[The Crazy Talks Trend]The rebound trend has not changed, and the bulls are the mainstay

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The rebound trend has not changed, and the bulls are the mainstay

Madman says…

The chairman of the SEC said that Bitcoin transactions are like a scarce store of value, which sounds very ironic. Scarcity, store of value, and transaction itself are opposites. For the SEC, it has basically confirmed that the supervision of Bitcoin will be handed over to others. Because as early as a few years ago, the SEC had clarified that Bitcoin is a non-securities. At this time, only the CFTC can supervise Bitcoin. Therefore, the chairman of the SEC ridiculed this not because of his attitude towards Bitcoin, but the competition with the CFTC. It’s just a bargaining chip used in the supervision of power. It’s not a big problem.

JPMorgan Chase is expanding their influence in the crypto market, developing new products for new users in the WEB3, Metaverse and crypto fields. JPMorgan Chase is quickly following up in terms of encrypted payments and transactions. Once the product is formed in the future, it will bring more of traditional investors entering the crypto market, the new increment will inevitably set a new high for the crypto market value, the trend is already like this, just wait.

Norges Bank is building a CBDC sandbox on Ethereum and developing a prototype of the basic framework. In the future, with the development of the post-POS era, the fees on the Ethereum network will also decrease, and it will be more suitable for the operation of CBDC. For the legal digital currency system of this country, it will be as good news as the big pie as the national legal currency.

Bitcoin-friendly Pierre was elected leader of Canada’s Conservative Party after promising to unlock the potential of cryptocurrencies if elected as Canada’s prime minister, allowing Canadians to use bitcoin as legal currency in the country. This buddy is one step closer to the prime minister, looking forward to Canada’s more aggressive encryption policies than the United States, and is a potential power.


The CEO of Devere Group, a financial asset management company, said that he is buying Bitcoin in the fall. He believes that some traditional institutions are preparing to buy and replenish encrypted assets in the next few weeks. At the same time, he said that cryptocurrencies will be the inevitable future, and the adoption and demand have been increasing, Supply is dwindling. There is nothing wrong with the overall logic. This is the essence of everyone hoarding coins. I believe that there will always be an outbreak of adoption, but some macro-level cooperation is needed.

The CEO of hedge fund BitBull Capital believes that the current trend has not changed, and said that he will further increase his holdings around 20,000 and below 20,000. Nearly 20,000 is the psychological barrier for almost all investors. This position does have strong support, and it is not so easy. Real breakdown.

In the past 24 hours, the addresses of giant whales with more than 10,000 bitcoins have increased their holdings of 16,800 bitcoins, and the number of Ethereum addresses holding more than 100 bitcoins has reached an 18-month high. It is still sustainable.

Panic 26, has intensified.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: After breaking through 21000, it will continue to fluctuate strongly. It is expected to continue to attack from tonight to tomorrow, and there will be short sniping above 22000, so don’t worry. Recently, the computing power has continued to reach new highs, and the long-term value remains unchanged.

ETH: Gas usage hit a one-month low, indicating that the activity on the Ethereum chain is still sluggish, and the market needs an explosive application to be revived. The downturn is the best time for builder. It will continue to be linked in the short term, and it is expected that there will be big fluctuations next week.

LINK: 4 million coins have been charged into the Binance wallet, and the value is not low. I don’t know if they came to smash it. From the perspective of the disk, there has not been much change at present, and it is still in normal linkage.

ENS: The core developers said that V God’s suggestion is difficult to implement. This kind of dead-brained straight man is the team’s adjustment. Otherwise, the currency price will fly early, and the project parties who do not understand capital operation have almost been eliminated from the past. I don’t know whether ENS can become a real phenomenon-level application, relying on hard power to pull the disk.

Europe and the United States weekend + Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, mainly shocks, but the rebound trend has not changed, mainly bullish.

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