Global earning power is staggering.

FTX surpassed Coinbase to become the second largest exchange, and it is still far from the monopoly Binance. Binance accounts for 64.1% of the total, FTX 10.8%, Coinbase 9.6%, and the share of the following single exchanges is less than 4%. is huge. It is not difficult to see that FTX has the greatest potential today, but Binance is still insurmountable.

Fast-food chain Chipotle, which has more than 3,000 restaurants across the U.S., accepts cryptocurrency payments. We are also familiar with this kind of mass adoption in the US.

North American Bitcoin spot ETF Purpose holdings have hit a record high, which is real money to tell you that North American institutions have not lost confidence because of the fall in Bitcoin, of course, Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum ETFs issued in Australia have been cold. It shows that investors in different regions have far different expectations and perceptions of the future.

Bitcoin miners are selling a large number of mined Bitcoins, and the outflow has hit a new high this year. The situation of selling coins to buy electricity is getting more and more serious. The life of miners is not so good. After all, mining has costs. If it is not timely To recover the cost, once the currency price falls again in the future, it will face the risk of shutdown. Therefore, for most miners, better liquidity is needed to ensure the normal operation of the mining industry. Fortunately, the inflation rate of Bitcoin is not high, and the impact of selling will not be huge.

The panic index is back at 13 again, not far from below 10.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Since the collapse of LUNA, Bitcoin addresses that have held for more than 1 year have increased their holdings of 250,000 Bitcoins. It can be seen that these Hodlers did not sell off, but continued to increase their positions during the decline. It is an accumulation period, so the ups and downs are normal, and patiently wait for the outbreak period to come. In the short term, we will continue to maintain yesterday’s statement. The first half of the month will be weak and the second half of the month will be strong. Yesterday’s trend has a chance to reach a new low. If the market really gives the opportunity to fall to a new low, don’t think about anything, just close your eyes and get in the car.

ETH: 9.1 million new NFT assets have been added in the past 30 days, and the average daily increment is 50% more than when NFT was at its hottest, which promotes the burning of ETH. However, ETH still does not show independent potential in the short term, and the overall linkage is the main cake .

GMT: The shoes plummeted, and the currency price was unavoidable. The official address once again transferred 31 million US dollars of SOL to the exchange, continuing the journey of realization.

SOL: There have been several crashes recently, which shows that the stability of this public chain is average. We need to see if it can be improved in the future. On the other hand, the selling pressure from the running shoe project side is the biggest reason for short-term weakness. a new low.

IMX: U.S. stock-listed companies gained $76.9 million in sales revenue by selling IMX in the first quarter, which is also the reason for the biggest weakness of the token in the first quarter. Today, he released the open source core SDK documentation to facilitate developers to work on the chain. Its ecology is still expanding, and it is recommended to hold it.

OP: This position is not too expensive, it does not have the logic of continuous decline, and it is mainly held temporarily.

The market trend is still not ideal. The US time falls and the Asian time rises are relatively common trends. Since it has fallen below 30,000, there is not much hope at night.

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