[The Crazy Talks Trend]The risk of getting on the bus at this position is greater than the opportunity, so it is not advisable to chase high

[The Crazy Talks Trend]The risk of getting on the bus at this position is greater than the opportunity, so it is not advisable to chase high

Madman says…

The chairman of the US SEC stated that the SEC has clear regulatory rules for cryptocurrencies. However, we still haven’t seen any rules for US regulation. These rules may be inconvenient to disclose or not at all. Senator Cyntha Lummis believes that the encryption regulation bill will not be considered until next year, and it is unlikely that a vote on the bipartisan encryption bill will be held this year. Because the scope of the bill is too broad, it is difficult to digest quickly. Encryption supervision does have its huge complexity, but if the regulatory policy is delayed, it will be difficult for the Bitcoin spot ETF to pass. It seems that it will take time for us to wait for the explosives to detonate. In the current tightening macro environment, the market is still There is no sustained surge.

Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Sunak and former Defense Secretary Mordaunt became the final two candidates for Prime Minister. If the former is elected, he will embrace encryption very much, because Sunak has always been a supporter of cryptocurrencies, while the latter has no right to There are too many opinions in the crypto market.

Colombia is promoting the creation of a regulatory framework for the local crypto industry, and another country has embraced and opted for regulation, but still the same sentence, a country alone cannot fully supervise cryptocurrencies without borders, so in the end, it still has to wait for a big country to take the lead, but Each country must at least first state its attitude towards the crypto market.

BNP Paribas is entering the field of crypto custody through the cooperation of a Swiss crypto custody company. Crypto custody should become a breakthrough for traditional banks. With these custody assets, it is equivalent to having sufficient foreign exchange reserves to protect itself in the new digital world. Gain global profits.


Genesis, a subsidiary of DCG, was siphoned off by Three Arrows Capital for $1.2 billion this time. The largest business of DCG Group is the well-known Grayscale, with a total historical revenue of $1 billion. Typically, you have to pay back when you come out. When you got a GBTC and cut everyone off, and now you are swept away by three arrows, you still have to be a conscientious worker, and only knowledge can carry wealth.

The address holding 1,000 BTC fell to a 4-month low. This is the Bitcoin smart money address. Recently, it has been sold all the way with the rise. In addition, the miner’s address has also flowed out significantly. The sentiment of selling coins is still very high, and the third largest whale has once again After transferring 46,000 bitcoins, I don’t know if it will eventually be sold. None of these numbers are great, so Bitcoin could complete this rally below 25,000.

Panic 31, has eased.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The sentiment of retail investors in the market has risen. This is a signal that the staged rebound is about to end. It may follow the US stock market in the evening, but the expectations should not be too high. Risks outweigh opportunities. Short-term positions below 20000 can be considered to be closed gradually, and then decide whether to buy low after seeing the callback.

Ethereum: The number of profitable addresses hit a one-month high, and it rebounded by 50% in the last week. This rebound is enough. If you go to the vicinity of 1600 in the future, you can consider reducing short-term positions, and there is a demand for callbacks in the accumulation of profit disks. In addition, an anonymous address opened a $1.7 billion Ethereum futures contract within 1 hour. The madman looked at the contract positions. The short position increased significantly during this time period, so the giant whale opened a short position in Ethereum. One, should pay attention to the risks.

XRP: The co-founder has earned 3 billion US dollars by selling XRP over the years. If the 3 billion is not sold, the market value of Ripple should be much higher than it is now. This currency has always belonged to the back-end currency, and the short-term linkage is the main one.

This wave of rebound is fast enough and has accumulated enough profit disks. At this time, don’t chase the highs anymore. Instead, consider reducing some short-term positions of bottom-hunting.

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