[The Crazy Talks Trend]The kinetic energy of the continuous upside is obviously insufficient, and the shock above 22500 is the main one.

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The kinetic energy of the continuous upside is obviously insufficient, and the shock above 22500 is the main one.

Madman says…

U.S. President Joe Biden said the slowdown in the economy is not surprising as the Fed moves to lower inflation. After this wave of accelerated inflation caused by the epidemic, countries no longer have expectations for the economy and begin to gradually recognize their own economic recession. Yesterday, the US GDP fell by 0.9% in the second quarter, and the estimated value increased by 0.4, ranking first. The quarterly decline of 1.6%. After two consecutive quarters of decline, a technical recession has become a reality. This is the big cycle we are in. Everyone must believe in the fact. Asset prices will not look good. Commodities, stock markets, and encrypted assets are all like this, because this is a strong dollar cycle, and the United States is harvesting global wool. Look at China’s meeting yesterday, continue to adhere to the dynamic clearing of the epidemic, and did not mention this year’s 5.5% growth, and the monetary policy has also remained moderately stable. This is also considered from the overall situation. , can no longer be printed, disappointing many people who think that printing money to protect the economy, this also set the tone for big A, there will be no big bull market in the second half of the year, I am afraid it will be the repeated shocks of the box, don’t expect more money-making effects .

The U.S. Treasury Department will not approve the U.S. stablecoin bill because of the inability to ensure exchanges keep client funds separate from company assets, the people said. The madman thinks this rhetoric is a bit extreme. The exchange deposits and bank deposits are the same, and they all correspond one-to-one. It is nothing more than that the exchange has no formal supervision by the regulator, but the chairman of the SEC said yesterday that he is closely cooperating with encrypted exchanges. , to regulate them like stock exchanges, so this issue should be resolved soon, which is why the House of Representatives is delaying the bill until September, precisely to give the SEC more time to complete this matter . The stablecoin bill will do no harm to the United States, and there is no reason not to pass it.

The CEO of Santander Bank Brazil said that in the next few months, it will provide encrypted trading services to Brazilian customers. For people, their biggest problem is not being able to have a bank account, and blockchain can help these people at the bottom who want to store capital.

There is not much news today, but the fomo sentiment in the market is gradually picking up, so leave more space and talk about a few more coins.


Panic 39 is close to neutral.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It broke through the previous high of 24,200, but the momentum for continuous upside is obviously insufficient. In addition, after the US stock market has risen sharply in a row, there is a certain demand for profit-taking. Therefore, the market madman on the weekend believes that it will mainly fluctuate above 22,500. After continuously pulling the plate, it is necessary to change hands, and it is difficult to have continuous pulling kinetic energy.

ETH: It has entered the super pressure zone. This position is basically impossible to pass at one time, so don’t chase the high and wait patiently for the callback.

OP: We have completely recovered our cost line. When we listed on Binance on June 1, Bitcoin was 32,000, and Ethereum was nearly 2,000. Now OP has returned to the listing price, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are still far from each other. This is outperforming. The market, with the rise, its TVL exceeded 550 million US dollars, a record high. Rushing to this position will basically liberate everyone, and it is expected to enter the adjustment stage.

ETC: In the past two days, the number of new addresses has exceeded 92.72%, and the trading volume has also skyrocketed. After the continuous explosion of this position, there has been a situation of heavy volume and stagnation. The short-term correction is also imminent. Pay attention to isolated positions and profit-taking.

MATIC: In the second half of the year, we plan to attract 1 million developers, focus on the zk field, and continue to embrace the Ethereum ecosystem. This is a very smart move by the project side. It is good to release in the upsurge of people’s emotions, which is conducive to the upward acceleration of the currency price. There is a lot of pressure around 1.2. Large, if you can speed up one more, you can also consider subtracting one.

TRX: There is obviously Brother Sun who loves to call orders while emotional. If you understand Brother Sun’s routine, you should consider ambush at this time.

APE: The proposal to fund the BAYC news website has been approved by the community. It can display APE on its website and help APE out of the circle with the help of BAYC’s influence. , the overall rebound is not expected to end.

ADA: The upgrade of Vasil has been delayed again, and it has been delayed for many weeks. This technology is worrying, and it is expected that the market outlook will still be dominated by weak linkages.

AXS: Axie’s Twitter shows that the MAU of the new game season has increased by 263%, relying on activities to promote the existing players, which will bring a certain degree of heat to AXS, which has continued to fluctuate at the bottom in the near future, and there is a certain amount of compensatory growth expected. The same logic also There are SLPs.

In short, the short-term risk accumulation in this position is more obvious. It is better to have two days on the weekend to accumulate strength for the next week, otherwise it is likely to lead to a sharp correction. Small coins avoid chasing highs, and are only suitable for low-level ambush here.

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