[The Crazy Talks Trend]The probability of successfully breaking through 23,000 this time is high – Programmer Sought

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The probability of successfully breaking through 23,000 this time is high – Programmer Sought

Madman says…

The Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points, which is in line with expectations. According to the plan, the shrinking of the balance sheet will be accelerated in September. , the bears at this time will be relatively weak after experiencing violent storms, so it is likely to be the best time for the bulls to counterattack. While Powell announced a 75 basis point rate hike, he also said that the Fed would consider slowing rate hikes because it saw a significant decline in food and energy prices, but whether it could eventually slow down, he said he still had to watch on August 10. With the daily CPI data, the risk market is betting that the CPI will begin to peak and fall. On the whole, although the results of the Fed’s interest rate decision are in line with expectations, in fact, the expectations for the future are relatively dovish. Following the guidance of interest rates, U.S. stocks and Bitcoin rose sharply, the U.S. dollar index weakened, Treasury yields rose, and gold rose. It is basically the same as the previous judgment of the madman, and it is likely to become the beginning of a new round of rebound.

The Australian Fund Management Company has launched unlisted retail BTC, ETH and FIL funds. This is the beginning of selling encrypted assets through traditional methods. Its funds are anchored in real BTC, ETH and FIL. The scale of its sales will determine how much to buy. , belonging to the small benefits of these three assets.

The Korean Prosecutor’s Office has seized and searched the encrypted exchange data, and went back to analyze it. After this wave of analysis, they should be able to find some of Terra’s money transfers. Do Kwon’s wave should be doomed.

Russia is preparing to pass legislation to regulate NFTs. Russia’s supervision has been following very fast recently. Whether it is the crypto market or the crypto mining industry, a relatively clear regulatory system has been given. Now NFTs are also regulated, and they have clearly entered the role and kept up with the rhythm. .


The UAE bank Rakbank is the first to allow users to use currency to buy bitcoin, which is equivalent to the connection between fiat currency and bitcoin, which further helps the development of encryption in the UAE and lowers the threshold for bitcoin investors.

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is disappointed by the SEC’s actions. The SEC defines all nine tokens involved in Coinbase’s alleged insider trading as securities. They believe this case should be within their own jurisdiction. The two major regulators are still Seizing power, the future parliament and Congress should gradually draw a clear line between them. The early supervision is always so chaotic, and there will be a lot of chaos in the early stage of global supervision in the future.

The number of addresses holding 0.1 bitcoin and 1 ETH continues to hit a record high, indicating that retail investors are actively pouring in at this position, and the consensus is further expanding. For tokens with a limited total amount, the larger the consensus, the more imaginative the price is. , is a good thing.

Recently, USDT has risen against BUSD and USDC, indicating that the demand on the market has increased significantly. It is estimated that Tether will continue to print money soon to alleviate this demand, which will further boost the market. At the same time, Tether has experienced a wave of run tests, once again proving to the market its status as a stable currency hegemon, and also confirming the judgment of the madman at that time, USDT will not easily thunder.

Panic 32, getting closer and closer to neutral.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: There was a wave of FOMO in the morning, and the correction lasted for a whole day. It is expected that the US stock market will continue to soar tonight. Therefore, it is a good choice to continue to do more during the callback. The madman thinks that the probability of successfully breaking through 23,000 is high this time.

ETH: The testnet merger is still going on. The last merger was carried out on August 4th, followed by the mainnet merger on September 19th. Pie is likely to relay this strength.

ETC: The computing power of the entire network has increased by 13.98% per month. These computing power are most likely to be cut by ETH. In the future, this computing power will continue to rise with the upgrade process. Under this expectation, continue to see the main rising trend of ETC. You can consider the participation of the 5th line of warfare.

IMX: A new round of pledge activities will be launched on July 31st, but this pledge is very general. You can participate by depositing 10 tokens. The news of layoffs yesterday made the currency trend relatively weak. The overall direction is not a big problem. There should be Complementary expectations.

SAND: Cooperate with the game company Gravity to build the metaverse land. SAND continues to cooperate with many large traditional companies to inject value into itself. Take it, this position is not high.

LRC: Gamestop came to Loopring to do NFT, which is a big boost. It has continued to trade sideways at the bottom recently, and it is expected to make up for it.

LOOKS: It is the platform currency of Lookshare, the second largest NFT platform. Today, Alchemy Pay has added LOOKS tokens. Users can use LOOKS to spend in more than 70 countries and 2 million merchants around the world through Alchemy Pay. Also a relatively low coin.

OP: One of the biggest beneficiaries of the ETH upgrade, it has continued to skyrocket recently, which also proves that the madman at the time was right about him. Although there is still a drop compared to the opening price, it should not take long for this drop to come back.

The overall strategy is to be low and long, and don’t be easily thrown off the car when you start at the bottom.

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