[The Crazy Talks Trend]The pressure above 32000 is still relatively high, and it is expected to continue to repeat


Madman says…

With the collapse of LUNA’s return to zero, it has finally triggered the attention of various countries to the cryptocurrency market. After all, this is a return to zero at the level of hundreds of billions of dollars, which can be said to have detonated a huge thunder. For cryptocurrency investors , Obviously this kind of rapid return to zero is unacceptable. Victims from all over the world have joined together to defend their rights. Founder Do Kwon urgently launched the LUNA Revival Plan 2, but it is obviously to no avail. The cryptocurrency market is now unreliable, and the probability of successful rights protection is very low. Ultimately, countries are forced to quickly introduce policies. The US SEC took the lead in firing the first shot. The chairman believes that cryptocurrency investors need more protection and need to improve the disclosure of industry information. It will jointly supervise some tokens with the US Commodity Futures Commission. There are still no specific rules, but it can be seen that this time the US The determination of the regulators to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Once the regulatory framework emerges, it will be a huge positive for the long-term trend of the cryptocurrency market, which means that US institutions can formally participate in this trillion-dollar market, and spot ETFs will also be approved by then.

With the proposal of UST compensation, Brother Sun promised to provide 10 million USDD as compensation to small UST holders. Brother Sun is really good at it. This is equivalent to doing a wave of airdrops to his own wave of the Federal Reserve, and got a group of real Defi for free. Users, but also earned a reputation, killing two birds with one stone. Previously, both CZ and Buterin supported the LUNA fund to give priority to compensation for small-amount UST holders. Through this compensation method, the remaining reserves can cover 99.6% of users.

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, one of the world’s top ten sovereign funds, said it does not hold bitcoin, but is actively participating in blockchain investments. This sovereign fund has become interested in bitcoin, and it may become a bitcoin holder one day in the future.

The Miami city token has fallen by 95%, drawing attention from U.S. regulators, who will refund investors who bought the token if it is ultimately deemed a security by the mayor of Miami. This slump is mainly due to the fact that they raised funds to invest in Bitcoin, and they should have used leverage. Such professional institutions have lost money, indicating that the market is really difficult, and it is normal for us to retreat in the short term.


Germany calls for the formulation of new Defi regulation, hoping that the entire EU will be regulated simultaneously and enhance the collective innovation potential of the EU. Defi has been often brought to the table recently and it is said that most tokens are low, which is a good opportunity to participate.

800 ATMs will be deployed in Kwik Trip convenience stores across the United States, and another chain store supports cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. In the future, encrypted life in the United States will be very convenient.

Portugal’s finance minister says plans to tax cryptocurrencies are a pre-compliance preparation.

Last week, the net inflow of cryptocurrency investment products was 274 million US dollars, a new high this year. The inflow was mainly dominated by Bitcoin, indicating that institutional funds have begun to flow back into the market, which will have a certain effect on the stabilization of the market outlook.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is working on his payment company BLOCK to provide liquidity for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. He has been working on enabling everyone to use Bitcoin, and now every step is moving in this direction. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network will become The huge global application in the future, its cheap and fast global payment system will subvert the bank’s cross-border transfer system.

Bitfinex’s long position increased by 60%, which is a relatively clear long signal, because Bitfinex is mostly large and institutional participation.

The giant whale that owned 37,000 bitcoins yesterday added 500 bitcoins today and yesterday, and the accumulation is still going on. Today, it has 38,000 bitcoins.

Bitcoin has fallen for 7 consecutive weeks, setting a record for the longest weekly decline in history, and the probability of a positive line this week will be great.

Panic 8, below 10 again, what to do you know.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The top 32000 is still under great pressure and is expected to continue to fluctuate.

Ethereum: It is still linked and belongs to the opportunity area.

APE: Upbit will launch APE today, Koreans are starting to relay, and there is pressure around $10.

ADA: The founder said that four different major upgrades will be completed in the future, and it should start to pave the way for the promotion. This position is relatively reasonable, and short-term participation is the main focus.

DOT: The research report shows that 13 parachains have obtained 128 million DOT pledges, accounting for 10% of the total. In the next 8 months, there are still 28 parachains waiting for auction. The continuous increase in pledges will make DOT stabilize and rise. This position Participation may be considered.

The market is in the opportunity area, and it is still dominated by low absorption.

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This article[Mad Men Say Trend]is still under pressure above 32,000, and it is expected to continue to appear in the first block guest.


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