[The Crazy Talks Trend]The market is undergoing a second survey, and it is very difficult to make a new low

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The market is undergoing a second survey, and it is very difficult to make a new low

Madman says…

The U.S. bond market has already begun to expect the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by 50 basis points in an interest rate decision in 2023. Traders are betting that the U.S. recession will cause the Federal Reserve to suspend the pace of interest rate hikes. It is expected that interest rates will peak early next year. This expectation will be reflected in the trend of US stocks in the evening. With the continuous decline of US stocks, the probability of oversold rebound will be greatly enhanced. It is expected that Bitcoin will form a second bottom near 18000-19000 and re-challenge the pressure level of 22000. Everyone needs some rational and objective treatment of the market. No matter how the market goes, we just need to follow our heart, go up when we need to go up, and go down when we need to go down. Don’t be afraid to change your plan. At this time, you really don’t need to be afraid. If inflation can see a staged peak in July, it means that all expectations in the second half of the year will be conducive to the strengthening of risk markets.

In the first half of 2022, the number of Bitcoin millionaires has decreased by 70%, and the decrease is basically the same as the decrease. These medium and large households are being washed by the market. It is normal for us to have some floating losses. Everyone thinks that they are gods, and when they fall, they will be shrouded in haze. In fact, everyone is experiencing the same setbacks. It’s just that the proportion of each person’s loss to total assets is different. This is also the importance of asset allocation. When you look at the beauty of people eating meat, they are worse than you when they are beaten. The most typical example is the current Three Arrows Capital, Celsius and other institutions.

Jacobi Asset Management has launched a Bitcoin ETF, which will be listed on Euronext Amsterdam. Bitcoin spot ETFs in various countries are being listed continuously, which can also better pave the way for the US SEC to pass this matter. The SEC rejected Grayscale’s bitcoin spot ETF application overnight, and then the CEO of Grayscale said that he had filed a lawsuit against the US SEC. For Grayscale, this was also a desperate choice. However, as the SEC, there were reasons for disapproval, and the lawsuit also changed. Nothing, can only endure silently. For us, it is a good thing that the first Bitcoin ETF is not grayscale. After all, it will lead to a large number of investors buying GBTC and selling BTC for arbitrage, which will cause a lot of selling pressure. It is not an ideal first-choice Bitcoin spot ETF.

Microstrategy once again bought 480 bitcoins for $10 million. After buying it, it got stuck again. This CEO is very powerful. He further increased leverage, and his leverage space is still very large. It depends on whether he dares to start later.


Since USDT, USDC has been questioned about the risk of running, because the interest paid is higher than the interest on bank deposits, the company has a bad debt gap, and it is expected to lose a total of 1.5 billion US dollars in 2022. The madman thinks that this is not called a gap at all. As long as he is willing to lose some liquidity, the money will come back in minutes by buying some treasury bonds after the interest rate increase. The total plate of more than 60 billion, the gap of 1.5 billion, and the 2.5% interest are enough to cover, Not a problem at all. Then Coinbase announced that it would exchange USDC and USD for free, and merge the USDC and USD trading pairs. USDC and USD are exchanged 1:1, which shows that there is no problem with the security of USDC.

FTX and Morgan Creek are making an offer to acquire BlockFi’s equity. Competing for this company means to be optimistic about its future profitability. Now is the time for him to survive, and he can pick up a big bargain, which is a good thing for us, at least BlockFi There is no need for bankruptcy and liquidation, otherwise it will be a major disaster for the currency circle.

Buffett-backed Nubank currently provides encrypted transactions for 54 million users. Don’t look at Mr. Buffett’s opinion that Bitcoin is shit, but the companies in which he holds shares are developing extremely well. This is also a way of hedging. The field of possible success is completely empty.

The Harmony attackers transferred 42,000 ETHs to the mixer. There are still 31,785 ETHs in the hacker’s wallet. The extremely weak ETH in the past two days is related to the smashing of various hackers. The giant whale address transferred 500,000 ETH today, and may also intend to flood the market. These selling pressures may bring new lows to Ethereum. If there is a chance to break the previous low, it is a good opportunity to participate.

Panic 11, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Down 56% this quarter, the biggest quarterly drop since 2011, and with the past 90-week cyclical lows that should come sooner rather than later. The market is conducting a second exploration in a relatively weak way, but it is very difficult to make a new low. Therefore, whether it is 18000 or 19000, it is an opportunity to continue to participate. If you give the opportunity to 18000, you can consider some leverage again, but it is recommended not to exceed 1 times.

ETH: If you give a new low, get on the train as soon as possible. If you don’t give it, just lie down and watch it. The recent selling pressure is large and will lead the market to weaken.

XRP: The former CTO has 81.53 million Ripple left. This guy sold it for many years, and it is finally sold out. This will also become a reversal point for Ripple. In the future, the demand will gradually exceed the supply, and there is a chance to continue to strengthen, just like the logic of Ethereum. , the new low can get on the car.

The market has penetrated the psychological defense line of the vast majority of people, and those who can survive here will surely become elite soldiers.

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