[The Crazy Talks Trend]The overall market is warming, and the panic drop has ended

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The overall market is warming, and the panic drop has ended

Madman says…

Fed Mester said that the Fed will resolutely suppress inflation down to 2%, the Fed needs to continue raising interest rates to curb rising inflation, and the interest rate policy will not be relaxed in 2023. Will this sentence frighten the risk market again? Just look at the trend of U.S. stocks. If U.S. stocks stop falling, it means that the market has included the expectation of not relaxing in 2023. It will be a good thing for us, because It’s almost as good as it gets. U.S. stocks fell weakly last night, but the crypto market has stopped falling together. Today’s rebound during the day is a counterattack by the bulls. The market’s repeated trends have told us that everything below 20,000 is an opportunity, and as long as it falls below 20,000, the shorts will decrease rapidly. , the bulls will begin to gather in the downturn. Obviously, today is the first day of the rebound, the fourth quarter is coming, and the good days in the medium term have arrived. Do not doubt the strength of this continuous rebound.

The British side continues to be miserable. The pound has not only hit a record low, but its interest rate hikes have followed turbulently. If it is not linked to the Fed to raise interest rates, the collapse of the pound will be more rapid, which is unbearable for the Bank of England Obviously, it will lead the economy to a more depressed abyss. In short, the situation in Europe is still a mess. The interest rate hike will continue, and the economy will get worse and worse with the energy crisis. It is not our short-term focus. For cryptocurrency, will more Europeans turn to cryptocurrency investment in order to avoid the devaluation of the euro area, the madman thinks it will, so the chaos in Europe will continue for cryptocurrency adoption.

Last week, the net inflow of encrypted asset investment products was 8.3 million US dollars, of which 5.1 million US dollars were outflowed from bitcoin short-selling products. It can be seen that institutional funds also gave up shorting below 20,000, and turned into a multi-military army. The market will not keep falling until the end of the year. A wave of oversold rebounds on the monthly line will appear, but as I said before, the rebound is probably not a reversal, so don’t get overheated and chase the highs.

Tether’s previous auditing firm was fined $1 million by the SEC for a series of violations of federal securities laws, numerous misconduct, use of sloppy accounting practices, and failure to address fraud risks. It seems that USDT had his own purpose in choosing this small company before, and all kinds of thunderstorm remarks are not groundless. Fortunately, the holes are basically filled, and it is safe.


Research shows that the DID (Decentralized Identity) market size will reach $102 billion by 2030. Crazy people are also very optimistic about this field. In the future, their own money will be managed by themselves, the provincial ones will be frozen in various ways, their own data will be managed by themselves, and the provincial ones will be repeatedly resold by various companies. This must be a trend, so everyone can go to explore this field for a long time. Chance. At present, projects such as domain names and wallets mainly exist in various public chains, and more innovative projects are still emerging.

Panic 20, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: There is a large-scale option expiry on September 30, and the biggest pain point is 22,000, so the market still has some room for improvement. The 20000 station is back, continue to be optimistic.

ETH: It is basically a linkage market, there is no new expectation in the market outlook, and the linkage will continue.

ENS: The number of registered domain names in September reached 390,000, setting a monthly record again. The development of this project is still showing a blowout trend, and almost every major public chain is imitating the domain name project, but the most recognized in this field must be ether. The domain names on the Square have room for continuous development, and the trend is still positive.

ATOM: The 2.0 upgrade is imminent, which will introduce liquidity staking and reduce the issuance of ATOM. At the same time, the security function between chains will be upgraded. Each public chain can use Cosmos Hub to protect its own network. The public chain is still not a first-line public chain. Whether it can be developed is still a question mark. In the end, it depends on the ecology and the number of users. However, the upgrade has reduced circulation and distribution, and it is completely right to rush this hype.

DOT: Announced the latest roadmap. It is expected that the asynchronous function will make the throughput reach 100,000-1,000,000. This chain is like a play mode from the beginning. Most of the ecological auction slots are also rushing to spend money to cut leeks. Still difficult, the slot auction model fails to attract more value items.

The overall market has warmed up, the panic dip has ended, and it’s over.

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