[The Crazy Talks Trend]The market fluctuates, don’t chase the high

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The market fluctuates, don’t chase the high

Madman says…

KPMG’s chief economist believes that Power’s speech at Jackson Hole buried the possibility of a soft landing for the economy, where the Fed will reduce inflation by slowing economic growth. It can be seen from the recent hawkish speeches by Fed officials that the goal of continuing to reduce inflation through interest rate hikes and tightening is unswerving, but most officials have not spoken about raising interest rates to more than 4%, indicating that 4% of the The annual interest rate will become a super pressure level. In its current form, there is still some room for interest rate hikes, but after the remaining three interest rate hikes this year are completed, there will be little room for next year. At present, the US 2-year Treasury bond yield has risen to 3.5% for the first time since 2007. This is a very high yield. Just imagine, with such a high risk-free return, why would big capital bother to play in the risky market? There is no risk. The higher the yield, the greater the selling pressure on risky markets. In any case, it is relatively difficult to pursue increments in the interest rate hike cycle. The macro environment left us is still the bottom of the shock, so don’t worry too much. For the fourth quarter, after the sharp interest rate hike is implemented, the market will ease a wave, even if it is overshooting. Fall and rebound, the monthly level will also appear.

The chairman of the US SEC will testify in the Senate on the practices of the cryptocurrency industry on September 15. This matter should have little impact on the trend of the cryptocurrency market, mainly due to the competition with the CFTC for regulatory rights, but since this date is Ethereum’s The merger and upgrade day is a relatively sensitive period, so a little bit of trouble may cause greater volatility in the market. At that time, we can pay due attention to his rhetoric on the cryptocurrency market.

The European country Georgia has approved the legal framework for cryptocurrency regulation, choosing to embrace the crypto market.

The Indonesian government will launch a cryptocurrency exchange by the end of this year, and the official exchange is to protect investors, according to the deputy trade minister of Indonesia. Indonesia’s regular army can start a crypto journey, which is also an incremental capital.


Cryptocurrency adoption in Peru is growing significantly, largely due to the country’s high inflation and political instability. This is also a microcosm of the U.S. dollar harvesting global currencies. Emerging countries have strong demand for bitcoin and stablecoins, so don’t be too pessimistic. The selling pressure brought by the tightening in the United States will be absorbed by these emerging countries.

The survey shows that Hong Kong institutional investors are less motivated to invest in cryptocurrencies, with 10% of institutional investors planning to reduce and abandon cryptocurrencies. This is a normal phenomenon. In a market with no profit-making effect and uncertain short-term expectations, institutions have reasons to give up in the short term. After the market warms up in the future, those who should come back will come back.

The repayment date of Mt. Gox was once again postponed to September 15th, and things that have been delayed again and again will probably continue to be postponed by mid-September.

Meitu had a net loss of 266 million yuan in the first half of the year, of which 300 million yuan was a floating loss in cryptocurrency. The company itself made money, but all the money it made was lost due to the decline in cryptocurrency. It hasn’t been so good.

The share of BUSD in the stablecoin market rose to 13.5%, a record high. This shows that the penetration rate and share of Binance continue to increase. The exchange adopts various BUSD fee-free methods to attract users. It is expected that in a dominant crypto world, the expansion of BUSD will continue, and the final stable currency is likely to be the Three Kingdoms The status of Dingli (USDT, BUSD, USDC).

Panic 20, back to extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It is still oscillating around 20,000. We can clearly see that every time the currency price falls below 20,000, funds rushed in regardless of the cost, indicating that the 20,000 support level has a high probability of being effectively supported. Continue to look at 20,000 -21000 shock market.

Ethereum: The transaction volume on the chain in August was less than 500 million US dollars, a new low in a year. This is mainly because the entire ecology has no profit-making effect. Whether it is Defi, GameFi, NFT or other ghosts and monsters, the fire is completely turned off, which has an adverse impact on Ethereum. At the same time, the Ethereum spot ETF Purpose has reduced its holdings by 70,000 Ethereum, which is the largest reduction in the past year. This should be related to the Ethereum fork. It is obvious that there will be a wave of hammering after the merger. No one wants to be smashed in vain. 5 -10%. The whole is still linked, and there should be a stronger wave a few days before the merger.

MATIC: The transaction volume of NFT on the chain has exceeded 100 million US dollars, a record high in a single month. The ecological development is good, and it has been significantly resisted in the near future. The market outlook is expected to rebound independently.

FLOW: Ticketmaster, a ticketing company, chose FLOW to mint ticket NFTs, and the first batch minted more than 5 million NFTs. This public chain is used by more and more traditional companies to manufacture NFT, which shows that it has certain value and has the opportunity to make up for it.

CHZ: Socios.com’s exclusive partnership with the Argentine Football Federation has been extended until 2026, which will bring CHZ continuous incremental funding, at least until the World Cup, with the expectation of rising.

OP: The transaction volume accounts for 13% of Ethereum, but the market value only accounts for 2%, indicating that the current position is also an undervalued area, but considering the substitutability of Ethereum after the upgrade in the future, this undervaluation seems to be also Reasonable, but there will be opportunities for hype in the short term.

When the market fluctuates, don’t chase the high, buy when it falls, and sell when it rises.

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